One woman described how her boyfriend paid her for dinner and drinks, only for him to then accuse her of spending his money on her after she discovered that he ghosted her. 

Nik, who is known as @__nikk1 on TikTok, shared screenshots of the text messages the man named Josh allegedly sent to her in a viral video that has been viewed more than 1.1 million times, writing: ‘& this is why dating is miserable.’

She said that she met him through a dating site. They went out for drinks and had ‘absolutely clicked’. However, after he exposed his true colors, their relationship ended. 

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Nik, who is known as @__nikk1 on TikTok, revealed in a viral video that her date 'Josh' paid for her dinner, ghosted her, and then accused her of using him for his money

Nik is @__nikk1 (TikTok). In a viral video, Nik revealed her date Josh had paid for her dinner. She ghosted him and later accused her of paying for his own money. 

She explained that she matched with him on a dating site and they 'absolutely hit it off' when they went out for dinner and drinks, but then he blew off their second date

He was a match on dating sites, she explained. They went out to dinner together and then he broke off the second date. 

“We spent six hour together. He chose the restaurant he wanted to dine at. There was a chance for us to meet. We had dinner. Then we left. After that, we explored the tiny town. She noted that she ended up buying ice cream which was a cost-effective purchase. 

Nik stated that they visited another restaurant to have drinks as they were bored of talking and it was too cold outside. 

According to TikToker they planned to meet again on Sunday, the day Josh got back from Los Angeles for work.  

He kind of disappeared. “He goes MIA,” which was understandable as he was traveling on a business trip. But he didn’t communicate with me. 

On Friday, she sent him a text to check if it was still possible to visit her Sunday. However, he didn’t respond. 

She admitted that she never thought she would hear from him again. 

Nik said that after he came back to her with his 'half-a** apology' on Christmas Day, she politely pointed out that he had ghosted her

Nik said that after he came back to her with his ‘half-a** apology’ on Christmas Day, she politely pointed out that he had ghosted her 

Josh did however text her Christmas Day to say he regretted the late reply.   

“I don’t want you to believe that I’m ghosting or having a bad time with you,” he said. “How was Christmas ?!!’?

Nik said that after he came back to her with his ‘half-a** apology,’ she politely pointed out that he blew off their second date. 

“Are you just going to pretend?” [you]Were we supposed to meet up last Sunday, but did they just vanish? She replied. ‘I get it. You are busy. But you can communicate with me.

This is when he accuses her of using him financially. He said that he was not in a hurry to contact her again as she had ‘excused. [herself]To use the toilet when you are asked to for dinner or drinks.  

He continued, “It’s disgusting when girls do this,” he said. “It’s extremely rude, cheap and disrespectful. I felt that you didn’t really care about me, despite my feelings from you.”

Josh claimed she purposefully went to the bathroom before the check came, which she denied, noting that she had paid for her own ice cream on the date

Josh said she went to the toilet before she received her check, which she refuted, noting she paid for her own ice-cream on the date

Josh also claimed that she picked the restaurant and ordered what she liked without offering to pay. However, Nik said that he was the one who made the reservation

Josh claimed Josh picked the restaurant, ordered her food and didn’t ask for payment. Nik claimed that Josh made the reservation.

Nik insists that she did not mean to bill him, and says she thought nothing of it after she finished her meal.   

She replied, “I believe it’s telling about you that you see me this way when it wasn’t intentional.” “I wish you would have communicated with me earlier if there was an issue, so I could set the record straight. But unfortunately, we ended up here.

Josh accused her then of choosing the restaurant and ordering whatever he wanted, but never paying for it.    

It’s possible that you find it absurd, but I think this trait is what I want in a person. [woman]It’s for them to instinctively feel the need for payment for what was ordered, or at least offered. Without assuming that I’ll pay it,” he said in a lengthy text message.

Don’t try to pretend you didn’t see me pay for the drink in A andB; it’s 10 dollars, and doesn’t mean anything to me. But you have thrown away any self-respect [for]It’s mine after [doing]The same [thing] at dinner. 

‘Just because I have a f**king trust fund doesn’t [mean]He added, “I love using it to cover the drinks of other girls, it’s too rude.” “Merry Christmas, and thank you for your commission.”

Nik immediately corrected her mistake, explaining that she did not know he owned a trust fund and that he chose the restaurant. 

She later backed up her claim by sharing a screenshot of their text exchange before the date in which he said he had made the reservation

Later she shared a screenshot of the text exchange between them before the date when he stated he had made that reservation.

Commenters agreed that she had 'dodged a bullet,' and many felt he was secretly broke and lying about having a trust fund

Commenters confirmed that she had indeed ‘dodged’ a bullet. Many felt that he was hiding his assets and was lying about them having trust funds.

Later, she supported her claim with a screenshot from their text exchange prior to the date he claimed he made the reservation.  

“Officially, I ordered what was in my cart because I didn’t want to order anything I dislike.” She added. 

Many people shared her video and agreed with many that she had ‘dodged one bullet’. 

“Gaslighting” – disappearing for days and some crazy story to hide his absence [red flags]One wrote: This behavior should never be considered normal.

“Trying to date today is extremely WILD,” said another, and another laughed: “Wait, are you telling me that you ordered the food you like?” At dinner??? WHATTTT.’

Many TikTokers claimed that he was also secretly broke, and that he had lied about having a trust account based on his messages. 

One person said that ‘He 874% doesn’t have a trust account’. 

‘As someone who’s only dated men w money, and has dated someone w a trust fund…. “This man is poor,” another said.