Woman divides opinion with Tiktok showing her ‘traumatising’ her cat with Christmas tree but says it works and the decoration is intact days later

  • Becca Richards posted the video of cat Stella to her channel on November 29
  • Clarified, she said that Stella was fine and was ‘happier than ever’ playing with her twisties.
  • This page has been viewed more than 32.2 million times, received over 4.3 million likes, and has attracted 32,000 comments.

Following a TikTok in which she showed her cat how to traumatize it with a Christmas tree, opinions were split.

The footage was recorded by Becca Richards with the caption ‘I saw a TikTok that said if you traumatise your cat with your tree before putting it up they will leave it alone’. 

Becca shows Stella, her cat, as she tries to throw the Christmas tree at it in the video posted by her channel on November 29.

A woman has divided opinion after sharing a TikTok showing her 'traumatising' her cat with a Christmas tree

Following a TikTok that showed her “traumatizing” her cat using a Christmas tree as a gift, one woman is divided.

The white and black cat looks away from the tree, and jumps up when necessary.

The video is viewed more than 32.2 million times, has 4.3 million likes, and has over 32,000 comments. However, it has caused division among viewers.   

One commenter said, “I can’t believe anyone would do that to my pet.”

One other said, “Ugh! Can this not be the trend?” 

Other commentators said, “This is cruel. I will do it.” and “Please don’t terrorize your cats.” 

TikTok user: “Genius! I’m going to try this with my baby tomorrow.” 

In a separate post, Becca clarified that Stella was fine and more happy than ever having fun with her twisties. 

Stella had not touched any baubles, ribbons, beads, or branches since the traumatizing.

Becca, in another post, clarified that 'Stella is fine' and 'happier than ever playing with her twisties'

She added that not 'a single bauble, ribbon, bead or branch' had been touched by Stella since the 'traumatising'

Becca stated in another blog that Stella is fine and happier than ever having her twisties.

The video, posted to her channel on November 29, shows Becca Richards thrust the Christmas tree at her cat, Stella

Becca Richards shows Stella, her cat, as she hurls the Christmas tree at it in this video that was posted on her YouTube channel November 29.

Cats Protection’s behaviour officer Daniel Cummings told the MailOnline: ‘Intentionally scaring a cat with a Christmas tree – or anything else – will serve no purpose other than to cause them unnecessary stress. 

“Most cats will feel stress from this scenario, especially since Christmas can be stressful for cats. Cats may have trouble adapting to new decorations or routines. 

“Cats who are stressed easily or exposed to excessively stressful situations can suffer long-term health problems such as behaviour issues and urinary tract infections.

This would not only cause stress to cats, but it wouldn’t be helpful as well, since it doesn’t take into consideration how cats learn. 

“A cat will perceive Christmas trees differently if it’s placed in a corner than if it is thrust at them.  

‘Cats love to seek out high up spaces, so it’s no surprise that some may be attracted to exploring a Christmas tree.’ 

In the cute video posted by Hailey Forbes, 27, cat Dexter explores the newly put up Christmas tree in Glasgow

Hailey Forbes (27), posted this cute video in which cat Dexter investigates the new Christmas tree that was put up in Glasgow.

The incident occurred when the cat of a Christmas tree owner was climbed on by their pet and disappeared.

Hailey Forbes (27 years old) shared the video of Dexter, her tabby three year-old making a nest in the tree near her Glasgow home.

Although cats are known to climb up Christmas trees, few cat owners have the same camouflaging skills as this feline. 

How to keep your cat away from your Christmas tree

More effective ways to help cat-proof your Christmas tree would be to ensure your tree has a sturdy base so it’s less likely to topple over, hang decorations higher up so cats are less tempted to bat them, avoid using glass or breakable decorations, and keep leads and wires neatly out of the way. 

Creating a bit of a barrier with presents under the tree may also prevent your cat getting closer, and tin foil or citrus peel – both of which can be handy for making homemade decorations – can also deter cats from approaching, as many don’t like the smell of citrus or the feel of foil under their feet.

We also enjoy including gifts for cats in our Christmas shopping list. However, if the presents contain catnip most cats will not be able to resist opening them before Christmas.

Source: Cats Protection/PETA