In an effort to impress her ex-boyfriend, a woman confessed that she faked her own marriage.

Jacqueline, a German woman who lives in Germany, goes online under @dieschaklin and revealed that she tried to pretend to be married to try to convince her ex to send her some messages.

“Remembering how I faked my wedding” she said in the video. It quickly became viral, with more than 1.7million views. 

This clip features her hiding her face behind her hand. A variety of professionally-taken pictures taken at the fake-wedding are displayed on the screen. 

A woman has admitted that she faked her own wedding in an attempt to get her ex-boyfriend's attention, only for him to see it and ignore her in the end

One woman admitted to having faked her wedding to attract her boyfriend’s attention. He only saw it, and he ignored her at the end. 

The woman, who is named Jacqueline and goes by @dieschaklin online, revealed on TikTok that she pretended to get married in an attempt to get her ex to text her - but it didn't work

Jacqueline, a woman who goes online as @dieschaklin, shared her TikTok story about how she tried to pretend to be married to persuade her ex to send her text messages.

She had a professional photographer, named Alessandro Valeriani, take photos of her and a stand-in groom, which she shared to TikTok. It went viral, earning more than 1.7 million views

She had a professional photographer, named Alessandro Valeriani, take photos of her and a stand-in groom, which she shared to TikTok. The video went viral and was viewed more than 1.7million times.

The video showed various photos that were taken at the fake-wedding, including one that showed her and the faux-groom smiling as they gazed romantically into each other's eyes

Video showed several photos taken during the fake wedding, one of which showed the bride and faux groom smiling while gazing romantically into their eyes.

Another snap showed Jacqueline, who is from Germany, posing in front of a window sill in a gorgeous, white wedding gown

Jacqueline (German) posed in front of the window in her stunning, white wedding dress.

Jacqueline from Germany was captured another time in white, elegant wedding attire, standing in front of the window.

Another photo showed them cuddling and laughing together while she wore a fancy dress, while her husband wore a suit.

They were also seen getting ready for the walk down to the altar together.

Jacqueline rented a place to take photos and even had her hair professionally done. She also paid for a wedding cake. 

Alessandro Valeriani took the photos, and they certainly look convincing. However, unfortunately the stunt failed.

She captioned her now viral video, “Worst thing is that he watched me tell my story but didn’t reach out.” 

People left comments asking for details and asking TikToker what he would say.

“Um ma’am! You need to tell us a story for this one. I need context,” the user wrote.

One added: “I thought that I was insane.” This level of LMFAO is what I must attain.

A third person replied, “Wait, how embarrassingly crazy it must be when he discovers that it’s fake!”

Other pictures showed her and her fake-new-husband cuddling, laughing, and dancing together as she donned a fancy dress and he wore a tux

Another photo showed her cuddling with her fake-new husband, dancing and laughing together, while she wore a fancy dress, and he was wearing a suit.

It appears that Jacqueline even rented out a venue to take the photos, had her hair done professionally, and paid to have a wedding cake made

Jacqueline rented a place to take photos and even had her hair styled professionally. She also paid for a wedding cake.

The pictures certainly looked convincing, but unfortunately, the stunt didn't work in the end. She captioned the video: 'Worst part is he watched my story and still didn't reach out'

Although it looked great, the stunt failed. The caption she gave to the video was: “Worst thing about it is that he watched me tell my story, and didn’t reach back.”

Many people flooded the comment section, with some begging the TikToker to share more details on what went down and others wondering what she would have said if he did reach out

A flood of comments flooded the section. Some begged the TikToker more details, while others wondered what she would say if they did get in touch.

Some commenters even revealed that they went through similar situations, and it worked for them

Some commenteders shared similar experiences and how it helped them.

A different person inquired: “What are you going to say if he reached for me?” Was there any plan, bestie.

One comment stated, “Should’ve done a engagement shoot lol when the wedding happens, it’s already too late,”

Another user asked, “Why would he reach for you on your wedding day?”

Many even shared that similar experiences were their own, which worked out for them.

One viewer stated that he did it and actually approached me and asked me to marry his wife. “All that’s necessary is the right amount crazy ladies.

One wrote: “My sister in law told me that she had posted her wedding photos and that exes who she hadn’t spoken to for years reached out to her regretting her decision not to pick her lol.”

Jacqueline paid for this photoshoot at an unknown amount. estimates that a photographer would charge between $500 and $10,000 for a prewedding shoot depending on its length. 

One photographer, named Sasha Chou, for example, charges $1,500 for a four-hour photoshoot.

For that price, the customer will get 120 photos, including 20 that are retouched.