After a young lady fell off an unattended platform, she was able to get on live underground tracks. Tube drivers are still striking.

Transport for London promised an investigation with all authorities after a woman passenger fell on live tracks at Tottenham Court Road Underground Station early Saturday morning.

Already Friday night’s tube driver walk out caused severe delays for Central line passengers. 

MailOnline was told by Eyewitnesses that platforms at London’s tube station had been a chaotic scene on Saturday morning with no staff to handle the overcrowding.

As a woman fell onto the tracks, people screamed with horror. They explained to her that although four people tried to save her, she was effectively “stuck to rails”.  

Due to the lack of staff available, an eyewitness was obliged to press the emergency stop button to avoid further tragedies. 

The victim was quickly taken to one of London’s top trauma centres. MailOnline reached out the London Ambulance Service to receive an update regarding her condition. 

The emergency services rushed to the scene at Tottenham Court Road underground station on Saturday morning

Emergency services were called to Tottenham Court Road underground station at 7.30 am on Saturday.

Passengers using the Central line had already faced crippling delays throughout the evening - owing to the tube drivers' planned walk out on Friday evening - when events took a grim turn

The Central Line had been experiencing severe delays all evening, mainly due to tube drivers’ walkout on Friday night. This was when the grim reality set in.

It comes after passengers riding the Night Tube were warned that disruptions could occur over the weekend, as drivers staged a second strike over rotas.

Rail, Maritime and Transport union members had planned an eight-hour walk from Friday and Saturday nights on the Central and Victoria lines.

Transport for London claims that it has “ripped up” an agreement that allowed drivers to decide whether they want to drive on night service. In the days leading up to Christmas, further strikes are expected.

This industrial action led to severe delays for the Central Line during the incident, as revellers tried desperately to return home. 

TfL announced that Tottenham Court Road was shut down due to an alleged customer incident at around 1.15 am on Saturday.

Tweet: “Tottenham Court Road: At the moment, the Central and Northern Line stations are closed.” This was due to an incident with a customer.

At around 1.15am on Saturday TfL tweeted that Tottenham Court Road had been closed due to a 'customer incident'

TfL posted at 1.15am Saturday that Tottenham Court Road was closed because of a customer incident

Transport for London has promised a full inquiry 'with all the relevant authorities' after a female passenger fell onto live tracks at Tottenham Court Road underground station (pictured) early on Saturday morning

Transport for London promises a thorough investigation with “all the relevant authorities” after a female victim fell onto Tottenham Court Road Underground Station’s live tracks (pictured) on Saturday morning

Members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union (pictured above) had planned an eight-hour walk out from Friday and Saturday evenings on the Central and Victoria lines

Above: Members of Rail, Maritime and Transport Union had planned an 8-hour walk from Friday and Saturday nights on the Central and Victoria Lines.

TfL states that customers were frequently advised to travel along platforms. Staff were available to address safety concerns.

As emergency personnel raced to the scene, the Central Line was temporarily suspended from eastbound for approximately 45 minutes.

The woman was taken to the hospital. MailOnline reached out the London Ambulance Service to get more details. 

Nick Dent (Director of Customer Operations at London Underground) stated that they are investigating an incident at Tottenham Court Road Tube Station at around 0045 on Saturday 4 December, where a customer was thrown onto the tracks. 

“We wanted to assure our customers that everyone is safe on our network. We immediately responded and the station staff attended the scene. 

“The customer was then taken by London Ambulance Services to the hospital. 

“A thorough investigation will be conducted with all relevant authorities to determine the facts of the incident.”

MailOnline received a statement from London Ambulance confirming that the ambulance was called to Tottenham Court Road Station at 00.50am Saturday 4 December in response to reports of injuries.

“We sent an incident respond officer, advanced paramedics and two ambulance teams to the scene.

“We transported a victim from the accident scene to major trauma centres. 

Platforms and stations have faced overcrowding in recent weeks as both commuters and revellers continue to battle with tube drivers' strikes. Pictured: A busy London Bridge station on December 1

Stations and platforms have been experiencing overcrowding as commuters, and revellers, continue to fight the strikes of tube drivers. Pictured is a busy London Bridge station on the 1st of December

It comes amid news that New Year’s Eve revellers will not get their festive free trip home on the Tube this year.

TfL claimed that late night travel between December 31st and January 1 would be subject to a charge due to the ‘catastrophic effects of the pandemic’.  

Tube service will continue through the night. Passengers however, will be required to pay.  

TfL now says: “Due to the devastating impact of the pandemic upon TfL’s financials, TfL unfortunately won’t be able offer free travel on the New Year’s Eve.

“Services on London’s transportation network will be available throughout the night to ensure that Londoners can have all they want and go home safely.