Residents of Indonesian islands flee to the safety of their homes after an eruption by an active volcano for the second consecutive month.

  • Mt Semeru erupted  on an Indonesian island and evacuations are happening
  • Witnesses claim that volcanic ash has blocked the sun from two distinct areas. 
  • A monitoring body issued a warning about an ash cloud rising up to 50,000 ft

A second eruption of an active volcano on Java, Indonesia’s island has occurred in the last few months. 

Witnesses claim that a rain of volcanic rock from Mt Semeru has been obscuring the sun in two areas. A monitoring body also warned of rising ash clouds for airlines. 

According to officials, there have been no reports of casualties as evacuations continue.

Villagers in a temporary shelter. An active volcano has erupted on the Indonesian island of Java for the second time in months

Villagers seek shelter in temporary housing. The second active volcano to erupt on Java, Indonesia’s island has happened in two months.

Ash falling off a railing. There are no reported casualties yet as evacuations are underway, officials have said

Ash fell off of a railing. Officials have confirmed that there are not yet any reported deaths as evacuations are ongoing.

It occurred at 2.30pm local. After the eruption, the local authorities established a three-mile radius around the crater.

Thoriqul Haq (a local official) told Reuters that a bridge and road linking the area with Malang was damaged.

He stated, “This was a very urgent, fast condition since it began.”

Campbell Biggs (a meteorologist with The Volcanic Ash Advisory Center) told The BBC that the ash cloud is higher than the cruising height for most aircraft, and could cause divertissements.