A dancer is born during BRAIN SURGERY. Pregnant Portuguese lady is rushed to emergency op. This forces surgeons to perform a caesarean birth, saving their lives.

  • Teresa Sgro was 33 when she developed severe headaches while seven months pregnant.  
  • A brain lesion was discovered in her daughter and she needed emergency surgery. 
  • However, doctors were worried that the baby could die and performed Cesarean in the meantime
  • Teresa, who was unconscious during procedure, survived and is now mother to a healthy baby daughter Alma with husband Francesco

The birth of a girl by a dancer who had undergone brain surgery in Italy was a miracle. Mother and child survived the dangerous procedure.

Teresa Sgro (33) is a Portuguese-born woman who lives in Turin. She was seven months pregnant when she suffered severe headaches on December 18.

Doctors at the city’s Molinette hospital discovered she was suffering from a brain lesion – an area of tissue damaged by disease or injury – meaning she needed emergency surgery or she might die.

But medics were also worried about the health of the baby, so decided to perform a Caesarean section at the same time.

Teresa Sgro, 33, (rear, in pink) a dancer living in Turin, Italy, was 31 weeks pregnant when she went to hospital with a severe headache and doctors discovered a brain lesion

Teresa Sgro (rear in pink), a 33-year-old dancer from Turin, Italy was suffering severe headaches when she visited the hospital. Doctors discovered that she had a brain tumor.

Ten medics ended up operating on Teresa (left, with husband Francesco in brown) simultaneously to fix the lesion and deliver her baby - a daughter - by Cesarean section

Teresa, left with Francesco (in brown) and ten other medics were able to operate simultaneously on Teresa. They both operated simultaneously on the lesion. The baby was delivered by Cesarean Section.

Teresa was taken to the Neurosurgial Operating Theatre, where she was partially anesthetized and then transferred to a Maternity Suite. 

There were eight physicians involved in the operation. They divided the team into two and treated her at the same time. One to treat the brain lesions, the other was to give birth.

After the baby, now called Alma, was delivered, the girl was placed in an incubator before being taken to the hospital for further treatment.

Teresa continued to be on the operating table several more hours before being taken off and returned to the Neurosurgery Ward.

She was eventually brought round from the anaesthetic, and – despite fears that she make not be able to speak or remember what happened to her – began speaking with husband Francesco – an acrobat – and her mother almost immediately.

Alma was taken by her mother to visit her on Christmas Day. She found Alma doing very well.

Teresa and baby Alma are now both recovering well, and were able to see each other for the first time on Christmas Day (pictured). Doctors hope to discharge them both within weeks

Both Teresa and Alma are doing well and they were both able to visit each other on Christmas Day. They are expected to be released by their doctors in the next few weeks.

Teresa shared her horror story with Corriere Della Sere: “I can only recall that they gave my a swab of Covid. 

“When I awoke, I looked at my mother. “My husband was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to speak. But I said, “I am too glad to communicate with all of humanity…they couldn’t take that away.”

Husband Francesco added: ‘We’ve had a miracle happen to us. It will take time to fully sink in. It is an amazing fighter.

“Because our work, Teresa & I have become accustomed to taking care every detail. 

“From the things I observed, I understood that doctors know how to present shows that are flawless in every aspect.

Doctor Alma is starting to feel better. She has lost weight and been eating healthy.

Medics still need to keep an eye on the rest of her organs to make sure they develop as they should, but hope to discharge mother and daughter in a few weeks.

Teresa answered, “Now?” We live each day.