RSPCA revealed some of its most bizarre animal rescues, including a save from TV stars’ toilets and an amazing lizard that covered 4,000 miles with a bra.

These hilarious photos show wild and pet animals locked up in strange places, before they are freed by confused rescuers.

It has recorded 21 oddest rescues for 2021. One of them was a snake who escaped behind a Coronation Street star’s toilet.

Harry Visinoni (the actor who played Seb Franklin in the May death row) was cleaning his teeth when Seb spotted the royal python at 4ft.

Actor at 22 years old, he ran out of the bathroom in his Hale home, Cheshire and dialed the RSPCA on Jan 9.

He explained that he didn’t initially take it in, but then re-examined the situation and saw what was actually there.

“We went back inside and observed as the snake moved onto the top part of the toilet, and then settled on the seat looking directly at us.

The RSPCA has revealed the wackiest animal rescues of the year - including saving a snake from a TV star's toilet and a lizard which travelled 4,000 miles in a bra. Pictured: This snake slithered out of his toilet! Coronation Street actor Harry Visinoni

RSPCA revealed some of its most bizarre animal rescues, including rescuing a snake from the toilet of a television star and transporting a lizard 4,000 miles wearing a bra. Pictured here: A snake leapt out of his bathroom. Harry Visinoni, Coronation Street actor

Seb Franklin, as played by Harry Visinoni in Coronation Street

Seb Franklin, as played by Harry Visinoni in Coronation Street

Harry Visinoni is seen in Coronation Street. He was doing his dental work when he saw the 4-foot-long royal python.

Sonia Hulme was an animal rescuer who saved Lulu, a snake thought to have escaped a nearby apartment.

The RSPCA received 281 390 reports about trapped animals in 2021 – making it one of its busiest years ever.

A swan crashed into a double-glazed door, narrowly avoiding hitting an elderly pensioner.

Jean Wilkinson (78) heard an “enormous blast” and entered her bathroom in Barton In Fabis, Notts. to see shattered glass, and a wounded swan.

It was only a matter of seconds that she had been there, and it is possible for her to have suffered serious injuries or even been murdered.

Inspector Keith Ellis stated: “I believe the Swan was looking to the River Trent, and may have misjudged its direction.

A ewe was left feeling rather sheepish after scoring an own goal and getting tangled in netting in Rossendale, Lancashire

An ewe feeling sheepish after she scored an own goal in Rossendale (Lancashire)

A stallion who was desperate to reach his neighbours got himself in an embarrassing spot after getting stuck on a metal gate

After getting caught on an iron gate, a stallion trying to get his neighbors’ attention got into an embarrassing situation.

A cheeky gull needed help after getting stuck inside a litter bin

A squirrel needed a helping hand after ending up in a hole

Pictured: An Essex gull needed help after getting stuck inside a litter bin (L) and a squirrel trapped in a hole in Leamington Spa

It was also windy that day, possibly causing her to lose course. It is quite bizarre to see them land on busy roads believing they were rivers.

When a trapped tawny-owl was rescued from an extraction fan, animal rescue workers were left scratching their heads.

This poor bird, which was covered in grease and wedged between two fan blades of a York disused hotel on January 18th, was found covered with grease.

Leanne Honess–Heather, rescuer, said that although she had not sustained any major injuries, the victim was severely dehydrated. She also needed to be bathed because her skin was covered with thick grease.

Two badgers were trapped by a ladder near a Torfaen canal, Wales on February 5, and needed assistance.

Two rescuers ran down the canal wall, grabbed the badgers and used a grasper to hold onto them. They also had nets on their feet.

The RSPCA was called to Banbury, Oxfordshire, on 8 August after a member of the public spotted a podgy hedgehog in a tight spot

An elderly woman had a lucky escape after a swan crash-landed through a double-glazed window - just moments after she left the bathroom.

The rescue of a hedgehog from Banbury, Oxfordshire’s pipe (left), and the escape of an elderly lady in Nottinghamshire after a swan crashed through her double-glazed windows – moments after leaving the bathroom (right)

A runaway lizard prompted a major rescue mission after he slipped out of his enclosure, climbed out of an upstairs window, scaled the outside wall of his terraced home near Folkestone Harbour, Kent, and settled in to sunbathe on the roof (pictured)

After slipping out of his enclosure and climbing out from an upstairs window to scale the exterior wall of his terraced house near Folkestone Harbour in Kent, a runaway lizard led to a massive rescue operation.

A kitten needed help after he managed to get his head stuck in a rat bait box. Rescuer Jason Finch was on the case in Essex

After getting his head stuck inside a box of rat bait, a kitten had to be rescued. Jason Finch, a rescuer from Essex was there to help.

After the second badger leapt into the water, he was pulled to safety and both were released in the wild.

After getting stuck in a Chelmsford bin, a seagull had to be saved by its rescuers on February 16.

Rocket, a cat named Rocket lost one of her nine lives in March after she was trapped at 20 feet above the ground by solar panels. She had been crawling under a Dinas Powys house.

Inspectors were dispatched to assist a squirrel that was trapped under a Leamington Spa garden patio, Warks. while looking for nuts.

Inspector Elizabeth Boyd reported that the squirrel got trapped underneath a post made of wood.

Finally, the squirrel was released after the homeowner cut the post in half so that the animal could move freely.

A lingerie-loving lizard travelled more than 4,000 miles in a woman's bra from sunny Barbados to Rotherham, South Yorkshire

An lingerie-loving Lizard traveled more than 4000 miles wearing a bra made by a woman from Barbados to Rotherham in South Yorkshire.

A cat used up one of her nine lives after getting trapped on a roof under solar panels. When residents heard loud meowing they spotted the little tortoiseshell peeking out from under the panel fitted to the roof of the house more than 20ft up in Dinas Powys, Wales

A fox cub needed help after getting his back leg stuck in the metal grate of a drain in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire

One cat was trapped under a Welsh solar panel (left); a cub of Foxes became stuck beneath a drainage in Berhamsted.

Need a lift? A motorist had a massive surprise after finding this exotic lizard trapped in a car engine in Devon

Do you need a lift? This exotic lizard was found in the engine of a Devon car by a motorist who had no idea.

A motorist in Plymouth discovered a huge tegu Lizard in his car’s engine on July 20, 2012.

The back of a Fox cub in Berkhamsted (Herts) was caught in a metal grate in Berkhamsted.

Lauren Bailey was able to free the cub from his leg and then took him to a wildlife clinic for an examination.

Lauren ran to Banbury in Oxon to save a trapped hedgehog from a drainpipe just hours after Lauren had been called.

“The hedgehog, which was quite chunky, had fallen in an open drain. It got stuck around 1ft inside the pipe.

“I could bend and stretch some metal coat hangers to make a small hook, and then carefully lift him out.

Two badgers needed help after getting trapped on a ladder in a canal in Torfaen, Wales

The RSPCA came to the rescue of a tawny owl who fell into the extraction fan in a disused hotel in York, North Yorkshire

Two badgers were trapped in Torfaen’s canal, Wales. The RSPCA helped a yellow owl, who had fallen into an extraction fan at a York hotel (pictured right).

RSPCA insp Mitchell Smith to the rescue when a fox got her head stuck in a hole in some wooden decking in Bedfordshire

RSPCA Insp Mitchell Smith came to her rescue after a fox became stuck on a wooden decking in Bedfordshire.

A spooked dog got stuck behind a water tank. Her owner, June Coates, tried to coax her out but called for back-up from the RSPCA. Rescuer David McAdam went to help Suzie after she got wedged tight in the airing cupboard in Nottingham

One dog became agitated and got trapped behind a water tank. June Coates tried to get her to let go, but she called the RSPCA for help. After Suzie got stuck in an airing cupboard in Nottingham, David McAdam came to her rescue.

A randy stallion was unable to get into the field of fillies because he got stuck at a gate and needed assistance.

Tina Nash, a rescuer, was summoned to Rochester, Kent after Tina, a walker, saw the horse striding across the 4-foot-high entry.

She stated, “He tried to reach the mares, but obviously isn’t the greatest showjumper. He got stuck halfway.”

“He could walk along the fence line further to find his female friends,”

The horse was retrieved by firefighters from behind the gates and taken back to his paddock.

After getting caught in the net in Rossendale Lancs, a sheepish ewe was able to score an own goal on August 22.

A motorcyclist saw a 10ft long python crawling on a Conington country lane, Cambs. On August 27, rescuers responded.

They called the fire department and removed the branches before the snake fell onto the tarpaulin.

A skunk who'd been on the run was rescued and reunited with his owner after giving staff at a Nottinghamshire shop a shock

After giving shock staff in a Nottinghamshire shop, a skunk on the run was found and saved.

A greedy badger was sett in his ways after having rotten luck while scavenging for food. He climbed inside the compost bin and got stuck, prompting help from RSPCA rescuer Louis Horton who rushed to Guildford, Surrey

An un-crafty fox caused quite the stir after falling through a café ceiling and triggering the alarm which called in the police! The fox fell 12ft from the suspended ceiling onto the kitchen work surface at the café in Southwark, London

In Guildford, a greedy badger got stuck in a compost bin while scavenging for food while in Southwark, London, a not-so-crafty fox caused a stir when it fell 12ft through a café ceiling, triggered the alarm and prompted a police response

A motorcyclist had quite the fright when he was riding along a quiet country lane in Conington, Cambridgeshire, and spotted a huge snake slithering in the road. Rescuer Justin Stubbs went out to help, on 27 August, but the snake had climbed up a tree

One motorcyclist was in great distress when, while riding down a country road in Conington in Cambridgeshire, he spied a large snake crawling along the roadway. Justin Stubbs, a rescuer, went to the aid of the snake on 27 August. However, the snake had scaled a tree.

Lisa Russell (shocked beautician) was also involved in another hilarious rescue. A lizard had traveled over 4,000 miles wearing her F-cup bra, when Russell flew back from Barbados last September.

Lisa, 47 years old, is from Rotherham (South Yorks). Lisa said, “I thought it was tiny, dead creatures, then it started to move and I began screaming. This isn’t what you would expect after a 4,000 mile journey.

After capturing the wild critter, RSPCA took him to a specialist reptile-keeper.

Another runaway lizard, another September 27th, escaped from his enclosure to sunbathe in the roof of Kent’s home.

David Grant, RSPCA inspector said that it was the first time he had been asked to save an iguana on a roof.

On October 19, a pet skunk caused a stink after it escaped inside a B&Q store in Worksop, Notts.

Dan Bradshaw, rescuer said that a staff member opened their eyes when they saw a flashing black-and-white dart on the ground just outside of the shop.

He had been eating birdseed that had fallen from the bird table.

On October 16, a clever fox got its head caught in wood decking and was saved by a rescue team in Luton.

A confused kitten was trapped in Frinton-on-Sea’s rat trap box on October 28, 2012.

RSPCA inspectors were dispatched to help a cat that had become scared by loud sounds at nearby buildings.

A greedy badger was found in Guildford’s compost bin, looking for food. He needed to be rescued on November 24, 2012.

Rescuers were called out to a café in Southwark, London, on December 22 after a fox fell through a ceiling into the kitchen and triggered the alarm which alerted police.

Rescuer Phil Norman said: ‘The café owner who went to investigate and found the rather confused fox standing on the worktop in the kitchen, above the fridges.

“This seems to be the second time that a Fox has fallen through their ceiling.”