A 35-year-old Asian woman who was stabbed to death in her New York City apartment early Sunday morning after a homeless career criminal out on bail allegedly followed her inside has been identified as Christina Yuna Lee – and her landlord says her brutal death could have been avoided as he puts the blame on DA Alvin Bragg’s woke policies.

Assamad Nash (25), a career homeless criminal was released after a previous assault case. This happened due to New York’s wake bail laws. 

Lee was found in her Chinatown apartment’s bloody bathtub, and he was later arrested. 

Brian Chin Lee, Lee’s landlord, said Sunday night that all of this could have been prevented. This guy shouldn’t have been allowed to walk on the street. It’s DA Alvin Bragg trying to play politics with lives of people and causing harm to the Asian community. A DA that has been convicted of such horrible crimes is a blessing. It’s disgraceful that he even bothers to appear. It’s disgraceful.’  

While it’s not known if Nash knew Lee at all, New York Daily News reported that surveillance video showed the suspect following Lee inside her home after being dropped off by a taxi.    

“He followed her all the way up six flights,” Chin said. Chin claimed that Chin didn’t even know that he was present. She walked six flights up stairs, and the man relentlessly stalked her. He did not accuse her of any mental disorder or other crime. He watched as she climbed those stairs from one floor lower. Then he began to move slowly one flight at a while. He had complete control.

Three open cases against Nash were opened at the time the murder occurred, along with a criminal record for escaping police custody. 

Nash was previously accused of attacking a subway straphanger in September 2013. However, that assault was considered insufficiently serious and he was taken into custody to await trial. New York’s new woke bail reform laws were aimed at decreasing the state’s jail population.   

Chin stated that elected officials must do more. 

His grandparents, who are Chinese immigrant immigrants from China, came to this country in search of a better life for themselves. “We have built this community but it’s being destroyed by the one and only district attorney. It is heartbreaking.

Chin claimed that Nash should be in prison and blamed Bragg’s policies. Bragg has been harshly criticised for being soft on crime during Bragg’s first month as president. 

Chin stated, “This is so horrible on so many levels.” She didn’t do any wrong. She didn’t deserve it.

He said, “If this guy got away I can’t even picture what would happen,” 

Christina Yuna Lee, 35, was stabbed to death in her New York City apartment 'by homeless serial criminal.' Assamad Nash, 25, has been arrested for her murder after she was found dead in the blood-soaked bathtub of her Chinatown apartment

Christina Yuna Lee (35), was killed after she was attacked in New York City by a ‘homeless serial criminal’. Assamad Nash (25), was arrested after Assamad Lee, 35, was discovered dead in her bathtub at her Chinatown apartment.

Brian Chin, the landlord of the building , said there are cameras on every floor, and that his family has installed steel doors on all the apartments. It took cops more than 10 minutes to get into the apartment after the assailant locked himself inside

Brian Chin was the landlord and said cameras were installed at every level. His family also added steel doors to all apartments. The assailant had locked himself into his apartment and it took the cops over 10 minutes to enter the building.

Assamad Nash, 25, has been accused of murdering an Asian-American woman in her Chinatown apartment while on bail for a prior assault

Assamad Nah, 25, is accused of murdering a Chinese-American woman while she was on bail from a previous assault. 

Chilling footage shows the murderer, named as Nash, follow victim Christina Yuna Lee through the hallway of her Chinatown apartment building

The chilling footage captures the killer, identified as Nash following victim Christina Yuna Lee down the hall of her Chinatown apartment building. 

Nash is said to have followed Yuna Lee in after she exited a cab, then forgot to check the door had shut behind her

After Yuna left a taxi, Nash was said to be following her in. She then failed to verify that the door was closed behind her. 

Yuna was discovered stabbed to death in her bathtub. She couldn’t be saved. Nash is also believed to have been found hiding underneath the victims’ beds.

Nash is pictured being arrested following Sunday's stabbing at victim Christina Yuna Lee's apartment

Following Sunday’s stabbing of victim Christina Yuna Lee in her apartment, Nash was captured being taken into police custody 

The 35-year-old woman could be seen on surveillance video walking into her home at 111 Chrystie Street early on Sunday morning

Surveillance video captured the 35-year old woman walking into her house at 111 Chrystie Street in early Sunday morning

NYPD officers were dispatched to the Lower East Street building at Chrystie Street and Grand Street, Manhattan around 4.20 AM after neighbours reported that they heard someone clinging for help. 

Lee had her apartment locked and barred. Police entered the home to find Lee lying in her tub, bleeding from several injuries.

Lee died at 5.55 a.m. by FDNY medical staff.   

Police arrived at the scene and found Nash still inside. He was hiding under a blanket, his blood stained.

Nash, a known homeless criminal career criminal to police, has managed several escapes from police custody. 

The Post reported that he was initially arrested in connection with an attack on a woman, which occurred May 20,21. However, this case was closed. He was released on bail, despite not attending a hearing in court for his September attack at Grand Central Station subway station. 

This decision will now be closely scrutinized in light of Lee’s assassination. 

Chin her landlord said to reporters that the building had cameras on each floor and that steel doors were installed in all apartments by his family. 

Chin stated that the steel doors are part of our tight security measures. “It took the swat team more than 10 minutes to get in.” They are meant to keep evil creatures out.

The suspect managed to get in.   

Chin stated that she got out of the taxi and followed Chin. “He reached for the front door right before it shut. He continued following her, keeping one floor in front of her, all the way to the sixth. He waited for her to close before he entered. 

Chin described Lee as a “wonderful human being” whose smile lit up the room.    

“She was attracted to New York because of the Big Apple and its endless opportunities. 

Lee is listed on Lee’s LinkedIn and website as a New York-based Creative Producer who creates national-scale marketing content to select brands such as Google, Twix. Equinox. TOMS. Cole Haan.

New York's Governor Kathy Hochul tweeted about the senseless stabbing that lead to the death of a 35-year-old woman

Kathy Hochul of New York tweeted her concern about the murder of a 35 year-old woman caused by a senseless stabbing.

“So many blood. Although my wife suggested that I call someone to remove all blood, I decided to do it myself. The building owner stated that it was the minimum I could do to help the girl.

Chin said that she was from New Jersey and has been in the area for less than one year. A sweet little girl. 

Another neighbor, Zyana Salazar, 27, told DailyMail.com: ‘I just feel like he shouldn’t been out on. 

“He was let out without any bail. Why was he released with no bail for three occasions? If so, then why did he not release bail. This is how it happened, you know. 

‘I’m mourning this tragic & heartbreaking loss of life,’ New York Governor Kathy Hochul tweeted. 

“We have witnessed far too many acts violence against AAPI New Yorkers these past months. Every community must be safe in this state.

‘I join New Yorkers standing together in support of our AAPI friends & neighbors.’

Eric Adams, New York’s Mayor, condemned the assassination.

Adams issued a statement saying, “I and New Yorkers throughout the City mourn for the innocent victim murdered at her home in Chinatown last evening and stand with our Asian brothers-and sisters today.” 

“The NYPD are investigating this horrendous incident. I’m grateful to them for apprehending him. Although the man responsible for this terrible act has been taken into custody, his conditions remain. This administration has a clear mission: “We won’t allow this violence to go unchecked.” 

Overall crime in the city continues to rise, with robbery increasing nearly 35% and violent felonies rising 13.3% through February 6, as compared to last year. 

New data from New York Police Department shows that nearly all New York City police stations have reported an increase in crime. Five of these precincts saw a doubled rate.

One Brooklyn cop said Tuesday that “no neighborhood is safe” and offered a dire forecast for crime-ravaged New York City.

“At this rate we will lose our city by St. Patrick’s Day.”

Recently released statistics showed that 72 of the 77 precincts in five boroughs witnessed an increase or decrease in crime in 2018 compared to 2021. Three only recorded slight increases in criminal offenses.

The two precincts that cover the Central Park area of the city recorded no changes – which may have been misleading because the crime rates in the surrounding areas are lower than those that actually live there. 

Crime in New York is up over 41 percent compared to last year, with transit incidents up 74 percent compared to this time in 2021

New York crime is up by more than 41% compared last year. In addition, transit-related incidents have increased 74% since 2021.

Nearly every single police precinct in New York City has seen spikes in crime so far this year - including five in which the rate has doubled, new data from the NYPD shows

New York Police Department data shows that almost every police precinct across the city has witnessed an increase in crime in the first half of this year. This includes five where the crime rate doubled.

An off-duty officer was shot Sunday in West Harlem's 26th precinct - one of the police designated areas that has seen crime more than double this year

A West Harlem officer on off duty was killed Sunday at the 26th Precinct. This is one of several police-designated areas where crime has been more than twice this year.

An anonymous cop joked that “only the squirrels are secure,” to The Post. The Post: “Tourists will not come back.”

On January 24, Mayor Eric Adams presented his “Blueprint to End Gun Violence” on the City That Never Sleeps. Since then, at least 49 have been killed and 12 more have been injured in The City That Never Sleeps.

The city has seen an increase in violent crime over the last year. Many factors have been cited, including tensions between police and the public, increased unemployment rates and soft-on-crime politicians.

The crime data, which includes offenses up to February 6, 2018, shows that robberies rose by nearly 35 percent compared with the same time period in 2021.

The data shows that rape in New York has increased more than 35% and that overall crime has gone up by 41.65%.

Meanwhile, murders are at an all-time low of 13 percent compared to last year. However, shootings have gone up by astonishing 30 percent.

According to the new NYPD CompStat data, five precincts had overall crime that doubled since last year’s start, in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan.

West Harlem’s 26th Precinct saw an increase of 122 percent in overall crime. The main reason for this was the rise in burglaries, grand theft, and assaults.

Manhattan’s precinct saw burglaries rise to 30 this year, compared with seven in the same time period 2021. This is a more than 400% increase. Grand larcenies have nearly quadrupled from 15 to 29, and 8 to 15, respectively.



1st Precinct – 75%

5th Precinct – 51.67%

6th Precinct – 67.71%

7th Precinct – 75.38%

9th Precinct – 53.7%

10th Precinct – 29.89%

13th Precinct – 55%

Midtown South Precinct – 48.98%

17th Precinct – 91.07%

Midtown North Precinct – 44.78%

19th Precinct – 32.56%

20th Precinct – 26.32%

Central Park Precinct – No change 

23rd Precinct – 12.62%

24th Precinct – 52.63%

25th Precinct – 29.55%



60th Precinct – 4.55%

61st Precinct – 36.19%

62nd Precinct – 65.88%

63rd Precinct – 37.84%

66th Precinct – 44.44%

67th Precinct – 58.04%

68th Precinct – 26.87%

69th Precinct – 105%

70th Precinct – 39.25%

71st Precinct – 30.49%

72nd Precinct – 107.14%

76th Precinct – 60.71%

78th Precinct – 23.19%

73rd Precinct – 35.66%

75th Precinct – 40.07%

77th Precinct – 62.16%

79th Precinct – 4.96% (decrease)

81st Precinct – 19.15%

83rd Precinct – 9.74% (decrease)

84th Precinct – 27.96%

88th Precinct – 21.43%

90th Precinct – 45.05%

94th Precinct – 28.57%



100th Precinct – 66.67%

101st Precinct  – No Change

102nd Precinct – 39.78%

103rd Precinct – 67.44%

105th Precinct – 8.66%

106th Precinct – 67.68%

107th Precinct – 118.06%

113th Precinct – 5.31%

104th Precinct – 29.75%

108th Precinct – 53.47%

109th Precinct – 82.61%

110th Precinct – 142.42%

111th Precinct – 73.44%

112th Precinct – 35.09%

114th Precinct – 18.79%

115th Precinct – 56.89%


 Bronx & Staten Island


40th Precinct – 20.41%

41st Precinct  – 71.95%

42nd Precinct – 20.75%

43rd Precinct 75%

44th Precinct – 27.59%

45th Precinct – 31.68%

46th Precinct – 43.95%

47th Precinct – 30.91%

48th Precinct – 51.97%

49th Precinct – 51.64%

50th Precinct – 77.92%

52nd Precinct – 9.6%

Staten Island 

120th Precinct – 55.38%

121st Precinct – 31.88%

122nd Precinct – 13.51% (decrease)

123rd Precinct – 39.2