A woman jokes that she is CURSED for buying a trinket with the words “Goblin” in charity shops, only to discover the pet’s remains inside.

  • A woman bought a funny ornament that said “Goblin” and believes she is cursed.
  • She found the ashes in her home and used Twitter to share it with her friends.
  • The shop had a matching urn, so one of her close friends went and got it. 

One woman finds out that she may be cursed after she bought a trinket she believed was fun at a charity store.

Take to TwitterTo share her concerns, Gina Tonic, Manchester, was shocked to discover that the ornament with the words ‘Goblin” actually contained ashes. 

At the time the ornament that she bought in Altrincham had appeared innocent.

However, when she arrived home, the jar turned out to be an urn. The thought of haunting it crossed her mind.

Gina Tonic, from Manchester, discovered that a trinket she'd purchased from a charity shop could actually have been cursed when she took it home

Gina Tonic, from Manchester, discovered that a trinket she’d purchased from a charity shop could actually have been cursed when she took it home

The urn, that was emblazoned with the name 'Goblin' was pictured up by Gina after she saw it and it made her laugh

Gina saw the Urn and thought it was funny. Gina took pictures of it.

When she got home however, she was startled to discover it contained ashes and she hoped she wasn't now cursed

However, when she returned home she discovered it had ashes. She was shocked and hoped that she wasn’t cursed.

Taking to Twitter, the new owner of the urn informed her followers that she thought she was 'cursed for life'

On Twitter, the new owner announced to her followers that the urn was now hers.

They were contained in a small plastic bag and indicated that they came from an animal. 

Take to Twitter to share her worries, Gina said: ‘Oh my GOD i just bought this little trinket in a charity shop coz it made me laugh it said goblin on it (there was a merlin too) and i’ve just opened it and there’s f****n ASHES INSIDE that’s it i’m cursed for life now aren’t I?’

Astonished by what she had discovered, her friends suggested that she take some next steps.

A person stated, “Oh no, you’re going be haunted” by the animal. maybe you should take it back & explain, it might have been donated by mistake – at least it’ll get the accursed object out of your house.’

Gina's followers were worried fr her, and immediately started giving her instructions on what to do next

Gina’s friends were concerned about Gina and began giving Gina instructions for what she should do next.

After deciding there was not much to be done, Gina found Goblin a pride of place on her TV stand

Gina decided there wasn’t much she could do and made Goblin her pride and joy on the TV stand.

A second, panicking that Gina could be cursed for having separated Goblin and Goblin’s remains from their companion, stated: ‘Go back to Merlin. Bury them as soon as possible.

The third party hoped that Goblin’s name wasn’t eponymous. She said, “Oof! Impromptu burial”; you haven’t placed goblin into a charity shop. That must exonerate you from any hauntings.

Gina had been to Altrincham for the first time at that point and could not return to Merlin. She decided instead to place Goblin on her mantlepiece, and ask her friends to send a happy night to it.

A follower, however, who wanted to reunite the two of them went to the charity shop to purchase Merlin. Gina then sent her a tweet asking for advice.

Gina expressed her interest in having both sets back together and replied that she was ready to do so. 

A follower who lived in Altrincham went to the original charity to retrieve Merlin, Goblin's companion

A follower who lived in Altrincham went to the original charity to retrieve Merlin, Goblin’s companion

Gina was very keen to reunite the two urns in the hopes that their souls would be saved and they wouldn't haunt her

Gina wanted to reunite both urns so that they would not haunt her.