After she photographed the incredible growth of her baby bump, which became purple in weeks before her triplets were born, a woman with three children went viral on the internet.

Michella Meier Morsi (Danish, Copenhagen) stunned the internet when she uploaded images of her growing stomach on Instagram. The pictures showed that it grew “straight out” rather than “up and down”.

Her 260,000 Danish followers were left speechless as she posted her pregnancies online.

Michella was 35 weeks and already had two children with Mark. She gave birth to her sons Charles, Theodore, and Gabriel via cesarean.

She was honest about her “extreme pain” leading up to birth, as well as the aftermath. Many people were amazed at her strength and called her a “superhero.”

A woman who was pregnant with triplets went viral after she documented the growth of her insanely large baby bump - which turned purple in the weeks leading up to the birth

The viral video of a pregnant woman with triplets, showing her growing baby bump and turning purple during the weeks leading to birth, was captured by a photographer.

Michella Meier-Morsi, from Copenhagen, Denmark, stunned the internet after she shared images of her growing stomach, which grew 'straight out' rather than 'up and down'

Michella Meier Morsi from Copenhagen, Denmark stunned the Internet when she posted images of her expanding stomach. It grew straight out, rather than up and down.

The Danish mom left her 260,000 followers speechless while sharing her pregnancy journey online - due to the immense size of her belly

The size of her baby meant that the Danish mom was unable to speak for her 260,000 fans while posting her pregnancy story online. 

Michella, who already had two daughters with her husband, Mark, welcomed her three sons - named Charles, Theodore and Gabriel - on January 15 via cesarean section

Michella had already two daughters, Mark and Michella welcomed her three boys, Charles, Theodore & Gabriel via Cesarean Section on January 15, 2009.

Michella shared a post three days prior to giving birth in which she admitted she didn’t feel ready for three more children.

She stated that she was not ready to have three more babies. I naively believed that I would be ready for three babies at one point. I also thought I would experience a sense of joy as the pregnancy ends and we would finally get to meet our children.⁣

“But, if it weren’t for the severe pain, the triplets might have to remain in the stomach for another month or so. This all feels overwhelming.

Michella stated that she would like to curl up in a corner, sob about how unbelievable it was all.

She also shared a video she posted just hours before giving birth to her baby boy, and it has been viewed thousands of times.

“It’s so unbelievable to have three children,” she said. [coming]It’s almost like my brain is unable to handle the idea. They are just too far away for me.

She got real about the 'extreme pain' she was in leading up to the birth and afterwards, and many people were amazed by her strength - branding her a 'superhero'

She was honest about her “extreme pain” leading to and after the birth. Many people were impressed by her strength and dubbed her a “superhero”.

In one post shared three days before she gave birth, Michella (pictured with her husband before the birth) admitted that she 'did not feel ready' to welcome three new kidsMichella, who also has two three-year-old daughters with her husband, Mark, said she wanted to 'curl up in a corner and sob over how unimaginable it all seemed'

Michella shared her feelings in a three-day post, before she gave birth. She was pictured together with her husband just before giving birth.

Michella said she wanted to 'curl up in a corner and sob over how unimaginable it all seemed'

She also admitted that she was 'insanely scared' and that she faced with a lot of self doubt

Michella stated that she was tempted to curl up in a corner, sobbing over the unimaginable. Michella also said that she felt ‘insanely afraid’, and was faced with lots of self-doubt.

Michella, who is pictured before giving birth, admitted that she was in 'grotesque pain' in her birth announcement, but said holding her three babies felt 'completely magical'

Michella is shown in this photo before she gave birth. She admitted to being in terrible pain during her birth announcement but stated that holding her children was a ‘completely magical experience’

‘Instead, it rolls around with ugly thoughts.⁣ Can I do it? Is it possible?

“But I’m thankfully aware that what matters tomorrow is whether or not the boys do well.⁣

“And on this front, I can throw me arms up. Because we did!” For over 35 weeks, we have held on to them. Then, we cannot do anything but hope for the best.

The birth of her sons was the most exciting 36 hours in her life, according to the mother.

She wrote, “I am in terrible pain,” afterward. She continued, “And I’m right now I can’t see myself getting out of that nightmare.”

It helps to have three little boys around your chest. I have had the privilege of holding them all at once, and it was truly magical.  

Michella concluded that it had been all worth it and stated her joy over the three babies.

On Instagram, she exclaimed, “There is an emptyness in my stomach, but I have never been so full with love and joy.” 

In the end, Michella said it was all 'worth it' and said that her heart was 'bursting with happiness and love' over her three new sons

Michella stated that the experience was all “worth it” and her heart was filled with joy and love for her sons.

'There is emptiness in my stomach, but my heart and my arms have never been so full of love and happiness,' she gushed on Instagram. She is pictured 25 weeks into the pregnancy

She posted on Instagram, “There’s emptiness in me stomach but my heart, my arms, and my soul have never felt so filled with love and happiness.” Here she is 25 weeks into her pregnancy

Doting mother: Michella, whose stomach is pictured after the birth of her daughters but before she got pregnant with the triplets, described the boys as 'absolutely amazing'

Michella is an adoring mother. She was photographed with her stomach shortly after giving birth to her girls but before becoming pregnant with triplets.

“The boys have amazing personalities! ⁣It’s that simple! Their personalities are gentle and super cool. We’re in love. We are so in love that it is not surprising. 

Michella shared another post 10 days after giving birth and said that her stomach was’significantly smaller’ but she still felt very unwell. 

She explained that although it has become smaller, the pain is still intense and heavy.

“The caesarean isn’t bothersome, except that I must cough, sneeze, or vomit.

“But my intestinal tracts are in the large cavity. It is uncomfortable.⁣

“My uterus lies next to my skin. It is extremely sensitive.⁣

‘And the last few days, the stomach has felt like a big black mark It even hurts to breathe.⁣’

Michella revealed to her doctor that she had found blood in her uterus that her body couldn’t remove. This increased the chance of her developing inflammation. She is currently planning to have a scraping done. 

In a post shared 10 days after giving birth, Michella opened up about her postpartum body, and she said although her stomach was 'significantly smaller' it was still uncomfortable

Michella shared her experience with postpartum. She said that her stomach had become’significantly smaller’ 10 days after she gave birth.

Michella (pictured before the birth with her husband) said doctors discovered that blood had built up in her uterus, so she is now planning to undergo a scraping procedure

Michella, pictured with her husband before she gave birth. Doctors discovered blood in Michella’s uterus. She is currently planning to have a scraping operation.

She also opened up about the struggles of raising five children at once, admitting that she felt 'felt divided, tired, overwhelmed'

In addition, she shared her struggle to raise five children simultaneously and admitted that she was ‘feeling divided, tired, overwhelmed.

'It is indescribably hard to have two three-year-olds and three premature babies.⁣ Much harder than I had imagined,' she wrote. Michella is pictured before the birth

‘It is indescribably hard to have two three-year-olds and three premature babies.⁣ Much harder than I had imagined,’ she wrote. Michella was pictured prior to the birth

Many people flooded the comment section of Michella's posts, praising her for her 'amazing' strength

Michella received a flood of comments praising her “amazing” strength. 

A scraping procedure is a type of surgery where doctors go in and remove abnormal tissues from the body. 

Also, she shared her struggles in raising five children simultaneously.

“Oh how many times I have felt overwhelmed, divided and tired in the past days,” she said.

‘It is indescribably hard to have two three-year-olds and three premature babies.⁣ Much harder than I had imagined.

‘[My daughters]They are angry, proud, arrogant, extremely bored and just plain rude.⁣

They miss us. This is completely normal.

‘So I sit split back between two sets of kids and two different needs.⁣ I want to go home to my girls, give them love and security and a fixed framework.⁣

‘And I want to give the boys the best start in life and myself the best start in childbirth and breastfeeding.⁣ The two things just can not be done at the same time.⁣’

Michella received a flood of comments praising her strength and ‘amazingness’.

“The body can accomplish amazing things. It is amazing to even consider this, wrote one individual.

‘How amazing is a woman’s body?’ Another asked. ‘You’re amazing.’

Someone else said: ‘That belly looks like it’s going to explode!’

‘I’m so glad this didn’t happen to me!’ Another user shared the following: “It makes me feel sore thinking about it.”