After a woman asked to have her spray-tan twice in order to correct her “super pale” complexion, she revealed that her wedding spray went horribly wrong.

Derrie Mathews, 36, from Buckinghamshire, got the £25 treatment three days before a wedding in order to give her winter skin a warm, summer glow.

The trouble started when she asked her beautician for a ‘two-time’ spray, leaving her shocked when her tan turned out darker than expected. It was a scene that reminded Ross’s faux tan catastrophe in Friends.

Derrie is pictured before the tan

Derrie is pictured after the tan

Derrie Mathews (36), from Buckinghamshire has shared her story about how her pre-wedding spray tanning went wrong. She asked to have it twice because she was a’super pale’ complexion. This is what it looked like right before and after.

The trouble began when the natural redhead asked the beautician if she could be sprayed 'twice' leaving her 'aghast' when her tan came out far darker than she anticipated - in a scene reminiscent of Ross's fake tan disaster in Friends (pictured)

Problem began when the redhead demanded that the beautician spray her twice, leaving her shocked and aghast when her tan turned out to be darker than she expected.

Derrie, who was a childminder said she was frightened and delighted by the color she turned the next day.

She stated, “I was shocked by what I looked like.”

“My husband could not stop laughing and my daughter was terrified that anybody would ever see me,”

“I went to a wedding and was super, super pale. I am freckly, white.

“So I asked her if she’d do it again, but this time, it was darker.

Derrie did not notice much of a difference in her final product at first, but she started to realize that it was a major mistake.

Derrie, a childminder, woke up the day after her tan saying she couldn't believe the shade she'd turned, both frightening and entertaining her family in equal measure.

Derrie, who was a childminder said she could not believe her skin color, which she claimed had both scared and entertained her family.

“You need to let it sit for 8 hours, then rinse it off. It was getting darker every day.”

“But, I didn’t wash it off for eight hours as it stopped developing.”

When she woke on Friday morning to check the mirror, she was shocked at the color she had changed, much to the delight of her husband.

“My husband could not stop laughing.

He was not able to believe it. Everything was mine!

Derrie stated that her decision to spray twice was inspired by Ross Geller’s famous Friends episode, in which he had a similar experience.

Derrie didn't notice a huge difference in her completion initially, but as time went on, she began to realise that she'd made a big mistake.

Derrie did not notice much of a difference in her final product at first, but she started to realize that it was a major mistake.

In ‘The One with Ross’s Tan’ (10th season), Ross’s Tan ends up with a much darker grade ‘eight’ after he misunderstands the tanning procedures.

She explained that Ross said the same thing to her: “When the girl did it,” she shared.

Derrie indicated that she anticipated a ‘absolute tear’ from friends during the wedding.

However, there were some good points to her experience with tanning.

“It has made my teeth so white,” she said.

“I just can’t help smiling at the mirror. But then, I look in the mirror and see my face. And I thought: “Oh God!”

Even though she wasn’t able to get the results she desired, Derrie says she will continue spray tanning.

She stated, “I’ll go back. It makes me feel happier when I get tanned.”

“It is nice to have some colour but not the look of a boot polish – that’s not what I like, must be said.