The woman said that painful sex was caused by her getting carried away. However, she discovered that she had a massive cyst after her stomach ballooned to the point she could no longer look six months pregnant. 

Katie Sims is from Ottery Saint Mary in Devon. She said that she felt a “sharp stabbing” pain every time she would have sex. Her husband Ben Sims was 37. 

After complaining of stomach pains, the 32-year old visited her doctor. She was diagnosed with IBS. However, she was also found to have ovarian cystadenoma. This is a benign 10cm tumour of the ovary. 

According to her, what started out as just bloating from eating soon turned into her stomach being permanently “huge” – so much that she almost looked pregnant. 

Katie believes that the pain she felt during her intercourse was caused by her cyst “getting poked” and wants to spread awareness about the warning signs. 

Following a terrible ordeal, she was finally able to have the cyst removed. She is now encouraging other women with the same symptoms to seek treatment. 

32-year-old Katie Sims, from Ottery Saint Mary in Devon, said she started experiencing a 'sharp stabbing pain' each time she and husband Ben Sims, 37, would have sex but just thought it was from deep penetration. But her pain were actually caused by a giant benign ovarian cyst. She said the cyst made her look pregnant, pictured

32-year-old Katie Sims, from Ottery Saint Mary in Devon, said she started experiencing a ‘sharp stabbing pain’ each time she and husband Ben Sims, 37, would have sex but just thought it was from deep penetration. The cause of her discomfort was actually a large benign ovarian carcinoma. According to her, the cyst had made it look like she was pregnant. 

Pictured: Katie showing her slender frame in a pictured from January 2020, before she suffered from the cyst

Pictured is Katie with her slim figure in an image from January 2020. This was before she had to deal with cysts. 

Katie of Ottery Saint Mary (Devon) said, “I experienced pain in my ovaries and mainly my left side ovary, where was the cyst, while having sexual intercourse. It almost felt like a stabbing pain. 

“I know a friend who has the same symptoms and we’ve talked about it the past year. 

It’s a joke between friends. I’m not trying to be crude, but it’s when your partner is quite deep. 

You just accept it because it is normal. It was also the first time I ever had a coil. The coil is not always what you think. 

Pictured: Katie and her husband Ben, 37, pictured before she developed the cyst. She talked about her pain with friends who joked the couple were getting carried away in the bedroom

Pictured are Katie (37), and Ben (37), before the cyst developed. The couple joked about their pain and said they were having fun in the bedroom.

Before the cyst, the The commercial cleaning business owner, pictured left, enjoyed a size 8

The 32-year-old had a petite frame up until the moment the cyst began to develop

Before the cyst, the The commercial cleaning business owner, pictured left, enjoyed a size 8 and a petite frame, pictured

“My husband was scared to have sex in public with me at the time. He thought he would always put me in pain. Our sex life was cut off completely and was a very rare one.”

Katie reported that her pain was almost completely gone after surgery.  

“I think the cyst was too low, and it needed to be poked. That’s how I see it.” 

Katie stated that Katie had also experienced extremely painful periods, to the point where she would be bleeding profusely and being swollen. 

Her tummy began to be so swollen that Katie struggled to fit into her old clothes, pictured in June

Katie’s stomach grew so large that she was unable to wear her clothes. 

The 32-year-old said she 'genuinely' looked pregnant, pictured, and would bloat after eating a tiny piece of breaf

According to the 32-year old, she looked genuinely pregnant (pictured) and would feel bloated after eating just a small piece of breastmilk.

The symptoms began about one year ago. She started to lose weight in her abdominal area, and it was only a year later when the “massive” bloating became apparent. 

Katie stated that she had acid reflux and nausea, along with a very bad stomach. My lower abdomen was affected as well as my upper abdominal. I felt really bloated. 

“I was six months pregnant and I looked real good. It was possible to eat half an apple, half a meal and not feel full. But I’d bloat. 

“I only looked pregnant when I ate, until about this July when my stomach started getting really large. Amazing how large I was. I did look huge. 

Pictured: Katie this month after recovering from the cyst, which was drained and removed in November

Pictured here: Katie in October after she recovered from her cyst. It was drain and then removed in November. 

Katie began to suffer from acne on her face in July as a result of the hormonal imbalance caused by the cyst

Katie developed acne on her forehead in July after the hormonal imbalance that was caused by the cyst. 

A month ago, pictured, Katie looked like she was expecting

The 32-year-old is now back to her old slender frame

Katie, as she looked a month back, was looking like she was pregnant, right. Right, the 32-year old is back to her slim frame.

“I believe everyone understood that I had gained weight, but none of them mentioned it as they did not want to. 

“It was almost like an elephant in the room.” People could look at it and want to talk about it. But it was a tricky subject as people would not know what to do.

She had been to the doctor for gastro-related issues and was prescribed IBS medication. After she returned, it became apparent that she wasn’t improving. So she booked her appointment for a Gallbladder Scans. 

Katie in a blue dress with her gardener husband Ben Sims, 37, pictured at a wedding in May 2015

Katie and her husband Ben Sims (37-year-old gardener) are pictured together at a May 2015 wedding.

Katie replied: “The sonographer stated we’re not meant for scanning the pelvis, but I have time so will we? Are you having any problems down there? And I explained to him how heavy my periods are and that I do have a coil. 

“He just said, “Oh!” and then suddenly he said, “You have a large ovarian cyst.” It was only by accident that he noticed it. 

“I was in shock. I asked him what it meant. It was a “big ugly” which he called it and I said “that’s not helping”. 

He was like, “I don’t think it’s carcinoma. However, you can’t exclude it. You will need to be taken for blood cancer tests. I left the hospital wondering “what should I do?””.  

The 32-year-old took pictures of her belly in a pair of tight leggings to document how bloated it looked

For her 32nd birthday, she took photographs of her belly wearing tight leggings in order to show the extent of how puffy it was.

The cleaning business owner, pictured while suffering from the cyst, said it was extremely painful on top of making her look pregnant

A cleaning company owner is pictured suffering from the cyst. She said that it made her feel pregnant and was very painful. 

Pictured: Katie's bruised tummy after her cyst was drained in November. She needed several stitches

Pictured: Katie after she had her cyst removed in November. Her cyst was removed in November. She required several stitches. 

In April of this year, Katie, pictured, had not been diagnosed yet and thought she experienced pain during sex because of deep penetration

Katie was not diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy in April. She believed that she had experienced pain from deep penetration during sex. 

The watery cysts of the ovary that can lead to excruciating pain are called Ovarian Cystadenomas. 

Blood cysts can occur on the surface or in the ovary. 

These are either made of water or mucus and they can grow to be so big that it can cause the ovary to move, which can lead to ovarian twisting, also called ovarian torsion.

Here are some risk factors that can lead to cyst formation on your ovaries. 

Hormonal issues. You can have ovulation problems by taking the fertility drug Clomiphene, which will cause your body to produce clomiphene.

Pregnancy. Sometimes the cyst formed when you ovulate remains on your ovary through your pregnancy.

Endometriosis. The condition results in uterine and endometrial cells growing outside your uterus. The tissue may attach to the ovary, forming a growth.

A severe pelvic infection. It can lead to cysts if it spreads to your ovaries.

Previous ovarian cyst. A previous ovarian cyst.

While some ovarian cysts can be cleared by themselves, others require professional drainage.

Ovarian tprsion can lead to severe internal bleeding and pain.

Cyst formation is impossible to stop, but regular scans can help you keep an eye on your ovaries. 

Mayo Clinic 


“We had a party for my husband’s birthday, and they were waiting to see me so we could get started. 

I drove back, and then I felt like I was going to die. Ben said that he didn’t know anything and that he had a cyst 10cm in my ovary. 

Katie was a slim size 8-10. She said that she could not fit in size 14 jeans because they would have a tight stomach, but her legs would be covered with excess fabric. 

Due to her large belly, she felt self-conscious and began wearing leggings, tights, and flowy dresses in an effort to disguise it. 

In November, the cyst was pierced, drained, and then removed. It wasn’t measured but it is believed to have grown larger than 10 cm. 

Katie was afraid that her cyst might be cancerous. However, a biopsy proved that she was right. She stated, “I was looking forward to it.” [surgery]Every day it seems to be getting faster. 

It was an uphill battle, but it felt amazing once my body was healed. The cyst seemed to be draining my life. It produces weight-gaining hormones, as well as those that can make you angry, tired and create a huge hormonal mess. 

‘It’s gone. Now I’m able to bend and put on jeans. These simple pleasures are not something you realize you want, but they make your life so much more enjoyable. 

I’d advise other women that you seek out a doctor if there are any concerns about your pelvic area. 

Don’t believe it can be this. It could also be that. You must know the meaning of it. 

Katie pictured showing her bloated tummy in August of this year, after she was diagnosed with the cyst

Katie shows her bulging stomach in August after being diagnosed with cystitis. 

Katie's tummy four days after the operation during which the cyst was removed. She said it felt like it was 'draining the life' out of her

Katie’s stomach after surgery to remove the cyst. It felt like she was losing her life.