Missouri woman 32 smiles at mugshot following her arrest for killing her boyfriend using a sword.

  • Brittany Wilson (32) is being accused of murdering her boyfriend by using a knife on Christmas Eve. She had consumed meth with him hours earlier.
  • After Harrison Foster called 911, Wilson was found by officers at her doorway with the sword on the front lawn.
  • Investigators were told by Foster’s wife that Foster may have had other entities in his body. She was allegedly tabbing Foster to free him.
  • According to police, Foster claimed she was harvesting human body parts.
  • The police released the following mug shots on Saturday: Wilson was wearing an orange jumpsuit and he smiled wide in his mug shot
  • Wilson shared an image on her Facebook page about sharing multidimensional experiences and others before the murder. 

One Missouri woman, after she was charged with murdering her fiancé with a sword in the middle of Christmas Eve due to their high meth use was seen smiling brightly.

Brittany Wilson (32), was discovered outside her Cape Girardeau house with Harrison Stephen Foster, 34, with bloody clothes and a sword in the yard.  

Wilson had called police at 11:11 p.m. Police said that Foster was killed by Wilson on Friday. 

Police said that the woman told police she believes he has several other entities in his body and was attempting to free him by stabbing him.

Officers arrested Wilson and went into Harris’ home to find Harris, who was still suffering from multiple stab wounds. 

This photo provided by Cape Girardeau Police Department shows Wilson after being charged with killing her boyfriend with a sword on Friday. Wilson called 911 and was found outside the home she shared with Foster on Friday night with blood on her clothing, and a sword lying in the front yard

Wilson is shown in this Cape Girardeau Police Department photograph after she was accused of killing her boyfriend on Friday using a knife. Wilson called 911, was found with bloody clothes and a blade in her front yard outside Foster’s house on Friday night.

Brittany Wilson (left), 32, is accused of killing her boyfriend, Harrison Foster (right), 34, with a sword on Christmas Eve after taking methamphetamine earlier in the day

Brittany Wilson (left), 32, is accused of killing her boyfriend, Harrison Foster (right), 34, with a sword on Christmas Eve after taking methamphetamine earlier in the day

Wilson and Foster's home at 378 Barberry Street in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, where officers responded to her 911 call on Christmas Eve at 11p.m.

Wilson and Foster were at Foster’s Cape Girardeau home, 378 Barberry Street. There officers responded to Foster’s Christmas Eve 911 call at 11 p.m.

Wilson claimed to police that Foster and she had both taken methamphetamine at their home, which is about 115 miles from St. Louis.  

Officers claim Foster told them she had been stealing body parts. 

A mug picture released Saturday shows Wilson wearing an orange jumpsuit and smiling wide. Wilson is the father of two children. Foster is not believed to have been the father of the children. 

After announcing their engagement, Wilson and he were believed to be planning on getting married.

Wilson with her two children in one of her Facebook photos. Her and Foster, who is believed not to be the father of the kids, were planning to get married after they sharing on Facebook their engagement on April 17

Wilson poses with her two kids in one her Facebook photos. Foster, believed to not be Foster’s father, was planning to marry Wilson after she shared on Facebook her engagement.

Before the murder happened, Wilson had shared a meme on her Facebook profile about sharing multidimensional experiences with others 'no matter how crazy it sounds to the uninitiated.'

Wilson shared an image on Facebook about having multidimensional experiences and sharing them with others before the murder.

Wilson shared an image on Facebook about multidimensional experiences that she had with other people prior to her murder. 

She also wrote the caption, “So guys, Uhhhhhh! Turns out that the love of Christ comes with superpower perks. Don’t follow me for further elaboration, Follow him for Eternal Salvation.’

Wilson was held on Sunday, in lieu of a $2 million bond. She was also charged with first-degree murder, and armed crime action.