Today, a young lady who was facing jail for slapping the bottom of a man on a night out was released from prison. 

Scarlett Bareham (20 years old), a beauty therapist, was accused of assaulting the clubber while he was out drinking in Portsmouth last summer.

After prosecutors acknowledged that there wasn’t enough CCTV evidence to support the charge, Ms Bareham was freed from her original charges.

She instead admitted she was guilty of affray in the “unattractive” punch-up which followed. 

The trained beauty and massage therapist now faces 100 hours of community service and must pay her victim, Mark Palmer, £150. 

Beauty therapist Scarlett Bareham, 20, of Bedhampton, Hants, had been accused of sexually assaulting the clubber by smacking his behind in front of his girlfriend while out partying

Scarlett Bareham (beauty therapist) from Bedhampton in Hants was charged with sexually assaulting Scarlett Bareham’s clubber. He allegedly slapped his back in front of his girlfriend as he partied.

Ms Bareham slapped a man's bottom in the Guildhall Walk area of Portsmouth late last summer, which is home to a number of nightclubs

Late last summer Ms Bareham beat a man in Portsmouth’s Guildhall Walk, where there are many nightclubs.

Hannah Phillips (20), and Fiona Hoyle (19), were friends who had taken the teenage girl clubbing late last summer in Portsmouth’s Guildhall Walk. This area is known for its many nightclubs. 

Beverley Cherrill (prosecution barrister) told court that Hannah Phillips, a friend of the prosecution, smacked the bottom o a woman, causing giggling from other females.

A prosecutor stated that contact was made also with a man’s bottom, prompting a female friend to intervene.

Ms Cherrill explained that she told him to not slap his bottom as his girlfriend was nearby and she didn’t like it. 

Ms Cherrill stated that members of society were trying to intervene. This included a male complaintant, who tried to contact Ms Bareham. He was kicked in his ankle and grazed by Ms Cherrill for his troubles.

“Other people might have been concerned for their safety, as this was an extremely fast-moving situation. There were many punches, kicks, and Ms Bareham wasn’t the only one.

Fern Russell, who was defending, claimed that Bareham was at the ‘periphery of the incident having been only able to get involved after “seeing something happen”.

Bareham’s involvement was described by the lawyer as “out of character.” 

Bareham confessed to having been drunk after she quit a club in May 2020. She became more aggressive when confronted by an outsider who lectured her trio about smacking his bottom in front their girlfriend.

Today, Portsmouth Crown Court heard from Mark Palmer that Bareham had attacked Mark Palmer in a brawl. He kicked Palmer and threw a punch at Palmer’s head.

Beverley Cherrill (prosecution barrister) told the court, “Mr Palmer received a kick in the ankle. He was then punched with a stick.” There was some minor bruising around the temple. Some people might have worried about their safety.

Bareham has pleaded guilty today to one count for affray. Ms Cherrill decided to drop the sexual assault case against Bareham, citing insufficient CCTV evidence. She also felt it was not in the public interests.

The trained beauty and massage therapist from Havants, Hants, now faces 100 hours of community service and must pay Mr Palmer £150.

Judge William Mousley QC stated today that Mrs Palmer should be “thoroughly embarrassed” for trying to punch and kick him in the ankle.

Judge Mousley sent her to prison and stated that she had played a prominent role in her indiscriminate violence. It was clear that you didn’t care who you were in contact with. 

He stated, “You have pleaded guilty the offence and affray.” You are eligible to substantial credit, but not all credit, for pleading guilty. It was quite an ugly spectacle.

Pictured: Scarlett Bareham (middle) is hugged by two family members as she leaves Portsmouth Crown Court today after avoiding jail for slapping a man's bottom

Pictured: Scarlett Bareham is hugged by two of her relatives as she leaves Portsmouth Crown Court this morning after she was freed from prison for biting a man in the bottom

You were drunk and should feel ashamed about how you behaved on that particular night.

“You have to apologise for what you did, especially Mr Palmer.

“You became aggressive and kicked him out. He suffered some minor injuries as a result.

“You’ve been in trouble ever since that time – this could indicate that you are now able to navigate your way out of nightclubs.

“I don’t expect to see you again.”

Miss Phillips (20), who was initially accused of sexual assault after slapping the victim’s bottom, was released last month after accepting a conditional warning.

Miss Hoyle (19), Southsea in Hants, has pleaded guilty not to affray. She is currently on unconditional bail and will be tried at her trial next March.