A 19-year old woman fears that she was needle-spread on night out. She became so dizzy she could not walk and had to be taken home by a driver.

  • Molly Hargreaves (19) fears that she was inject by a needle on Halloween. 
  • Later, she noticed that a blue bruise appeared on her arm close to a puncture site.  
  • It was reported to police, but officers claimed that the CCTV footage was too long.

Teenage girl left with bruises and fears she has been spiked with needles by police claims that the CCTV footage is too long for her to view. 

Molly Hargreaves (age 19, Abingdon Oxfordshire) fears that she was injected with a needle while out celebrating Halloween. 

After visiting a couple of pubs, she began to feel unwell.

Molly could not walk for the 20-minute journey back home, as she was “really wobbly” – she was therefore pushed in a wagon.

Molly was terrified when she noticed a small bruise on her arm next to the puncture mark.

It was reported to Thames Valley Police, who stated that they were investigating an incident of needle-spiking.

Molly Hargreaves (pictured), 19, of Abingdon, Oxfordshire, fears she was injected by a syringe while she was out celebrating Halloween with friends

Molly Hargreaves (pictured), 19-year-old Molly Hargreaves from Abingdon Oxfordshire worries that she was inject by a needle while out with her friends celebrating Halloween

Molly, however, has stated that the investigation was’so disappointing’. She has felt like she ought to ‘be it the one to investigate it.

According to her, police informed her that they would not check CCTV because the time she provided could have been inaccurate or it might be too difficult to view.

Molly stated that a police officer spoke with Molly and said they had talked to the detective, who told Molly to end the case because there wasn’t any point in monitoring all the CCTV.

They said that they’d reopen the mine if there was a new case. The person and CCTV are missing.

“It’s disappointing. It feels like the police won’t care about serious incidents after someone has been injectated or spiked.

“These people are free to continue their activities without being punished.”

Molly was unable to walk the 20 minute journey home as she was 'really wobbly' - so she had to be 'pushed home in a trolley'. Terrified Molly later noticed a bruise appear on her arm near a puncture mark

Molly could not walk the 20 minutes home from her home due to being’really wobbly.’ She was therefore pushed in a wagon. Molly was terrified when she noticed a bump on her arm close to a puncture site.

Molly’s story was brought to national attention by concerns regarding spiking. This follows a series of injections that were allegedly used in spiking events at clubs throughout the country.

She stated that she hasn’t been out since. Although I was able to go out with my boyfriend once, I couldn’t stay there for more than 30 minutes.

I felt unsafe and threatened by people. These were most likely normal people, but it didn’t make me feel safe.

A Thames Valley Police spokesperson stated: “Thames Valley Police received an report of a needle-spiking incident following the victim’s visit to a few bars in Abingdon, Saturday 31st October.

“An investigation is underway following several lines of inquiry.

“That investigation is now complete and we will file a complaint pending more information.

“Thames Valley Police” is closely working with partner venues to inform them of all the steps they can take for safety at their bars and clubs.

“We ask them to also be alert and to inform us if they see any drinkspiking. We will investigate and take action against those responsible.”