Woman who had £10 ‘I love Stormzy’ henna tattoo inked on her chest at Leeds Festival in August reveals it’s still on her skin more than two MONTHS later

  • Emily Cook claims that her henna tattoo, which she received from Leeds Festival, has stained her skin 
  • Posting on TikTok the 19-year-old posted the ink on to her chest since August
  • There were many suggestions in the thread for how to get rid henna  

Stormzy’s fan wanted to show her devotion to the singer but she has now expressed her regret after a temporary henna tattoo on her chest was inked during the summer. 

Posting on TikTok, Emily Cook, 19, explained that she paid £10 for the ‘I love Stormzy’ henna tattoo ahead of watching the rapper perform at Leeds Festival in August. 

However, the teenager revealed that the tattoo was not lost and that the slogan is still on her chest.  

Henna tattoos last only two weeks. Emily received a flood of responses to her clip and was offered advice on how to get rid. 

Emily Cook claims a henna tattoo she got for £10 at Leeds Festival in August  (pictured) hasn't faded from her skin

Emily Cook claims a henna tattoo she got for £10 at Leeds Festival in August  (pictured) hasn’t faded from her skin 

Emily took to TikTok to share the 'I love Stormzy' marking on her chest months after the festival, despite henna usually fading after two weeks

Emily shared the ‘I Love Stormzy’ marking she had made on her chest with TikTok, months after the festival. However, henna can fade after just two weeks. 

Emily captioned her post 'It's a funny story to explain' as she joked about her regret from having the henna tattoo

Emily captioned the post “It’s an amusing story to explain” and joked about regrets over getting the henna ink tattoo. 

Emily shared a clip that showed her sitting on the grass at Leeds Festival, wearing a green bikini top and shorts, while a woman did the £10 inking.  

However, she was shocked to see that her ‘I love Stormzy’ phrase is still visible in a follow up clip.

A voice over said “I don’t want to live in regret” as Emily exposed her henna tattoo lip synching “that was regret”.  

The henna tattoo mistake has been viewed more than 292,000 times. Many people warn that the ink could leave permanent marks. 

Stormzy (pictured) was among the acts to headline the Leeds Festival at Bramham Park

Stormzy (pictured) was among the acts to headline the Leeds Festival at Bramham Park

Other responses to the video, which was captioned “it’s funny story to explain”, were from people offering advice on how to remove henna tattoos.

One person wrote: “Try lemon juice or toothpaste.” Toothpaste can cause tooth pain, but mine was not as bad.

Another said, “Try lemon juice with sugar.”

Another option was to soak in a hot tub and then sit in it for hours. Boardmasters sent me mine. 

Another joked that turtleneck jumpers were the best thing for three months. 

Responses to Emily's video have advised her to fade her henna tattoo using lemon juice or toothpaste

Emily received many responses to her video. They advised her to fade the henna tattoo with lemon juice and toothpaste.