One year ago, after being told her chances of having children naturally were slim, an identical twin mother revealed that she has become a mom-of-3 after giving birth to her second child two days after she turned one.   

Emma Geairns, 34,  from Poole, gave birth to her twin boys, Noah and Arthur, just two days after her daughter Harlow’s first birthday in February 2021.

Harlow (21 months) and Harlow (9 months), arrived at Emma’s home after she had been advised that Emma would be unable to get pregnant due the way her cervical and uterus align.

Jamie (32-year-old property developer) and Emma tried for one year to conceive Harlow. They were stunned when Harlow fell pregnant once more when she was only a few months. 

Emma Geairns, 34, gave birth to her twin boys, Noah and Arthur, just two days after her daughter Harlow's first birthday in February 2021.  She is pictured with her husband Jamie, 32, and her three children

Emma Geairns (34), gave birth to Noah and Arthur two days after Harlow, Harlow’s first birthday, in February 2021.  Pictured with Jamie, her husband, and three of her children

The twins, now nine months old, and Harlow, who's 21 months, arrived after Emma was told she had a very slim chance of naturally conceiving due to the way her cervix and uterus are aligned. The family are pictured together

Harlow is now 21 months and Harlow nine months. Emma received a diagnosis that she didn’t have a good chance of naturally becoming pregnant due to her alignment between her cervix & uterus. Family pictured together

Emma stated that they had decided to relax after one year of trying and instead spend the summer having fun drinking and eating.

“It wasn’t until then that I realized I was actually pregnant.

“Then, after Harlow it was assumed that it would again take years, particularly after all the advices from doctors.

“But, it was actually the first time that we had sex since I gave birth. I was also pregnant again.”

Emma was 25 years old when doctors told her that there was a slim chance she would conceive naturally.

It was something she discovered after an ovaries test. The doctors said that because my cervix is aligned with my uterus, it made it unlikely.

Emma, who works in property development, and her husband Jamie, 32, who live in Poole, Dorset, conceived Harlow after a year of trying.

After a year-long struggle, Emma (32), who is a property developer, and Jamie (32) live in Poole in Dorset. Harlow was born to them.

“At that time I was able to take it all in stride. I decided to concentrate on my job, but I got married and we knew we had to give it a try.

“My friends always tell me that you are the friend they recommend to other friends.

“I am the one who was told that I could not have children. I then had three within a year.”

The twin pregnancy of the second child was not easy.

Twins, now nine months old, and Harlow, who's 21 months, arrived after Emma was told she had a very slim chance of naturally conceivin

Harlow (21 months) and twins Harlow (9 months), arrived in Emma’s home after she was informed that there was a slim chance of her naturally having children.

A busy mum of three! Emma is pictured with her three little ones - all under two - and her husband

Mom of three, Emma is busy! Emma with her three young children (all under 2 years) and husband.

She stated, “At first I assumed that it was only one baby.

“Early in my pregnancy, I began bleeding. I was told by the doctors that I’d had a miscarriage.

“I was concerned that my condition would not worsen and I should be able to go back home.

“But they said that I did not have just one healthy foetus but two!” 

'Miracle' twins Noah and Arthur are pictured in adorable green striped onesies - with only a year separating them and their big sister

Arthur and Noah the “Miracle” twins are seen here in their adorable, green-striped oneies. Only a year has separated them from their big sister.

Delighted! Baby Noah is pictured. The twins are now nine months with their parents keeping very busy looking after them

Delighted! Photo of baby Noah Now, the twins are nine months and their parents have been very busy caring for them. 

Emma claims Jamie believed Emma when Jamie first heard her tell him. 

“Because of coronavirus he was not allowed to enter the doctors with us.

“I was stunned and overwhelmed to learn that I had twins. At first, I thought I had lost one of my babies.

He tried to console me and said we could always try again.

Double trouble! The twins arrived just a year and two days after their mother welcomed their big sister

Double trouble! Two days and one year after the birth of their big sister, twins were born.

He thought that I was making fun of him when I explained it was twins.

Jamie and Emma don’t currently have plans for any additional children.

She stated, “It is really mad to have three children under 2 years old.”

“It’s incredible, but hard work.

“We feel very lucky to have 3 healthy children. I’m so thankful and happy.”