Beryl Isaac, 102, was being cared for by her grandniece's close friend Yasmin Pugh, 31, who stole thousands of pounds worth of jewlerry from her

Beryl Isaac was 102 when she was cared for in the home of Yasmin, her 31-year-old grandniece, who had taken thousands of pounds’ worth of jewlery from her.

A woman was left devastated after she discovered the best friend she hired to care for her 102-year-old great aunt stole £16,000 of jewellery from the blind OAP.

Sara Otter, 33, hired Yasmin Pugh, 31, to care for disabled Beryl Isaac in Llanelli, Wales.

However, the burglar stole Beryl’s jewellery box. He also took engagement and marriage rings as well as a sentimental locket that contained photos of Sara’s deceased brother.

Pugh was also able to pocket money from Sara, Sara’s 5-year-old niece’s piggy account. All the while, he was being paid for his care of the elderly centenarian.

She even comforted Sara’s sobbing mum, Lynne Reed, 62, reassuring her the jewellery would turn up, after the family noticed it was missing, they said. 

Sara stated that Pugh was the victim of the theft. Some of the stolen items were traced to a shop selling gold, but most of the jewelry was not recovered. 

Sara from Llanelli in Carmarthenshire (Wales), is a full-time caregiver.

Pugh pleaded guilty to a single count of theft and was given a 16-month suspended prison sentence at Swansea Crown Court

Pugh, who pleaded guilty on a single charge of theft, was sentenced to 16 months in Swansea Crown Court.

Sara Otter, 33, (right) hired Yasmin Pugh, 31, (left) to care from disabled Beryl Isaac in Llanelli, Wales

Sara Otter (33) hired Yasmin (31), (left) for Beryl Isaac’s care in Llanelli.

“The more things we began to look for, the more things we saw were missing. However, when she denied it at first, I was convinced that she believed me.”

It’s not all about the money – although she was aware of how important these items are to her, she did not care.

“The worst part is that my great aunt wasn’t aware of what was going on behind-the scenes. Therefore, we had to lie about Yasmin’s departure to her.

“I am absolutely devastated. Not only have we lost irreplaceable family jewels, but someone who I considered a friend was also stealing my trust.

The thief raided Beryl's jewellery box and made off with engagement and wedding rings, and a sentimental locket containing photos of Sara's late brother

Beryl’s jewelry box was raided by the thief who stole engagement and wedding rings as well as a sentimental locket with photos of Sara’s brother.

Cash worth £50 was also missing from Sara's five-year-old niece's piggy bank as well as more than £200 in gift cards that had been stashed in a drawer

Cash worth £50 was also missing from Sara’s five-year-old niece’s piggy bank as well as more than £200 in gift cards that had been stashed in a drawer

Pugh pleaded guilty in one count of theft. He was sent to Swansea Crown Court for a 16 month suspended sentence. 

Sara first met Yasmin at work, but lost contact with them soon after. They reconnected quickly when Sara returned to Llanelli on February 2.

Sara offered to help her, as she claimed that Beryl had no work and was unable to afford rent. Sara hired Beryl to care for her for a few days each week.

Yasmin started June. Beryl quickly became fond of Yasmin.

Lynne, Sara’s mother, quickly went out to find jewellery for her daughter’s wedding. She was shocked to discover that both her wedding rings and the engagement rings she had purchased were not there.

She searched the house and discovered that all the boxes with family jewel were empty. This included seven bracelets in gold, an 18-carat pocket watch, and a locket containing photographs of Sara’s grandmother and brother.

Sara said: 'We know we won't get the items back so we are devastated. I'm normally a good judge of character but she had me fooled. I'm dumbfounded by it all. We're heartbroken'

Sara stated that she knew we wouldn’t be able to get the items back, so it was a devastating loss. Although I am a decent judge of character, she fooled me. This is all completely mind-boggling to me. We’re heartbroken’

Cash worth £50 was also missing from Sara’s five-year-old niece’s piggy bank as well as more than £200 in gift cards that had been stashed in a drawer.

Sara replied, “Mum called me asking if they had been borrowed.”

“Although we thought Yasmin might be to blame, it was completely dismissed by me.

I was determined that it wouldn’t be her.

“She was close to me and I’d be kind enough to offer her a job when it was needed.

“I could not believe that a woman, who has eaten from my table before, would give it back to me.”

Sara was not willing to believe that it wasn’t true. Sara recalls seeing Yasmin running out of the bedroom in her niece’s bed when Sara visited her mother.

Pugh was arrested on August 2 after police traced receipts at a local pawn shop showing Yasmin had sold jewellery to the value of £571.

Yasmin confessed after initially denying any wrongdoing.

Some belongings were found and returned to their family, including the precious locket. However, the thief stole the valuable photographs inside.

More than £15,200 worth of stolen items were never found.

Sara commented, “It was mind blowing how much had been betrayed. 

She had just been at the secret pawn shop hours prior to coming to my aid.

“My mother had wept on her shoulders when she realized the jewellery had gone missing. Yasmin consoled her and said, ‘Don’t worry, they’ll turn up.

“When I asked her about the missing items she suggested that they had been misplaced by my mother.”

Sara said: 'It was mind-blowing how much we had been betrayed. She had come to me to help walk the dogs having been to the pawn shop in secret just hours earlier'

Sara said, “It’s mind-blowing to see how much we had been trampled.” After going to the Pawn Shop in secret hours prior, she had just come to me to walk the dogs.

Yasmin was given a £250 fine, 200 hours of unpaid work and a mandatory rehabilitation course on Wednesday.

Sara said, “It is disgusting that Yasmin could be sneaking about stealing items while Beryl wasn’t there.”

“Yasmin, one of my closest friends, knew how important that jewelry meant to us. So what she did is absolutely devastating.”

Sara explained that Yasmin’s departure has made it difficult for the family to trust someone else in the caregiving role. Sara was forced to quit her job as a result and became Beryl’s full-time caregiver.

Sara told how since Yasmin left, the family has no longer been able to trust anyone else to take on the role, meaning Sara had to leave her job to become Beryl's full-time carer

Sara explained that Yasmin’s departure has made it difficult for the family to trust someone else in the caregiving role. Sara was forced to quit her job as a full-time caregiver to Beryl.

Each door has been secured by the family.

Sara explained that she was devastated because they won’t be able to get their items back.

“She had a situation of trust, and she took advantage. 

She lied to me that I was a normal judge of character.

“She didn’t know how precious these items were for us, but she did not care.

“I am dumbfounded by all of it.”

‘We’re heartbroken.’