For the annual Lingerie Fighting Championship, 14 women donned lace teddies, sparkly pasties and fishnets for Halloween.

The series of mixed martial arts matches saw the women display their bodies and training in mixed martial arts in the series. It took place at the FSW Arena in Las Vegas on Sunday, October 31st. 

Although the event has been controversial in the past, there are many other aspects to the sport. Shaun Donnelly, founder and CEO of LFC.    

14 women stripped down to their underwear and faced off in a series of wrestling matches on Sunday, October 31 at the FSW Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada

14 women stripped to their underwear and took part in a series wrestling matches at the FSW Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada.

In the first match, Sheena Bathory (on top) took on Shay Lynn (on bottom)

In the first match, Sheena bathory (on top), took on Shay Lynn.

Sheena is described on the LFC website as wanting 'to destroy whatever or whoever gets in her way,' and she was the one who came out on top

According to the LFC website, Sheena said that she wanted to ‘destroy whatever or whoever gets in the way of her’ and she was the one who won.

In 2016, he stated, “The girls must be capable of moving in the cage and protecting themselves,” Although LFC isn’t as brutal as UFC, there are still black eyes and split lips.

“Ultimately, some contestants may be lingerie models so they don’t want to ruin their looks by beating each others to pulps.”

The fighters were not dressed for the matches and used Muay Thailand, which is a form of martial arts that includes stand up striking and clinching techniques.  

Shay Lynn defeated Sheena bathory, also known by the Hungarian Hurricane. 

The second fight saw Lauren Ceccarelli (in front) defeat Veronica Payne (behind) in a nasty battle

Lauren Ceccarelli (infront) defeated Veronica Payne, (behind), in a nasty fight.

Lauren grew up practicing ballet and later joined the Marine Corps, where she developed a taste for aggression and discipline. As for Veronica, she is from Boston and now works as a stunt woman in Hollywood

Lauren was raised dancing ballet, and she later joined the Marine Corps where she developed a love for discipline and aggression. Veronica is a Hollywood stunt woman. She hails from Boston.

Shay was known for wearing fishnet tights and a bodysuit made of leather. She is not afraid to perform in almost nothing. She is best known as Miss Nude World Entertainer of the year, Miss Exotic United States, and a former Playboy Playmate.

It was Sheena, however, who won the match. This should not be surprising. In her bio on the LFC website, Sheena is described as wanting ‘to destroy whatever or whoever gets in her way.’

Lauren Ceccarelli defeated Veronica Payne in a brutal fight. 

Lauren was raised dancing ballet and developed a taste of aggression and discipline when she joined Marine Corps. 

Next up, Teri London (pictured) fought JoJo Hamner. Teri, who used to work at Disney World as a dancer, won that round

Next up was Teri London (pictured), who fought JoJo Hammerner. Teri, a former Disney World dancer, won this round

After that, Bella Ink (behind) defeated Veronika Valentine (in front)

 After that, Bella Ink (behind) defeated Veronika Valentine (in front)

Bella is most known for training with the legendary Dan Severn. As for Veronika, she trained as a boxer before switching to LFC

Bella is best known for her training with Dan Severn. Veronika was a boxer before she switched to LFC.

The former dancer opted for a green lace teddy with fishnets and didn’t hesitate to take on Veronica, a stunt woman. 

Lauren stood out in the green, but Veronica embraced her animal side by wearing a leopard bra with black underwear. 

Several of the women in the group have backgrounds in dance, including TeriLondon and JoJo Hamner.   

Teri, a former Disney World dancer, won this round. However, JoJo put up quite a fight. 

Next in the ring, Lauren Fogle (left) won against MJ Domino (right) in an epic showdown

Lauren Fogle (left) was next in the ring against MJ domino (right) in an epic matchup

When T'Bella Madisyn (underneath) went against Bella Rockafella (on top), things got messy. In the end, T'Bella, who trained in kickboxing and taekwondo from an early age, won that one

Things got messy when T’Bella Madisyn (underneath), went against Bella Rockafella. T’Bella, a kickboxer and taekwondo instructor from an early age won the fight. 

JoJo may appear to belong on “Dancing With the Stars”, but she is more than happy to ‘tear a rival to pieces,’ according the LFC website.

Bella Ink wore one the most daring outfits on the night, wearing nothing but cartoon-inspired nipple pasteies, red faux leather booty pants, and red fishnets.  

She is best known for training with the legendary MMA fighter Dan Severn, while her opponent Veronika Valentine trained as a boxer before switching to LFC. 

Bella did not hesitate to throw Veronika on her shoulder before taking the victory.   

Lauren Fogle defeated MJ Domino in a thrilling showdown to win the ring. Lauren wore a red leather suit while MJ Domino wore a matching black lingerie set.

Last but not least, La Scorpia (on top) defeated Vulcana via Decision (laying down) and became the new champion

Last but not the least, La Scorpia (on the top) defeated Vulcana via Decision. (laying down) and became a new champion

La Scorpia is known for owning her very own wrestling school in Los Angeles

La Scorpia, a famous Los Angeles wrestler, owns her own school.

The annual event concluded with the main event, a scrappy showdown between T’Bella Madisyn and Bella Rockafella. 

Bella won the fight, but T’Bella, who began training in kickboxing, taekwondo, and taekwondo early, was able to win. 

And last but not least, La Scorpia defeated Vulcana via decision in the final round and became the new champion.

La Scorpia wore a pink leather outfit and fishnet tights. She also owns her own wrestling school in Los Angeles.

The LFC website stated that “She is front-and-center in bringing next generation fighters to the forefront, giving her an incredible amount knowledge and energy to the sport,”