Women’s Aid turned down a gift from a Baptist minister after using Track and Trace for a creepy text message to a woman who visited his bar.   

The Rev James Karran, 40, messaged the woman saying she did not need to wear a mask because she had ‘a super pretty face’ after spotting her at his bar, the St Canna’s Alehouse in Cardiff.  

Rev Karran later apologized for the unsolicited message and got Rev Karran’s number. She used the number to check in at the venue with Track and Trace.       

He originally pledged to help the Welsh Women’s Aid throughout the New Year, but now charity chiefs say accepting donations would be inappropriate.

The Rev James Karran, 40, (pictured) was called 'creepy' after he used his position as a pub landlord to message a woman whose number he got from her Track and Trace form

After using his status as a pub landlord, the Rev James Karran (pictured), was nicknamed ‘creepy’ because he messaged a woman’s number from her Track and Trace.

The 26-year-old woman gave her Track and Trace details when she called in for a drink at the fashionable St Canna's Alehouse pub, run by Rev Karran

When Rev Karran called her for a drink at St Canna’s Alehouse, a trendy pub run by Rev Karran, the 26-year old woman provided Track and Trace information

Karran had vowed to support the Welsh Women's Aid through the New Year - but the charity has now said accepting any donation would be 'inappropriate'

Karran had pledged support to the Welsh Women’s Aid for the New Year. But the charity says that accepting any donations is ‘inappropriate’

Women’s Aid spokeswoman said that there was no communication between the person or establishment and Cardiff Women’s Aid. They provide support for victims and survivors at the front line.

“We find the incident of sexual harassment reported and the violation by data protection extremely troubling and we are disappointed and hollowed out that a public apology was not made to the victim.

“As a consequence, we feel accepting such donations – if they were made – would be inappropriate at the moment.   

Karran had sent the woman a message: “Just to let you know that you’re super beautiful, so you can’t wear a face mask at the bar.” Everybody else has to wear one. 

A backlash was also received by the boyfriend of the customer, who stated: “Let’s face, he is not a Saint.”

She was “fearful and anxious about her safety” after her boyfriend gave her the Track and Trace form at the Cardiff pub.

He stated, “She entered this establishment and filled out the Track and Trace form without even thinking about it.”

“She ordered a drink from the bar, but James the owner told her she needed to take off the mask because he could not hear her. Only for James to examine her face.

“He stole her Track and Trace information and sent her an illegal message.  

The Baptist minister started the pub (pictured) four years ago. After the incident the pub, which is still run by Rev Karran, said:  'We will be launching a series of positive initiatives aimed at re-establishing our reputation for safety and welcome to all'

It was established by Rev Karran, a Baptist minister four years back. After the incident the pub, which is still run by Rev Karran, said:  ‘We will be launching a series of positive initiatives aimed at re-establishing our reputation for safety and welcome to all’

When he was confronted by the woman's boyfriend he apologised and asked him not to take the issue further

After being confronted, he apologized and asked the man not to continue the conversation.

Information Commissioner’s Office is investigating the incident.

A spokesperson for the ICO said that she was aware of the incident, and would assess all available information.

“People can go out to have a meal, or to have a drink with no fear. They don’t have the right of being called or texted by anyone. It is unacceptable and we will not tolerate any complaint. 

St Canna’s Alehouse was opened by Rev Karran, who named it after the Welsh saint. It is a place “where people can actually enjoy the ales instead of just downing them.”

While he was running Llan, a local church community, he set it up.

The landlord appealed to the boyfriend of the woman not to escalate the situation.

His deepest regrets were expressed by him. There is no excuse. I am so sorry that this happened to your and your girlfriend. It will not happen again. However, I can ask you if it is okay to continue. I really regret it.

Later Rev Karran apologised to his loyal customers for the alehouse’s letting him down.

He stated that he was so sorry about what had happened. I apologized to him and for the loss of St Canna’s community.

“We can’t change the past. It would be nice if I could. People will see that we’re taking positive steps. Although it doesn’t correct the past, our goal is to make a difference in the local area. 

Customers branded the landlord creepy and pathetic after he publicly apologized.

One woman wrote online: ‘I’ve driven past your little bar so many times & was going to come down with my friends before Xmas. 

“No way will we ever darken your doors.” This is a completely unacceptable way of treating a young lady. When apologizing, you mean “sorry”!

The 40-year-old later apologised to his customers but was berated by many for not saying sorry sooner

After apologizing to customers, the 40 year-old was criticised by many for his inability to apologize sooner.


Four years ago, he stated that he was a Baptist Minister and had always felt the strong urge to connect people. 

“It seems to me that this might be the biggest problem in our current society. It’s great to follow each other on Twitter, but we struggle with looking at each other and engaging in conversation.

“I’m going to get down to the basics.” You don’t have to do anything but log on for a bit and drink some beer somewhere you feel welcome.

According to the pub, it stated that St. Canna’s is known worldwide as a safe and secure place, although this image has been tarnished recently.

“To build and improve our future, we’ll be launching several positive initiatives to restore safety and openness for all.

These will include becoming an accredited member of the Good Night Out Campaign, implementing a “safer space” policy and overhauling our business processes around the prevention and management of Covid. We also support Women’s Aid through 2022. This includes donating one Saturday night’s worth.

“We cannot alter the past. But we hope the people of the community will be able to see what we did and support our small business while it serves its purpose in the local area.