Prince Charles will tell delegates at the opening of COP26 in Glasgow that the World must be on a ‘warlike footing’ to combat Climate Change.

  • Prince Charles will argue  ‘war-like footing’ is needed to tackle the climate crisis
  • The Prince of Wales will speak at the opening ceremony of the COP26 summit
  •  Royal is expected to stress urgency of dealing with the climate crisis in speech

The Prince of Wales will argue that aTo tackle the climate crisis, a ‘war-like footing is requiredas he opens the COP26 summit in Glasgow.

The royal will address the conference’s opening ceremony on Monday. He is expected call for a “vast military-style campaign” to address urgent environmental concerns. 

He is expected to emphasize the urgency of addressing the climate crisis by saying: “We have to place ourselves on what might possibly be called a warlike footing.”

The prince will continue to exhort leaders around the world to work with business to address the climate issues facing the world.

Prince Charles will argue that a 'war-like footing' is needed to tackle the climate crisis during his speech at COP26

Prince Charles will make the case that a ‘warlike footing is required to address climate crisis in his speech to COP26

He is expected to state: “We need a massive military-style campaign in order to marshal the strength and the global private sector. It has trillions at its disposal.

Earlier today Prince Charles spoke out in a passionate plea to stop climate change, urging ‘generations yet to be born’. This was just before the Cop26 summit.

In rare political intervention, the heir of the throne said that it was impossible not to hear the voices of young people pleading for action.

He said that the summit in Glasgow was the ‘last chance saloon’ to reduce global warming.

The Prince of Wales, speaking at the G20 summit held in Rome, also called for trillions to be invested by companies into new technology. 

He made the most severe warning yet about climate change by telling world leaders: ‘Ladies, gentlemen, Cop26 starts in Glasgow tomorrow.

“It is the last-chance saloon. Now, we must translate fine words into even finer actions.

“As the magnitude of the climate crisis dominates conversations and the future of mankind and nature are at stake, it’s time to put aside our differences and seize this unique opportunity to create a substantial green recovery and place the global economy on a sustainable, confident trajectory. This will save our planet.

He added: ‘The planet’s health today will dictate the health, happiness and economic prosperity of generations to come – hence our overwhelming responsibility to generations yet unborn. 

“It is also impossible to ignore the despairing voices of young people, who see you as the stewards for the planet, holding the viability and future of their children in your hands.

The Prince of Wales  (pictured with British Ambassador to Italy Jill Morris) will speak at the opening ceremony of the COP26 summit in Glasgow tomorrow

The Prince of Wales  (pictured with British Ambassador to Italy Jill Morris) will speak at the opening ceremony of the COP26 summit in Glasgow tomorrow 

The royal is expected to call for a 'vast military-style campaign' to address urgent environmental issues

The royal is expected calling for a ‘vast, military-style campaign’ in order to address urgent environmental issues

Prince Charles informed the politicians that he was ‘eager to work with them’ and’ready and able to play an enormously important and game-changing position’.

He stated that major issues can be solved only if there’s a closer partnership between the Government, multilateral banks, the private sectors, and investors. 

He called for trillions of dollars in investment and said that leaders must give guarantees to businesses before they invest in technology.

He stated that despite having spent almost 50 years trying to raise awareness for the crisis, he is finally starting to see a shift in attitudes as well as the build-up positive momentum.  

Prince Charles is expected to welcome the leaders of COP26 to Glasgow on Monday. The Queen was supposed to attend, but her doctors have advised her to rest. 

Charles will then attend the launch by fashion industry leaders of a new digital marker to measure sustainability after his speech.