Unlucky Bride has spoken out about the disastrous wedding. She revealed that she fell on her husband during the ceremony and was then pooped by her nephew.    

Hollee Lynnea Kolenda Darnell (22) is originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota. They were married in an outdoor ceremony held in Florida.

It started off beautifully but then things began to go south. She suddenly became ill and lost consciousness as the pastor read them their vows.

The moment was captured by her and she shared it via TikTok. It quickly became viral, with more than 3 million views within days.

A bride just revealed that she passed out in the middle of her vows - and then got pooped on by her baby nephew as she was vomiting

Just recently, a bride revealed to us that she had passed out during her vows and was then pooped by her nephew.

Hollee Lynnea-Kolenda Darnell may have had the worst wedding ever. Not only did she faint in the middle of it, but she then got feces on her dress

Hollee Lynnea–Kolenda darnell had possibly the most horrible wedding. She not only fainted during the ceremony, but also got her feces all over her gown.

She captured the moment and shared it to TikTok, where it quickly went viral - gaining more than three million views in a matter of days

She took a photo of the moment, and then shared it with TikTok. The video quickly gained more than three millions views in just a few days.

The day started out beautifully, but things started to turn south when she suddenly got sick and lost consciousness.

In the video, she and her new hubby could be seen standing together in a gazebo as a pastor read them their vows. Suddenly, Hollee fell into the grooms arms

As a pastor reads their vows, Hollee was seen with her new husband in the video. Hollee was suddenly able to fall into the arms of her groom.

Disaster: And things only got worse after that. While she was throwing up, her baby nephew pooped and it fell onto her beautiful wedding gown

The disaster: It got worse. While she was throwing it all out, her newborn nephew vomited and it fell onto her gorgeous wedding gown

The video shows Hollee and her husband standing in a gazebo together. She was wearing a white long gown while he wore his suit. Hollee was instantly taken into the arms of her groom.

“Are your okay?” He could hear her asking as she approached.

She shrugged and moved over to the edge, where she began throwing up. 

‘I kept trying to tell my husband I didn’t feel good and he thought I was joking,’ she captioned the now-viral clip.

Things got even worse from there. The new bride wrote that her baby nephew had poop on her dress while she was peeing. 

Hollee also explained in another video that she had been dehydrated because she didn’t drink enough or eat enough throughout the day.

She added, “It also happened to be Florida and the heat was unbearable that day.” It was hot and we were so hot that it made us drenched.

“I also have a tendency to pass out. My doctor has told me that I have low blood pressure, low iron and high blood sugar. It seems I was doomed right from the beginning.

It wasn’t like the bad, horrible throw up that I was experiencing.

Hollee explained that she was 'really dehydrated' because she hadn't drank or eaten much that day, and said she has 'low blood pressure and low iron' so she's 'prone to passing out'

Hollee said that she had been drinking and eating very little that day and that this made her’really thirsty’. She also explained that she is prone to pass out because of low blood pressure and iron.

Hollee said they had already gotten married in a courthouse a few hours earlier, and that this was just a small celebration they were having with their family and friends at a winery

The couple jetted off to New York City right after, and luckily, Hollee was able to get the dress cleaned in time so she could wear it in the Big Apple for some beautiful wedding photos

Hollee claimed that Hollee and her husband had just got married in court a couple hours prior and that it was only a small party they were hosting at a winery with their friends and family.

Looking on the bright side! She joked: 'Now I have a story to tell at my nephew’s wedding someday'

Look at the positive side. She joked: ‘Now I have a story to tell at my nephew’s wedding someday’

“My baby nephew was poopy because my sister kept a fan. So she brought the fan over to me. I was able to see the urine running down my arm.

This wasn’t the only wedding they had. Hollee said that the couple had been married at a courthouse just hours before and this celebration was just for their friends and family. 

She also said that they will soon be hosting a bigger celebration. 

“It wasn’t a big deal since we had already completed our ceremony,” she said. “We also plan to hold another larger wedding… Don’t worry. I’ll redo it, and hopefully won’t go insane. 

After their wedding, the couple flew to New York City to celebrate. Hollee managed to clean the gown in time to be able to wear it there to capture beautiful photos.

‘Now I have a story to tell at my nephew’s wedding someday,’ she concluded.