The World Pro Class Wrestling ban has now been lifted on a crazy wrestler who ripped a referee’s skull with a spike after losing a World Pro Class Wrestling match. 

Devon Nicholson was defeated by Carlito on Saturday in Irving Texas. He wrestles under both the Hannibal name and Blood Hunter.

Nicholson (39) then turned his anger on Lando Deloro. He grabbed him by the head and carved his skull with a metal spike.

Seven staples were required to seal the wounds of the bloody referee.

Shocking video footage captured the moment indie wrestler Devon Nicholson, or Hannibal, was captured pinning down referee Lando Deltoro the ground

Indie wrestler Devon Nicholson or Hannibal was caught on shocking video footage pinning Lando Deloro down to the floor.

Nicholson put Deltoro in a chokehold and grabbed a sharp spike which he then plunged into the referee's forehead multiple times

Nicholson placed Deltoro into a chokehold, and he grabbed a spike that he then plunged several times into the forehead of the referee.

Spectators watched in horror as Nicholson continued to squeeze the helpless referee in his arms as blood oozed down the front of his face

The horror of Nicholson’s actions as he squeezed the helpless referee into his arms, as the blood trickled down his forehead, shocked the spectators.

Canadian-born wrestler, and YouTube star, claimed that the ref was “hired to Bleed” during World Class Revolution’s Christmas Star Wars celebration.

The referee should have bled from the razor blades. Nicholson (who has over 300,000. subscribers) said that I think he did actually cut himself using the razor blades. 

The wild scene as Deltoro was sliced to pieces by the wrestler at 280 pounds captured on video.

Horror-stricken observers yelled “Get off him!” As Deltoro was held in Nicholson’s grip, observers watched.

Nicholson repeatedly inserted the pointed object into Deltoro, as blood began to ooze down his front.

A female wrestler then climbed onto the mat to pry Nicholson off Deltoro before a male spectator grabbed Deltoro by the legs and pulled him out of the ring. 

A female wrestler jumped onto the mat to pry Nicholson off of Deltoro

Deltoro was purged by Nicholson when a woman wrestler took to the mat. 

After a male spectator pulled Deltoro off the ring, Nicholson clobbered him over the head with his wrestling belt

A male witness pulled Deltoro out of the ring. Nicholson then clobbered Deltoro with his belt. 

Nicholson then picked the spectator up and began to punch him

Nicholson picked up the spectator, and began punching him

The wrestler the grabbed him and chucked him full force into a metal barrier

He was grabbed by the wrestler who chucked him into a steel barrier. 

Nicholson raises his arms in 'victory' despite being banned from future wrestling events

Nicholson lifts his arms to celebrate victory, despite having been banned from any future events. 

Nicholson didn’t stop there. A belt was then pulled at the witness who had been helping Deltoro.

As Nicholson began to punch him, the spectator can be heard crying out for help.

Nicholson grabbed Nicholson and shoved him against the metal barrier, before any security officers could reach him. 

At the moment, it is not clear in what state he may be. 

However, it is unclear if Nicholson faces any criminal charges in relation to the attack on Deltoro and/or the spectator. 

Deltoro posted a statement on Twitter to give an update on his recovery progress.

“Recovery at home is still difficult and there are lots of painful feelings. But I’ll live. Thank you for all your support and love. He said that I believe in #downbutnotout.

A Go Fund Me page was created by Deltoro's friend Kelsie Gibson to raise money for his medical expenses with a $10,000 goal

Deltoro’s friend Kelsie Gibbons created a Go Fund Me page to help raise funds for his medical bills. The goal is $10,000

Deltoro posted an update of his recovery on social media after he went to the hospital for a torn artery and received seven staples

After undergoing surgery to repair a ruptured artery, Deltoro shared an update on his progress via social media. He also received seven staples.

Kelsie Gibson, Deltoro’s friend, has set up a GoFundMe page to help him raise money for medical bills. The goal is $10,000 

“World Class Pro Wrestling, going forward… will not be associated avec Devon Nicholson…in any way shape, form, or fashion,” Jerry Bostic said Monday.  

“I can’t, and will not condone the events of last night. I didn’t see the actual incident. I didn’t see anything until I came out and Lando was laying on the ground and it was one of the most horrifying things I’ve ever seen.’

He said that Nicholson was responsible for the stunt and the match had not planned it.

He said, “Someone started a business and went too far. Someone could have lost his life as a result.”

‘I did not know what was going to happen in that match, but I’m not a fan of hardcore wrestling and I trusted that to be taken care of through other channels and that is my fault for trusting, number one. Devon was the second to prove that he couldn’t be trusted in this situation. 

Nicholson responded to a YouTube question claiming that he decided to terminate the relationship with the wrestling company. 

The attack was described as a “stunt” and Deltoro had been hired to bleed.   

He said that there was no evidence to him — and anyone can view the video — that he wasn’t selling the ring or had been hurt.

He claimed that he didn’t think he was hurting Deltoro in the attack, as he believed he had covered the tip with his hand.   

He said, “If he had informed me that he was getting hurt, I would have stopped,” he continued. 

Nicholson said that he also apologized to Deltoro, with the referee saying they were “cool.”  

Nicholson stated, “He knows I don’t mean hurt him,”

Jerry Bostic, the CEO of World Pro Class Wrestling, has said that the organization will no longer be associated with Nicholson and the attack had been solely planned by him

Jerry Bostic, the CEO of World Pro Class Wrestling, has said that the organization will no longer be associated with Nicholson and the attack had been solely planned by him

Nicholson (left) has since published his own video and claimed it was a 'stunt' and that he had apologized to Deltoro since the incident

Nicholson (left), has now published his video, claiming it was a stunt and that he had since apologized to Deltoro.

 Wrestling fans and social media commenters alike have since been left horrified over Nicholson’s actions. 

After watching the video, and reading the personal accounts of Hannibal, I had lost all respect. Mark Wrenn stated that Hannibal cannot be trusted with other talents’ lives.

‘Wth? According to GamesWithTheOne, the dude tried almost to kill someone. 

According to Mr. Dunkus, “Hannibal never was all-there in mental terms.” It doesn’t surprise me,” Mr. Dunkus stated.

Nicholson was an accomplished amateur wrestler who served as an alternate to the Canadian Olympic team in London 2012 Olympics. 

In 2014, Nicholson won a $2.3 million lawsuit against Abdullah the Butcher in  Ontario Superior Court of Justice after suing the wrestler for infecting him with Hepatitis C during a match. 

Wrestling fans and social media commenters were also left horrified by the event

The event also shocked social media commenters and wrestling fans.