Andrew Gale, Yorkshire’s head coach has been suspended in the wake of an investigation into anti-Semitic comments. Martyn Moxon, director of cricket is also absent due to stress-related illness. The club was embroiled with race scandals.

  • Andrew Gale was accused of posting anti-Semitic Tweets as head coach
  • He allegedly called then Leeds United head of media Paul Dews a ‘y**’
  • Azeem Rafiq reached a £200,000 settlement after accusing the club of racism
  • Martyn Mxon and Mark Arthur, chief executive of MartynMoxon have been asked to resign. 

After an antisemitic historic tweet was posted, Andrew Gale, coach of the Yorkshire Racism Team, was fired Tuesday night.

Gale will be subject to disciplinary proceedings after it emerged that he tweeted the message, which contained the words “button it,” while he was captain of crisis-hit Leeds United in 2010, during an exchange between Paul Dews (then Leeds United’s head of media)

Martyn Moxion, the director of cricket, is also at the heart of the accusations of institutionalised racism levelled by Azeem Rafiq. 

Yorkshire head coach Andrew Gale has been accused of sending an anti-Semitic tweet

Andrew Gale, head coach of Yorkshire, has been accused by a tweet that was anti-Semitic

Gale was suspended on Monday, following Lord Kamlesh Ptel’s Monday pledge to ensure Yorkshire is a “club for everyone”. 

Gale told the Jewish News last Wednesday that he had tweeted the message during a discussion about football, though he claimed he didn’t know the offending nature of the term.

Gale said that Paul called her within a matter of minutes and explained what the term meant and why it was so offensive to Jews. 

I was unaware of the meaning and took down the post right away. Yorkshire announced suspension of the team in an announcement that they claimed was their first of regular updates on issues surrounding the club. 

Rafiq asked Moxon in Monday’s statement to resign along with chief executive Mark Arthur.

Following a scandal at one of England’s finest counties, MPS has called the ex-england batter to provide evidence.

Yorkshire said that it had submitted the controversial Rafiq report to Julian Knight as chair of their committee. On Tuesday, they followed this up by sending a second copy to the select Committee.

Azeem Rafiq reached a £200,000 settlement after accusing the club of racism

Azeem Rafiq reached a £200,000 settlement after accusing the club of racism 

After talks held in Lahore, between Tom Harrison (ECB chief executive) and Ramiz Raja (PCB chair), England will be playing two extra Twenty20 internationals against Pakistan in 2019.

Seven T20 matches will be played on their white-ball leg next September/October, before England returns to Pakistan in November/December for three Tests.

The ECB received a lot of criticism after pulling England out of their goodwill’ trip to Pakistan last week. They were supposed to be playing the T20 matches.