Amanda Owen, the star of Yorkshire Farm, revealed that she is not a romantic type in an interview shortly after Clive confirmed that they are going though a ‘rocky time’. 

Clive Owen (66), the husband of 47-year-old mother-of-9, released a joint statement last Thursday stating that “like any marriage, there are our stresses and strains” but adding that they always wanted to show the real life on the farm through their TV shows, book deals, and other media. 

However, speaking in an interview before the revelation, Amanda spoke candidly on how ‘romance’ is not in her and Clive’s ‘make-up.’

The shepherdess answered OK! when asked if she and her husband were romantic. magazine: ‘I don’t think either of you are! It’s not in our makeup, I don’t believe.

Our Yorkshire Farm star Amanda Owen, 47, has revealed that she and her husband Clive, 66, are not the romantic types in an interview shortly before the couple confirmed they are going through a 'rocky patch.'

Amanda Owen, 47, star of Our Yorkshire Farm, revealed that she and Clive, 66 were not romantic in an interview just before they confirmed that they are going through a “rocky patch”.

Amanda, 47, live on Ravenseat Farm in Yorkshire with her husband Clive Owen, 67. Pictured left to right: Annas, seven, Violet, 10, Edith, 12, Raven, 20, Amanda with Nancy, four, Clive with Clemmie, five, Reuben, 17, Miles, 14 and Sidney, eight. Pictured: The family are in front of The Fires, where Amanda is believed to be staying

Amanda, 47, and her husband Clive Owen,67, live on Ravenseat Farm in Yorkshire. From left to right: Annas (7 years old), Violet (10 years), Edith (12 years), Raven (20 Years), Amanda (4 years), Clive (with Clemmie) (5, Reuben (17, Miles 14 and Sidney (8). Pictured: Amanda and her family are seen standing in front of The Fires. 

The shepherdess then revealed the secret to her 21-year marriage. 

She said, “Everything we do can be interchangeable.” ‘Clive will serve afternoon tea and change nappies, I’ll shear sheep and shovel s**t. It doesn’t matter who does what, we’re all on the same side.’ 

Amanda praised Clive for being a ‘hands-on’ dad, adding that ‘at certain times of year, it’s all hands on deck and all tasks on the farm are interchangeable.

There’s no one hat for any one person and I think that’s a great life lesson.’ 

Full house! The writer, 46, and her husband Clive, 67, share Raven, 20, Reuben, 17, Miles, 15, Edith, 12, Violet, ten, Sidney, nine, Annas, seven, Clementine, five, and four-year-old Nancy

Full house! The 46-year-old writer and her husband Clive (67) share Raven, 20, Miles, 17, Miles 15, Edith, 12, Violet and Sidney, respectively. Clementine is five years old, while Annas is seven years.

The mother-of-9 was also quizzed about a comment she made previously about never saying never to having another child. 

Speaking on whether that’s still the case, she continued: ‘I don’t know! If anyone knows anything it’s honestly that I have not got a plan. I plan for today and maybe tomorrow and that’s where it stops.

We all need to give ourselves a break when it is time to parent. As long as the kids are happy, well-fed and washed… that will do.’ 

MailOnline was informed last week by the couple’s neighbors that they had been living apart for months since she ‘got caught in the spotlight’ on her Channel 5 program.  

Amanda and Clive with Raven, 20, Reuben, 17, Miles, 15, Edith, 12, Violet, ten, Sidney, nine, Annas, seven, Clementine, five, and four-year-old Nancy

Clive and Amanda with Raven, 20, Miles, 15, Edith and Violet, 12, Sidney, 9, Annas, 7, Clementine, 5, and Nancy, four years old

The Firs: Amanda Owen is believed to be in her holiday home, The Firs. 

Amanda Owen’s website, The Yorkshire Shepherdess, offers a wonderful stay in the Dales in their holiday house.

The Firs, six-bedroom farmhouse with five acres of pasture and meadows, is located in the heart of the countryside.

It has two king-sized rooms, one double, one single, and a triple bunk.

It is accessible via a private road that leads to three gates. This road dates back to at most the seventeenth Century.

It features a number original features such as stone flagged floors, beamed ceilings and whitewashed walls.

It boasts a cozy living area with a fireplace, as well as a traditional farmhouse-style kitchen with a table for eight.

It also features a microwave and fridge freezer, toaster and utility room with washer/dryer, as well as a TV and sound bar in living room.

It does not have a phone line, so visitors are advised to drive 15 minutes to Kirkby Stephen in order to establish a connection.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the cottage is not available for booking.

The advertisement’s notice at the top states: ‘We aren’t taking bookings until further notice, and visits to Ravenseat have been postponed until spring.

Mr. and Mrs Owen also rent a shepherd’s house on their land, which is located near their farmyard.

According to the website, “In a sheltered setting by the river, it’s your opportunity to enjoy the stunning Swaledale country in traditional style.”

It also states that you can enjoy the beautiful scenery outside on warm summer evenings while relaxing by the river, while dipping your toes into the water. If it’s wild, wet or windy, you can stay inside the hut to keep warm and cozy by the wood-burning fireplace.

There is also no WIFI, internet access or phone signal available in the area. It is also restricted by the pandemic.

Amanda moved into their rental property just down the road from Ravenseat Farm, Swaledale, where Clive had been staying, the villagers reported.

After more than 21 years, the couple, known as “Kardashians” in the Countryside, are reportedly ‘fighting to save their marriage’.

Clive, who was 13 years married to another woman, is said to be ‘desperate to repair their relationship’ and ‘fears their marriage will end with divorce’. 

While it was thought they had just moved in together, their neighbors claim it was known months ago. Despite Yorkshire Shepherdess promoting her new book about family life, it is still a big deal.

Clive Owen and Amanda gave a joint statement to MailOnline.

“We are a normal couple, and we’ve never said that our marriage was perfect.

They also shared that they were going through some ‘rocky patches’ in their marriage.

Amanda is believed to have moved into their holiday home The Firs at the top of Upper Swaledale in a valley, surrounded by five acres meadows and pasture.

The cottage, which has six bedrooms, is accessible via a private road behind three gated entrances. It dates back at least to the seventeenth century.

It features a number original features such as stone flagged floors, beamed ceilings and whitewashed walls.

The couple rent Ravenseat Farm and its land from billionaire Robert Miller, who is the co-founder of DFS (Duty Free Shops) and is the father of Crown Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece, Princess Alexandra von Fürstenberg, and Pia Getty – the ‘it’ girls of the 1990s.

Amanda met her husband in 1996 when he was already divorced with two children, after she arrived at his farm as a 21-year-old trainee shepherdess.  

Amanda grew-up in a traditional three bedroom house with her parents, and one sibling, in the large market town Huddersfield. 

At 6ft 2in, the blonde was encouraged by her mother to follow the same career path, but she hated the clothes she had to wear and the make-up. 

She moved from her small-town life to work on farms across the country. But Ravenseat Farm was where she found her calling. 

In April, the sheepherder (pictured) blamed parents for today's 'snowflake' generation of children who cannot look after themselves

In April, the sheepherder (pictured), blamed parents for today’s’snowflake generation’ of children who can’t look after their own needs. 

Many of her children help on the farm when she is not at school.

“All family members must follow the same rules in order to make a big family successful,” Amanda said. Amanda explained to the Daily Mail that it is not about child labor – it is about pulling together in an article published in 2018. 

With the nearest shop so far away – and the risk during winter that they could be snowed in for weeks – the TV star buys food in bulk, and manages to feed her large family for just £130 a week.

Their water comes from the stream on the Moor and is free. They heat the house with a roaring fire that burns no matter the weather.