A 17-year old model drove in Mercedes to McDonald’s, buying 50 Big Macs to feed the homeless. She was blasted for her kind acts by the fans.

  • After being criticised over a video she made of herself donating food, the young model reacted strongly
  • Influencer shared video about her racketing up $322.50 by buying 50 Big Macs
  • McHappy day was her way of saying she’d ‘kill two birds with one stone,’ she said.
  • She donates $2 for every burger to charity and then gives burgers away to the homeless
  • Commenters accused her wasting food, and using charity work as content.
  • She claimed that video was intended to increase awareness and called hate comments “ridiculous”.

After receiving severe online backlash, a young model decided to respond. She filmed herself driving from her Mercedes to McDonald’s to purchase 50 Big Macs to help homeless shelters.

Sophia Begg (17), an Australian TikTok Influencer, shared a video in which she racked up $322.50 as she bought burgers for Will2live.

According to her, she is able to ‘kill two birds with one stone’ when she purchases McHappy Day’s burgers. This annual fundraising event sees $2 of every Big Mac sold go towards sick children and their families.

Commenters though accused her, claiming she was using charity work in order to attract followers. They also questioned why the money wasn’t donated to charity.

Australian TikTok influencer @sophadophaa filmed herself picking up Big Macs for the homeless charity Will2live on Saturday

@sophadophaa, an Australian TikTok influencer, filmed herself picking-up Big Macs on Saturday for Will2live.

One person stated that they should have donated money to Ronald McDonald House (McDonald’s partner charity).

“I’m not sure what giving away burgers for the homeless will accomplish.”  

Another asked, “Why would anyone document it and record the price?” Another asked.

Doing it because you have the clout. 

The influencer drove to McDonald's in her Mercedes to buy 50 Big Macs for a homeless shelter

Influencer drove her Mercedes to McDonald’s, to get 50 Big Macs and donate them to the homeless shelter.

On Sunday, she retorted in TikTok that the model was just sharing her charity work via social media to spread awareness about McHappy Day (Will2live)

“It is ridiculous to me that people hate me – they say “you are just doing TikTok for TikTok” or “you’re only doing this for content,” she stated. 

“I could have given directly, but my goal was to share McHappy Day with others.

“I thought that it would be wasteful of my platform to not share something similar to this which is so dear to my heart.” 

According to the influencer, she felt sick from all of the hate messages that her hate-video had received.

‘It’s ridiculous… She said, “I feel as if I have been getting so much hatred.” 

Ms. Begg also criticized a commenter for asking why she’d driven almost half an hour to McDonald’s. 

The commenter asked, “Anybody else asking why Maccas are an hour and twenty minutes from her?” ‘I swear that I would have been 20 at that moment.

Commenters accused the young model of using charity work to gain followers and questioned why she couldn't have just donated the money to charity

Commenters accused the model of using charity to attract followers. They also questioned her motives for not donating the funds to charity.

The model fired back at her critics in a TikTok video on Sunday, saying she only shared her charity work to raise awareness about homelessness and McHappy Day

On Sunday, she reacted to her critics with a TikTok clip in which she said that her charity work was only meant to spread awareness about McHappy Day and homelessness.

According to her, she went only to McDonald’s because it was close to shelters.

She stated, “The charity they gave to them was that far away.”

“We took them to the nearest Maccas so that they could meet us.” [the burgers] weren’t cold.’ 

Her 360,000 TikTok fans rallied behind her and told her that she should be proud of herself for giving back to charity.

One person said, “People are unhappy, but you did wonderful things and should be proud,”

“She literally killed two birds by giving and donating to the homeless. What’s the problem? Another added. 

Begg is a ZOOZ Group manager. She rose to prominence with her TikTok videos. Begg also collaborated with Beginning Boutique, a fashion retailer. 

Many of her 360,000 TikTok followers rallied behind her, telling her she should feel proud of her herself for giving to charity

Her 360,000 TikTok fans rallied behind her and told her to be proud of herself for giving back to charity