After suffering cardiac arrest, a mother of 22 years died. An air ambulance doctor gave birth to her child, an inquest has heard.

  • Paige Bradbury Price died in Nottinghamshire while pregnant.
  • When she suffered cardiac arrest in August last year, the young mother was 22 years old.  
  • Inquest discovered that Paige’s infant son was able to survive the trauma as her doctors tried their best to save her.

An inquest revealed that a young mother died tragically after suffering cardiac arrest while she was about to give her birth.  

Paige Bradbury Price died at 22 years old last summer, after doctors rushed her to Long Eaton in Notts. 

At the time, she was 36 weeks pregnant. Paige was saved by an ambulance doctor.

Just before 2 AM, paramedics and ambulance crews reached the house and went upstairs to enter the bedroom.

In an ambulance, she was brought to Nottingham’s Queen’s Medical Centre. However, her death occurred shortly afterwards.

After receiving hospital treatment, her baby boy survived.

Paige Bradbury-Price died aged 22 last summer after medics rushed to her home in Long Eaton, Notts in the early hours of the morning

Paige Bradbury Price died at 22.

Ms. Bradbury-Price was given at least one shock, including ventilation via a mask and chest compressions, as well as adrenaline.

Before the arrival of the medical team, she had been given CPR by a passerby.

It was decided to have the baby delivered via hysterotomy, a medical procedure that involves incisions in the uterus. While Ms Bradbury Price continued efforts to revive her, the decision was taken to give birth to the baby by hysterotomy.

According to Dr Elizabeth Didcock (Assistant Coroner), a paramedic from East Midlands Ambulance Service said that he took care of the infant after his delivery.

He explained that this is the kind of job you will never want to do, and you must know the plans once you reach there.

Nottingham Coroner’s Court said that crews spent around 30 minutes at the scene providing emergency care.

Family members of Ms Bradbury Price expressed their gratitude to medical personnel. Another family member said via the internet, “Thank you so much for what you did.” This was a rare and unusual case. 

Paige was 36 weeks pregnant at the time and her baby was delivered by an air ambulance doctor who carried out an emergency operation as others battled to save her life

Paige, who was 36 weeks pregnant at that time, was delivered by an Air Ambulance doctor. He performed an emergency operation while other doctors tried to save Paige’s life.

I am aware of how it affected us, but it also affected everyone that night. Paige died, but we also got a handsome little boy.

“That’s down to all the people that were there that night. “We would like to thank everyone.”

Paige’s cause of death has not been officially determined.

It continues.