A generation who values internet connection over romance: Survey results show that younger people are more interested in strong broadband connections than they are in finding love.

  • According to survey findings, ‘Zoomers’ believe that reliable internet access is crucial for finding love.
  • 74% deemed ‘Connectivity’ important, and only career advancement was more.
  • 73% of the respondents considered it a huge deal to be able go on holiday. 

Surveys have shown that teenagers and young adults consider reliable internet connections more important than finding true love.

Being online is rated above going on holiday, making friends and even buying a house for those born between 1997 and 2012 – Generation Z, or ‘Zoomers’.

According to the poll, 74% of Zoomers ranked ‘connectivity’ as a top priority for 2022. Only 77% rated career advancement higher.

Teenagers and young adults think a reliable internet connection is more important than finding love, a survey has found (file photo used)

A survey found that teens and young adults believe that a stable internet connection is even more important than finding love.

The poll of priorities for 2022 found that 'connectivity' was of great importance to 74 per cent of Zoomers, with only career progression higher at 77 per cent (file photo used)

According to the poll, 74% of Zoomers ranked ‘connectivity’ as their top priority. Career progression was second at 77% (file photo).

70% of Americans consider being able travel abroad a significant advantage. 69% desire to make friends.

51% of those surveyed said that they would settle down with their partner, 43% stated getting married and 40% had children.

The World Cup is another priority.

Sharon Meadows from EE conducted the survey and stated: ‘Young adults require reliable connections at work as well as at home.

Working from home saw better internet become key when choosing where to live, with one in five saying it was the most important factor – ahead of living near good schools, green spaces and having a low crime rate.