The beauty sleep range is a pharmaceutical company that sells a product every five minutes. Pharmacist shares her secrets for a good night of rest.

  • Cassie Sanghvi, a pharmacist, is one of The Base Collective’s founders  
  • Every five minutes, one product in the Beauty Sleep magnesium range goes on sale 
  • Here she shares her experience with the range and her top tips to get a good night’s rest. 

Founder Cassie Sanghvi (pictured), a pharmacist, uses her background to develop products that really work to improve sleep quality

Cassie Sanghvi, founder and pharmacist, uses her experience to create products that improve sleep quality. 

After customers raved about the improved quality of their sleep, sales of a popular magnesium range increased by three times in the past year.  

The Beauty Sleep range was launched by The Base Collective. One product is sold every five minutes in Australia. 

These products contain magnesium, lavender, and chamomile to help with relaxation and better sleep. They range from a body wash and sleep balm to silk eye masks and a spray to soothe tired eyes. 

The sales of a popular magnesium range have tripled over the past year after customers raved about their increased sleep quality despite the stress of Covid-19

Popular magnesium products have seen a threefold increase in sales over the past year, as customers rave about their improved sleep quality despite Covid-19 stress.

Founder Cassie Sanghvi, a pharmacist, She uses her experience to create products that actually work.   

Cassie shared her experience with FEMAIL: “I use this sleep range every night as quality sleep is about routine and consistency.”

Cassie uses the Beauty Sleep Wash to take a shower about an hour before going to bed. The heat from her shower raises her body temperature slightly, but it drops again when she steps out, which naturally increases the production of melatonin (sleephormone). 

She said that the wash was pH balanced and contains many natural ingredients, including organic aloe vera juice and magnesium. This helps to keep my sensitive skin soft and balanced.

What are the benefits of magnesium to the skin and sleep? 

– Reduces damage caused by external aggressors like the sun and pollution

 Without adequate Magnesium, your skin is far more susceptible to harmful free radical damage such as the sun and pollution, which can ultimately lead to skin damage in the form of premature ageing and pigmentation. 

– Assists with collagen production and skin care 

Magnesium deficiency can lead to up to 80% of the population being deficient.Your skin’s levels of fatty acid can drop. Without these fatty acid, your skin can lose elasticity and moisture. This can lead to dryness, uneven skin tones, wrinkles, and skin that is more wrinkled. 

– Combats skin allergens, calms sensitive, eczema and acne-prone skin

Magnesium has been long recognized for its anti-inflammatory qualities. This makes it an ideal choice for supporting skin health for a variety of conditions, including acne. Magnesium reduces cortisol, which can help to reduce acne and stabilise hormonal imbalances. 

It is especially useful for sensitive skin and sufferers of redness. Dermatologists and skin therapists often recommend Transdermal Magnesium to those suffering from these conditions.

 – Treats dry skin and enhances skin barrier repair 

Magnesium has hydrating, nourishing and natural properties. It also helps to regulate cell renewal and repair to increase skin’s recovery from being dehydrated. 

– Provides a great night’s rest 

Magnesium is essential for energy production. However, it is also crucial in the body’s end-of-day wind down process and getting a good nights sleep. Magnesium naturally reduces stress and tension, which helps you feel more relaxed and calm. 

Lavender angustifolia, which is traditionally used for its relaxing and sedating properties, is included in the wash. By using it in the shower, the heat creates an amazing aromatherapy steam experience. 

She advised that you use the wash to your best advantage when you get out of the shower. After that, leave the wash on your skin for at least a minute to fully absorb the effects.

Cassie uses the sleep Balm right before bed to soothe her tired feet.   

She explained that she applied a couple of sprays on her stomach, neck, shoulders, and stomach with the Beauty Sleep Spray. This instantly relaxes my muscles and the chamomile & lavender relaxes me for bed. 

Former makeup artist and digital content creator for SPELL and SIR, Lisa Danielle Smith, is a fan of the brand

Lisa Danielle Smith is a former makeup artist and digital content creator at SPELL and SIR. 

Cassie makes it a habit to get up early and go to bed by 10 p.m. every night.  

She said that restoration sleep is multifactorial, and that your body responds to consistency and routine. 

“I fall asleep at 10pm, as studies show that you are at your best when you sleep before midnight. However, I am an early riser and get out of bed at 5am because I find that I am more productive at this time of the day than my boys.

Cassie also uses natural lighting to improve her sleep-wake cycle.  

She said, “When my routine is out of control and I start to wake up in the middle of night, I make sure to expose my eyes to natural lighting, or a bright lamp, to help my body regulate the natural sleep hormones.”  

Cassie Sanghvi and Carly Pountney, a banker, founded The Base Collective in 2016

The Base Collective was founded in 2016 by Cassie Sanghvi (a banker) and Carly Pountney (a lawyer).

The Base Collective was founded by Cassie Sanghvi (a banker) and Carly Pountney (a lawyer).

They saw a need for skincare products that were free of unwanted chemicals and design-focused. This led to them leaving their jobs and starting the company. 

Everything created by The Base Collective comes in stylish, low-impact packaging that promotes transparency and fits seamlessly into your life. 

The Base Collective is now available online and at Priceline stores throughout Australia.