Zelensky’s Top Gun Aces: Ukrainian pilots demonstrate their amazing combat skills in a promo video for the air force. They also plead for additional cash to keep their fight against Putin aerially.

  • With their engines, pilots did loops in the air and raised the Ukraine flag.
  • Kenny Loggins’ iconic Danger Zone gives Top Gun its inspiration
  • Ukraine celebrated its Aviation Day yesterday. It saw the nation’s fighter-pilots be honored
  • Ukraine attempted to get the United States to buy Kyiv F-16 fighter aircrafts 

To the tune of 1980s classic, Ukrainian pilots were filmed performing Top Gun-style maneuvers from the air while fighting in their war-torn homeland.

The Ministry of Defence released video yesterday showing the top guns of the nation gliding easily and even turning upside-down in the air.

The background plays Kenny Loggins Top Gun song Danger Zone, which makes the viral video’s inspiration obvious.

This video was made to commemorate Ukraine’s Aviation Day which took place yesterday.

The incredible footage shared by Ukraine's Ministry of Defence was set to the 1980s tune

Amazing footage from the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine was set to the 80s music

Kyiv has hoped to use the valiance of its pilots to convince America to send more fighter jets

Kyiv wants to make America send more fighter jets using the skills of its pilots, according to Kyiv.

The country’s pilots did other outrageous stunts including flying under telephone lines in helicopters.

The Ukrainian MoD posted the video to try to convince the United States not to buy F-16 fighter planes from Kyiv.

The US Air Force in July said it would consider sending the highly advanced warplanes for use in Zelensky’s army – but this month confirmed that would not happen.

The Pentagon instead announced a new $1billion (£850billion) arms supply package for Ukraine, including HIMARS rockets and missile launchers.

The video was released to mark Ukraine's Aviation Day, which fell yesterday (August 27)

This video was made to commemorate Ukraine’s Aviation Day which took place yesterday, August 27th.

A squadron of fighter planes used their engines to make the Ukrainian flag in the sky

One squadron fighter aircraft used its engines to fly the Ukrainian flag into the air.

That came before another $3billion (£2.5billion) was pledged by Washington days later.

Contracts for drones and weapons will be funded with the money.

Biden’s administration will now have provided nearly $14billion in total aid to the country, with the $3billion added since February. 

This is in addition to the two aid packages worth $40billion each and $13.6billion respectively that Congress approved for Ukraine.

Ukraine has pleaded with Washington to receive F-16 advanced jets (pictured near Iran in July)

Ukraine has asked Washington for F-16 advanced jets. This photo was taken near Iran in July.

This week’s $775million package included 16 Howitzer systems, 1000 Javelin systems for hammering Russian armour, as well an undisclosed amount of HARM rockets to target radar systems.

There are also 15 ScanEagle drones (a low-altitude, unmanned aerial vehicle manufactured by Boeing), and 40 MRAPS tactical vehicles that can withstand improvised explosives.

Drones can also be used to monitor the environment. They are launched by a pneumatic rocket without an aircraft field.