30 Britons in Afghanistan – including NHS workers or cabbies, pleaded for help and accused the government of abandoning their families to the Taliban.

  • Sixteen men with British passports were secretly recorded by the video.
  • Spokesperson stated that they were a group consisting of more than 100 Brits who had been left behind in Afghanistan.
  • They urged the UK government to not ‘walk away” from its citizens and their families
  • Three months after the Taliban takeover, they felt abandoned and neglected by the UK, said one of them.  


A group of 30 Brits who are currently in Afghanistan have asked for help to get their families and themselves to the UK. They also accused the government of abandoning the Taliban. 

Sixteen men, many of them British citizens, appeared in a secretly-recorded video pleading with the UK government to evacuate citizens left behind in Afghanistan more than three months after the Taliban took power. 

A spokesperson explained that the group comprised 100 Brits, and that 30 of them had managed to get together in Kabul to record the message.   

He stated that he demanded that the government not absolve itself of its responsibilities to its citizens and their families. We must return to our lives in the UK. 

They have been trapped in Afghanistan since August 15, when the Taliban took control of the country following a lightning offensive. This was the day after the last US troops departed Afghanistan after 20 years.  

MailOnline reached out to the Foreign Office for comment. 

In a video sent ITV, the spokesperson stated that the group included NHS workers, plumbers, engineers and taxi drivers. She also called on the UK government for them to return home to normal life in Britain. 

The group asked for visa requirements to be waived for their immediate family members and slammed the government for not putting on flights from the ‘fully operational’ Kabul airport.

They stated that evacuation flights for US citizens were taking off daily’ and they questioned why the British government had abandoned them and their families.  

Pen Farthing was also credited with doing a better job in getting his cats and dogs out than Westminster at evacuating its citizens. 

The spokesperson explained that many of the group missed their final evacuation flights from Kabul in late august because they couldn’t reach a hotel or the airport due strict checkpoints.  

Sixteen men, many holding British passports, appeared in a secretly recorded video pleading with the UK government to evacuate citizens and their families left behind in Afghanistan

Sixteen men, most of whom are British citizens, appeared in a secretly-recorded video in which they pleaded with the UK government to evacuate Afghan citizens and their families.

Late August saw chaos at Kabul Airport as thousands of Afghans and other foreigners tried desperately to board the last evacuation flights out of the country following the victory of the Taliban, an extremist Islamist group. 

Desperate people were seen running alongside and climbing up the wing, front, and rear wheels of a US military C-17 that was packed with 800 people – eight-times its usual capacity – on the first day after the evacuation. 

Two people were killed in Kabul while clinging to the plane’s outside. The remains and body of another stowaway (a 19-year-old soccer player) were found in the wheel arch after the flight landed in Qatar. 

The chaos continued for days as ISIS-K, an ISIS affiliate in Afghanistan’s Khorosan, attacked the airport gates, killing 170 Afghans, and 13 US Marines.

At the airport, the women were so desperate to get their children out of the country that they passed their babies over barbedwire to soldiers. 

Afghans desperately tried to climb onto the rear right wheel of the US Air Force C-17 in a last ditch attempt to flee the country after the Taliban swept to power

Afghans desperately tried climbing onto the rear right of the US Air Force C-17 to flee the country following the Taliban’s victory.

Footage published by Afghan outlet Aśvaka showed three stowaways falling to the deaths after clinging on to the wheels of a military plane as it took off from Kabul airport

Footage published by Afghan outlet Aśvaka showed three stowaways falling to the deaths after clinging on to the wheels of a military plane as it took off from Kabul airport

Babies were thrown over barbed wire towards troops at Kabul airport in a desperate bid to get them out of the country as the west's ignominious exit from Afghanistan continued

Babies were thrown across barbed wire to Kabul’s airport in a desperate attempt to get them out of Afghanistan. This was as the west’s impending exit from Afghanistan was continuing.

The full video message sent out by 30 Britons to Afghanistan

“We are a group that includes more than 100 British citizens who were left stranded in Afghanistan after the UK ended its evacuation before the deadline on August 31, 2021. 

“Some were specifically asked, while others were told to go to Baring Hotel along with their immediate families if they were British citizens. 

‘Unfortunately, not everyone made it to the hotel due to chaos at the Airport and the very strict checkpoints that were placed on the route to Baring Hotel.  

Thirty-eight out of 100 British citizens in our WhatsApp Group managed to meet at a secret location near Kabul today (the 18 of October 2021).

“We met to just record this message in hope that someone out there will hear our voice and take action to save us and our families. 

“We are more than just ordinary citizens. We provide public services in the UK. We are key workers, key workers and engineers, builders, plumbers, drivers, taxi drivers, and even a professional boxer.

“We demand that government doesn’t absolve itself from its responsibilities towards its citizens, and their families.

Pen Farthing did a better job taking care of his pets and dogs than the UK government.

“We cannot forget the sacrifices made by uniformed personnel to save thousands of us during Operation Pitting. We stand with them, and we thank them. But the mission is far from over. 

“We are still in danger and must return to the UK. Please remove all visa requirements from our immediate families and allow us to be evacuated together to safety.

‘Kabul Airport is now fully operational. Chartered flights take off daily to evacuate US citizens. It seems that the UK has completely forgotten about us. 

“We demand the UK government to immediately arrange chartered flight charters for all British citizens, their immediate families, and their children.”