How many drones do it take to change an lightbulb? One… The bulb is flown up to its socket and even inserted by remote control.

  • A pilot was able use a small drone to insert a bulb into a light fixture. 
  • To monitor the complex maneuvers, the operator used an Insta360 Go2 drone.
  • Amazingly, the operator was successful in docking the bulb in its fitting 

This is the moment that a drone pilot installed a lightbulb using both a quadcopter as well as a tiny action cam.

DJI, the drone manufacturer, created the stunt. The lightbulb was attached and stuck to a cork.

A small action camera was attached to the body. Drones do not have cameras that show the top.

The drone pilot fitted the lightbulb to the top of his machine using a wine cork and balanced that weight with a Insta360 Go2 action camera attached to the rear. The operator needed the camera to monitor the exact position of the bulb in comparison with the fitting

The drone pilot attached the lightbulb to his machine using a wine cork. He also balanced the weight with an Insta360 Go2 action cam attached to the rear. The camera was needed by the operator to measure the exact position of each bulb relative to the fitting.

When approaching the target, the operator had to be careful that the drone's rotors did not hit the light fitting which would send the device plummeting to the ground, possibly shattering a blade

The operator had to make sure that the drone’s motors did not strike the light fitting. This could cause the drone to plummet to the ground, possibly shattering the blade.

The footage shows the drone maneuvering through a living space, avoiding furniture and approaching the light fitting. 

The Insta360 action cam on the drone’s back allowed for the operator to view the threads on the screw in light bulb and line it up the fitting. 

Operators had to be very careful when approaching their target. The drone’s rapidly rotating blades are above the body of the device, and they could make contact with the light fitting. 

The drone slowly moves towards its target, slowly advancing towards it. 

The drone’s operator gradually increases power to dock the lightbulb into the fitting when it is directly below the fitting. 

Once the bulb is in the fitting, the pilot turns his drone anticlockwise to tighten it. 

After a few more rotations, it comes to life. 

The dramatic footage was shown more than three millions times on TikTok. It was made using some audio featuring Matthew Mcconaughey of the hit Hollywood movie Intersteller.

The pilot was able to successfully dock the light bulb into the fitting after several attempts

After several failed attempts, the pilot finally succeeded in docking the light bulb into its fitting. 

The operator was able to successfully fit the bulb - although the video did not show how they managed to detach from the cork or the bulb allowing the drone to land safely

The operator was able fit the bulb successfully – although the video didn’t show how they did it.