Insulate Britain revealed today that 32 of its activists could face up to two year imprisonment for violating a court order by blocking traffic on motorways.

Nine of the protesters were already summoned by the High Court in London on Nov 16 for breaking the National Highways injunction and disrupting the M25.

Insulate Britain claimed they were facing a contempt charge. If found guilty, they could face unlimited fines and asset forfeiture as well as jail sentences of up two years.

It also stated that 23 other activists who had also defied one of the four injunctions were expected to be summoned in the coming days.

After a major High Court decision, the activists, who had caused seven weeks of chaos, were effectively removed from all major roads throughout England last Monday. 

Today, one protester from the Extinction Rebellion sideshoot asked everyone to examine their consciences and consider whether they are willing to be complicit with genocide. He added: “If the answer is yes, then join me on the motorway.”

Among the 32 Insulate Britain activists who face up to two years in prison are (left to right, first row): Ruth Jarman, Dr Diana Warner, Rowan Tilly, Jess Causby, Steve Gower, Liam Norton, Greg Frey, Reverend Sue Parfitt, (second row) Mark Latimer, Dr Ben Buse, Gabby Ditton, Arne Springorum, Tony Hill, Theresa Norton, Stephanie, Emma Smart (third row) Emily Brockelbank, Biff Whipster, Amy Pritchard, Paul Sheeky, Louis McKechnie (bottom row) Roman Paulch, Ben Taylor, Ana Heyatawin, David, Oliver Roc, Tracey Mallaghan and Tim Speers

From left to right: Dr Diana Warner and Rowan Tilly, Rowan Tilly, Steve Gower, Liam Norton and Greg Frey. (second row), Mark Latimer, Gabby Springorum, Tony Hill. Theresa Norton, Stephanie, Emma Smart. (third row), Emily Brockelbank. Biff Whipster. Amy Pritchard. Paul Sheeky. Louis McKechnie. (bottom row), Roman Paulch., Ben Taylor, Ana Heyatawin., David, Oliver Roc, Tracey. Mallaghan.

Insulate Britain announced that the civil proceedings will be supervised by a judge who will not have a jury present. All activists will have the right to legal representation.

The group also stated that if activists admit contempt and apologize to the court, it will likely lower the severity of any punishment.

If they decide to contest it, then the hearing will take place over one and a quarter days. In that time, all nine supporters against the petition will be heard at the same time.

Theresa Norton, 62-year-old Scarborough councillor, was the one who disrupted traffic on M56 near Manchester Airport yesterday.

“But, just like the nine who face trial and a possible sentence in prison, I have to resist government bullying; to overcome fear they instill through threats, intimidating legal bureaucracy. They would rather silence than protect the public from climate catastrophe.

“If we are to meet our climate commitments, we must start insuring homes immediately.” I will continue to participate in this campaign and risk being jailed or losing the home of my family until our government accepts that it must complete the job.

Paul, 46-year-old from Warrington, who also took part at yesterday’s M56 disruption said: ‘I am knowingly violating a high Court injunction by sitting down in a roadway, as the courts here in this country don’t care about justice but preserve injustice.

“Our government will lock us up, and leave thousands of people dead from cold this winter,”

“By failing the first step to reduce carbon emissions, government is locking millions into starvation and conflict due to climate collapse.

Insulate Britain activists block Great Charles Queensway in Birmingham yesterday

Yesterday, Great Charles Queensway was blocked by Insulate Britain activists in Birmingham

“I ask everyone if they would like to be complicit or not in genocide. If the answer is yes, then you can join us on our motorway.

“Nonviolent civil resistance” is the best way to achieve the changes that are needed to ensure the survival and well-being of our children.

Amy, 36, a South West London resident, was also present on the M56 yesterday. She said that she knew how to break the injunction as it was my duty to stop the horrors of both local and international consequences of not reducing our carbon emissions.

I beg of you to look at the situation carefully and support civil resistance nonviolently in any way possible. We can achieve great power together.

Yesterday, Insulate Britain activists blocked a busy road close to a hospital. Police failed to arrest them and instead told them that they didn’t want to ‘put good people in prison cells’.

The West Midlands Police requested that the protesters leave the A400 yesterday morning. They were allowed to stay for ‘another ten minute’ on the road next to Birmingham Children’s Hospital, before they ‘dispersed peacefully’.

A video could show a constable asking them to move closer to the children’s hospital.

Insulate Britain, despite their softly-softly approach, returned to central Birmingham just a few hours later. They caused chaos as they clogged the junction once again.

Protesters from Insulate Britain block a road near the M62 near Manchester Airport yesterday

Yesterday, Insulate Britain protestors blocked a road near Manchester Airport’s M62.

The officers spoke to the activists again, before they agreed to leave.

Yesterday’s demonstrations in Birmingham, Manchester and London were the first time that the group had ever operated north of London.

Greater Manchester Police had to spend hours dislodging activists that had glued themselves to the road close to Manchester Airport. 11 people were eventually arrested.

The group also targeted their regular stamping ground, the M25. Hertfordshire Police made 20 arrests for trying to block Junction 23 as well as the slip road on the A1081 St Albans Road. 

Police stop Insulate Britain blocking traffic on the M25 near junction 23 for South Mimms yesterday

Police stop Insulate Britain from blocking traffic on the M25 at junction 23 for South Mimms yesterday

Since September 13, 18 days ago, activists have blocked roads, causing misery for drivers stuck at long queues.

The roadblock campaign has involved 161 people so far. There have been 770 arrests (not including Tuesday’s).

Over the weekend Swedish activist Greta Thunberg voiced support for their tactics, saying sometimes you have to ‘p*** people off’ to protect the environment. 

It is happening as world leaders and members the Royal Family continue their gathering in Glasgow for Cop26, the landmark conference on climate change.

Retired vicar, 79 is returned with Insulate Britain, and is arrested for the ELEVENTH Time in just seven week