One mother claims she is happily married to her homosexual husband and that they maintain their marriage with weekly sex feedback sessions.

Brynn Embley (35), from Ypsilanti in Michigan describes herself as straight. Matthew Nielson (33) identifies himself as gay/pansexual and claims he’s more attracted to women than men.

Since 2017, the couple has been together and have had two daughters, Amandine (two) and Guinevere (one). 

Matthew and the other are both members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This faith doesn’t allow for same-sex relationships and Matthew acknowledges that Matthew was motivated by the notion of being single, celibate forever. 

Prior to his marriage, he had had affairs with women and men. However, he never had sex in public before getting married to Brynn. 

Therapy and weekly sex talks are a way for the couple to keep their relationship on track. They also have therapy every Thursday where they share tips with each other.

Brynn Embled, 35 and Matthew Nielson, 33, from Ypsilanti, Michigan, have been together since 2017 and have two daughters, in spite of the fact Matthew is more attracted to men rather than women. Pictured with their daughter Amandine, two

Brynn Embled (35), and Matthew Nielson (33) from Ypsilanti in Michigan have been married since 2017. They have two children, despite the fact that Matthew prefers women to men. Their daughter Amandine (two) is pictured. 

Brynn said that they loved kissing, and hope everything will be alright.

I believe there are many people who identify as gay, bi, and/or pan more than those who have publicly made it known.

“A lot my past relationships revolved around this chemical attraction. Not having it be the driving force was refreshing.

“I feel that liking and matching with someone is more crucial to a lasting relationship.

The couple, pictured, belong to the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints, which does not condone gay marriage

Photographed are the couple from Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They do not condone homosexual marriage.

“And it turns out, the sex thing works great. So it all worked out!”

Matthew said, “I’d never had sex with either a man nor a woman before.” 

“I had no idea how strong I was in my gender identity.

‘While I am more attracted towards men in general, there were a few women to which I was attracted.

“I was motivated to work hard with a woman to make it happen so I wouldn’t be alone and in a celibate state for the rest my life.

“Obviously not the best place for me and most of my women I was with.

“I have heard gay men tell me that it is impossible to imagine being sexually with a woman. I’ve never experienced that.”

Matthew, pictured, said he identifies partly as pansexual, meaning he is attracted to people regardless of their gender, however, he admitted he is more attracted to men than women, pictured with Brynn

Matthew (pictured) said that he identified partly as pansexual. This means he likes people of all genders. However, he also admitted to being more attracted than Brynn to women. 

Although it’s not our strongest relationship part, I find myself wondering what my partner might miss if we were to be in a romantic relationship with men.

“But that being stated, we enjoy having sex together and that is a relief!

Matthew and Brynn first met at church in the early 2016, where they quickly became friends.

Matthew was aware that he had been attracted to men since his teens, however the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints doesn’t encourage homosexual relationships.

He had dated many women during his twenties, while being open about his orientation. His responses were mixed so he was anxious about Brynn’s reaction.

To his delight, however, she brushed it aside.

The couple split up once early in their relationship because Matthew, pictured, had strong feelings for another man. However, he got back together with Brynn, also pictured, and they got married

Matthew (pictured) had strong feelings and broke off their marriage early on. But he reconnected with Brynn and the couple got married 

The happy couple have two daughters, pictured, and have sex feedback sessions once a week to discuss their sexual needs

They have two beautiful daughters. The couple has sex feedback sessions every week, where they discuss their sexual desires. 

According to the mother-of-2, he said that he saw me straight and told me “Brynn I’m gay.”

“I remember him because he seemed serious or was trying to provoke me.

It wasn’t that big of a deal. He was there with me.

It was obvious to me that I didn’t feel a strong attraction between us, like with my other boyfriends.

He thinks that I’m beautiful, I know it, I also know that he is attracted to me. And his sexual orientation doesn’t change those feelings.

“I was so happy to have a partner who respected and liked me as a person.

Matthew was a strong romantic and they dated for several months.

He stated that he didn’t believe that I had much emotional bandwidth because I was trying to cope with strong feelings for another man.

“It was unfair to us both to continue the relationship, if I wasn’t certain about this fundamental attraction.

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While they were still friends, Brynn was able to tell her boyfriend that she and Brynn had chemistry. She began dating Brynn again in September 2017.

Matthew, a psychologist postdoctoral researcher, stated that it was a leap in faith because I wasn’t sure what sex would be like with Brynn or any other woman.

“But we trust that all the elements of our relationships are there, and even if one part is more difficult than others, it can be worked out together.”

Brynn stated that there was a mutual sense of happiness. It was almost as if he were my friend.

Matthew continued, “I am still unsure about our sexual connection’.

“I tried to be open with my partner, as it was not clear if I would enjoy having sex.

Matthew admitted he is still uncertain about the strength of the sexual connection he has with Brynn (pictured with their daughters)

Matthew said that he still isn’t sure about Brynn’s sexual strength (photo of Matthew and their daughters). 

“But we felt both reassured that cuddling, kissing, and holding hands was something we loved.

The couple went to Manti in Utah on December 27, 2017 to tie the knot. They were finally able and able to get intimate.

Brynn stated that for a time, I was worried about Matthew not having enough sex.

“That’s not what it means. If we feel sexually satisfied, that’s enough.

Pansexuality: A sexual orientation without regard to gender 

Pansexuality refers to a sexual orientation without regard for gender. 

Persons who identify as pansexual feel an emotional, sexual or romantic attraction toward people regardless of their gender. 

Pansexuality, which is a distinct sexual orientation like gay and straight, can also be called pansexuality. 

Many people draw parallels with bisexuality. But bisexuality recognises both genders. Pansexuality does not.  

Even weekly sex talks are scheduled in every Thursday.

Brynn shared that she and her husband share their need to have more. If there is anything one can do, it would be a great help.

Matthew is not a straight woman like Brynn, but he is gay, bisexual, and pansexual.

He stated that pansexuality is most likely the best – however, it does not feel right for me as I still prefer men.

They are four years in their unusual relationship and are happy, monogamous and now have two daughters, Guinevere (one-year-old) and Amandine (two-years-old).

Brynn stated that although marriage can only be between men and women in religion, we want our children secure and happy with who and what they chose and who they love.

“Our goal is support them no matter what that means.

“There are other people who make assumptions about our relationship that are completely wrong.

“I try to not focus on negative things or allow negative comments to get me down. But they happen, so I share.

“We’re so happy together in this unusual, special, and sublime relationship.”