The custody picture of David Fuller, 67, who has admitted the murders of Wendy Knell, 25, and Caroline Pierce, 20, in two separate attacks in Tunbridge Wells in 1987

The custody picture of David Fuller, 67, who has admitted the murders of Wendy Knell, 25, and Caroline Pierce, 20, in two separate attacks in Tunbridge Wells in 1987

Families of more than 100 victims of David Fuller’s necrophiliac murderer will sue the NHS because they believe that the NHS failed to stop Fuller from abusing bodies at hospital morgues.

The group could be in line for tens of millions of pounds in compensation following Fuller’s convictions for spending at least 12 years sexually attacking corpses in the mortuaries of Kent and Sussex and Tunbridge Wells hospitals. 

The warped electrician at the hospital sexually assaulted Azra Kemal (24), on three occasions. She died from her injuries after falling off a bridge. The family of Azra Kemal isn’t known. 

More than 200 horrified relatives have already called police yesterday demanding to know if a double murderer defiled their loved ones’ bodies in hospital mortuaries. 

He was convicted of the 1987 sexual assaults on and murders that Wendy Knell (25) and Caroline Pierce (25) committed at Maidstone Crown Court. 

As a result, some families of victims of personal injury and medical negligence have approached Dean Wilson LLP of Brighton as a way to join a collective action against the NHS.

Ben Davey, a spokesperson for Fuller’s estate said that it was “astonishing” no one realized what Fuller was doing. He added: “Families will receive compensation. There needs to be an inquiry into the level of staff access to hospitals.”

Fuller’s horrific abuse of the elderly, children and pensioners has horrified Britain. 

The sentence will come at a later time and he will most likely be executed behind bars. However, the case could have significant legal implications for the NHS.

The Sun received this information from a legal source: “This could cost the NHS many millions.” An NHS worker on NHS property abused the relatives of these victims in the worst way.

It is very distressing. Although it’s still early and things don’t happen quickly, lawyers have been involved. It will prepare for it and admit responsibility. In many other cases, they’ve done so.  

Sickening. Azra Kmal (24), was Fuller’s victim. To sexually assault her, the warped electrician from Tunbridge Wells Hospital sneaked in to her mortuary. The family of the victim isn’t known.

Wendy Knell

Caroline Pierce

Fuller, 67, admitted killing Wendy Knell, 25, (left) and Caroline Pierce, 20, (right) in 1987 in what became known as the ‘Bedsit Murders’ – one of Britain’s longest unsolved murder cases

Fuller acted surprised when officers arrived at his home to arrest him on suspicion of murder. He replied 'oh blimey' when he was informed of why officers were in attendance but would later admit it

Fuller was shocked when officers came to his residence and arrested him under suspicion of murder. When officers arrived at his home to arrest him on suspicion of murder, Fuller responded with surprise. However, he later admitted it.

Fuller pictured out on a bicycle ride. He sexually abused more than 100 bodies while working as a hospital electrician

Fuller is seen riding a bike. While working as an electrician in a hospital, Fuller abused over 100 people sexually.

Fuller was the former mistress of warped mogul killer Fuller. She told Fuller of her affair of two years with him and said that he was a ‘perfect gentleman’.

Fuller (67) had killed two other women before he started a relationship in 1990 with an unsuspecting nurse.

At Maidstone Crown Court, last week, Caroline Pierce and Wendy Knell were both sex assaulted and murdered by the electrician at the hospital.

They lived together in ground-floor flats one mile apart in TunbridgeWells, Kent. 

Fuller also sexually abuse at least 100 corpses inside the hospital. Meanwhile, police discovered hard drives, floppy and CDs with 14million images of sex crimes. Fuller was even filming the crime.

His 100-year-old victim was his oldest, and his nine year old victim was his youngest. 

The former mistress, who has not been named, told The Sunday Mirror that he seemed a ‘perfectly ordinary person’ who wooed her with cocktails and tickets to a pop concert.

She was with him for two years starting in 1990. This is three years after Fuller committed the gruesome crimes. He then left her for another nurse. 

She said, “To think that someone did so awful to me is horrible.” He didn’t murder me, which is very fortunate.

According to the nurse, Fuller was a friend of hers and lived just around the corner with the victims in the studio apartment.

They attended the Beverley Creaven concert together. She believed him to have been ice-cool and said he wouldn’t get mad.

He was only 27 at the time I met him, and we were together for just more than two years.

“I used to be a district nurse, and we all used to walk up to the Canteen at Kent Hospital and Sussex Hospital. [in Tunbridge Wells] 

“I felt lost and wanted to meet new people, so I joined the social club. He drank Archers, lemonade and I thought he was very odd.

He wasn’t a fan of beer. He was quite a quiet man, but he was quite friendly. His appearance was that of a normal person.

Fuller, contrary to her perception that he is ‘a calm man’ was actually a deplorable man.

The woman said, “I was aware of the Bedsit Murders. And I was very anxious about them. My mind was filled with the murders, as were many other young women.

Little did I realize that I was in fact dating the culprit. My mind still asks, “Why wasn’t I saved?”

“I had the right qualifications in that I lived on the streets near where the girls worked and I also owned a bedsit. I was in my 20s.”

Kent Police established a support line for grieving relatives who feel their loved one could have been harmed.

Greg Clark, Tunbridge Wells Conservative MP, said that Fuller’s sex attacks were a matter of public record and that an inquiry by the NHS was not sufficient.

Fuller’s ex lover only learned of his crimes when he confessed to the murders in court this week.

He was an excellent gentleman, she said. He didn’t have a negative side, I saw no bad in him. 

Police say they will never know how many women and girls David Fuller (pictured) violated – but admit it could be hundreds more

Police say they will never know how many women and girls David Fuller (pictured) violated – but admit it could be hundreds more

Pictured: David Fuller's NHS security badge

Pictured is David Fuller’s NHS Security Badge

“There was no evidence to support my belief that he is the person I’ve found him to be now.

“He didn’t do any sexual perversions in bed. His life was normal and ordinary. He was completely normal and ordinary. He was incapable of believing it. Part of me is still skeptical, but I do want him responsible for his actions.

‘I did not know much about mortuary crimes until the court revealed it to me. My shock was real. 

“The police told me to be prepared for a horrible shock,” but I didn’t expect anything quite as terrible as this. 

“I was just thinking it was going be that there would be other women like mine, or multiple wives that he was seeing at the same moment. It was a very difficult time.

Fuller visited her home regularly, and she said that their first date was at Folkestone Air Show.

David Fuller’s defilement of the daughter’s corpse left a mom in deep grief.

David Fuller defiled the body of a mother whose child was murdered. She pleaded with her yesterday, “This cannot happen again.”

This twisted hospital electrician sneaked in to the Tunbridge Wells Mortuary in Kent three times, sexually abusing Azra Kmal, 24. She died from drowning after falling off a bridge.

It was tragic that the second attack occurred just hours after Nevres Kemal (her grief-stricken mother) had visited her daughter. She stroked her hair and said goodbye.

“I spent about two hours sleeping in the mortuary with her,” she said. I felt some relief. My daughter was raped the night before that. While I am stroking my girl’s hair and sleeping on it, a man… crawled all across her skin. Then, I kissed and cuddled my daughter and said my goodbyes.

Miss Kemal was a Sky News researcher and one of Fuller’s latest victims. Fuller carried out the sickening attacks in July 2013.

Her mother – a London social worker – told Sky News: ‘Men and women up and down the country will be appalled by what they are reading.

‘And I remind them that if this was your loved one you would roar with rage – and I am silently roaring. This must not happen again.

They spent most of their time at the hospital’s social club.

According to the nurse, Fuller was “always friendly and pleasant” and that he wasn’t happy with his wife. However, the couple ended because he didn’t want what he wanted.

Kent Police have identified the victims of the mortuary as 81, however an investigation continues and any person with more information should contact the force.

Fuller was still working for the Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust when revolutionary DNA profiling techniques led detectives investigating the historic murders to his home in Heathfield, East Sussex, on December 3 last year.

Police found a hidden cache of printed photos along with thousands of digital images and videos that exposed one of Britain’s biggest healthcare scandals.

Fuller was known to have spent more than 12 years using corpses at the Kent, Sussex, Tunbridge Wells and Tunbridge Wells mortuaries.

A hoarder maintained detailed, handwritten journals of abuse as well as thousands of photos and videos of him having sex. 

Libby Clark of the Crown Prosecution Service stated that ‘no British court had ever witnessed abuse against the deceased before’ and that he would continue to offend today if it weren’t for the painstaking investigation, prosecution, and investigations.   

He was an electrician and had access to the entire hospital with a swipe card. Police have stated that Fuller worked between 11am and 7pm. Mortuary staff normally finished at 4pm.

The tools he carried with him were a guarantee that his abuse would not be caught on CCTV. This coverage only covered part of the mortuary.

This meant that there was some evidence that he moved around the mortuary but not footage of him interfacing with the bodies.

Instead, all evidence came directly from him.    

Fuller was surprised that officers were present at his house when he was taken into custody.

The officer caught him saying, “Oh blimey.”

Fuller previously acknowledged responsibility for the death with “diminished liability” at Maidstone Crown Court but had initially denied that he was guilty of murder. 

Ms Knell’s bloodstained body was found in her flat on June 23, 1987, after Fuller – a convicted burglar – had climbed in through the window, before beating and strangling her to death.

Ms. Pierce was taken from her home outside on the 24th November of that same year.

The body of the victim, which was naked except for a pair if tights, were found three weeks later in a water-filled dyke at Romney Marsh.