A mother claims her toddler was screaming at her after applying Lidl baby cream. She was covered in red welts.

Lezah Thompson ran out of her baby lotion so she decided to go out and buy Lupilu, Lidl’s brand, instead.

The 34-year old stay-at-home mom claims she applied the cream as usual to Thea’s skin, but she felt her daughter’squealing in pain’ within seconds.

Lezah Thompson's three year-old daughter Lezah suffered burns and red blotches to her face for 24 hours after using Lidl's own brand of baby lotion

Lezah Thompson’s three-year-old daughter Lezah was left with red marks and burns on her face for 24hrs after she used Lidl’s baby lotion.

Mrs Thompson, 34, pictured with husband Pat, 34, and daughter Thea (as a baby), has complained about the product to Environmental Health and Lidl

Mrs Thompson, 34, is pictured with her husband Pat, 34 and daughter Thea (as a newborn), complaining about the product to Environmental Health and Lidl

After quickly rinsing off the lotion under the sink, the three year old left with red, sore blotches all over her skin for the next 24 hour.

Mrs Thompson said that she shared her child’s story on social media and was encouraged by someone else to report it.

Derry City Council confirmed that the Environmental Health team had received a report and is currently investigating.

Lidl stated that they have ‘rigorous Quality Control Processes’ and that this was an isolated incident, but they confirmed that they were investigating.

Lidl's own brand of Lupilu baby lotion, which left marks on Thea's face

Thea was left with marks from Lidl’s Lupilu baby lotion brand

Mrs Thompson, a Northern Irish woman, stated that she normally uses Johnson’s but ran out so while I was shopping in Lidl, I thought I’d give that a shot.  

“I just dabbed it onto her face, on the forehead and chin, and she said,’mummy that’s burning me’. I looked down and saw the red.

‘I knew immediately that something was wrong. I just thought that it wasn’t normal.

“I quickly got her into the water and rinsed it out. She had red blotches all over the face and started screaming that it was burning.

It happened in a matter of seconds. I had to keep putting a dampcloth on her face throughout the day to cool it.

“I gave her paracetamol. I thought, “If it’s still like that tomorrow, then I’ll take my daughter to the doctor and get her checked out.”

“It happened in seconds.  

“I had to keep putting a damp towel on her face for the rest of the day to cool it.

“I gave her paracetamol. I thought, “If it’s still like that tomorrow, then I’ll take it to the doctor and have her seen to.”

“I will never use that lotion again.”

After suffering for 24 hours with reddened skin, little Thea began to feel better the next day.

Mrs Thompson insists that her daughter never had an allergic reaction to any creams or cosmetic products and reported it to Lidl so they could investigate.

She stated that she contacted Lidl to inquire about the matter and they assured her that they would look into it and get back to her.

“I asked them several times throughout the week if there had been any updates. They wanted to know how long it took for the symptoms to start, how long it took to get under control, and if I had to take her to see a doctor.

‘I reported it Environmental Health …. They are now investigating it. They claimed they have contacted Lidl, but have not heard back. 

Mrs Thompson insists that her daughter Thea has never had an allergic reaction to any cream or cosmetic product

Mrs Thompson insists that her daughter Thea has never had an allergic reaction to any cream or cosmetic product

Thea, pictured here with her younger siblings Teddie and Calla, has made a good recovery since the incident

Thea, pictured here together with her younger siblings Teddie & Calla, has made a complete recovery since the incident

‘Lidl requested me to send the product but I didn’t because Environmental Health said that they might need it. If they don’t, I’ll send it back Lidl.

The mother of three says that she is just grateful that she was able quickly to wash off the lotion without causing more damage to her daughter’s skin.

Mrs Thompson, 34, is relieved that Pat, her husband, didn’t apply the lotion to their children Teddie, 2, and Calla 1, who would have been unable or unwilling to tell them if there was something wrong.

A spokesperson for Lidl stated that customer and product safety are of paramount importance to Lidl. To ensure that our products meet the highest standards, we have strict quality control procedures in place.

“Our Customer Services team notified our Quality Assurance department of a customer complaint. The Quality team opened an inquiry and began to obtain information from the customer.

Mr and Mrs Thompson, pictured here with daughter Thea, now aged three, and son Teddie, now two, say they are relieved they did not use the lotion on their two younger children

Pictured here are Mr. and Mrs. Thompson with daughter Thea (now aged three) and Teddie (now two). They both say that they are relieved not to have used the lotion on their children younger than them.

“At the moment, this is an ongoing case. We have engaged with customers at all stages. The customer requested that the product be returned to Lidl to ensure it was tested. Unfortunately, the product has not been returned so we can’t continue with the investigation.

“There have been no additional complaints regarding this product so at this time it is in an isolated instance.”

A spokesperson for Strabane District Council and Derry City confirmed that they had received a complaint and are currently investigating.

A spokesperson said that they were not able to provide additional information as the investigation is ongoing. 

Mail Online has reached out to Lidl, Strabane District Council, and Derry City.