Flood danger starting at 3pm TODAY: Met Office warns that there is a ‘unbelievable deluge’ with a MONTH’S worth rain in Wales and the North over the next two days

  • A red alert has been issued for parts Scotland and the north-west in anticipation of a major downpour tonight
  • The Met Office has issued two amber alerts covering Cumbria and parts the Dumfries-and-Galloway area of Scotland
  • From 3pm today to tomorrow, an Amber Alert for Cumbria will be in effect
  • Dumfries is under Amber Alert from 9pm to 10pm tomorrow. 
  • Marco Petagna, Met Office meteorologist, stated that up to 250mimetres of rain could fall within the next 36 hours 


Potentially lethal flooding could hit parts of Briton from 3pm today with an ‘unbelievable’ 250millimetres of rain expected to start falling within hours, weather experts warn.

An amber alert was issued for parts Scotland, and the north-west England ahead of heavy rains expected later in the evening.

Weather experts warn that flooding is possible due to fast moving water or deep flooding. One Met Office meteorologist, Marco Petagna, said as much as 250milimetres of rain could fall within the next 36 hours. He called the forecasted amount of rain ‘unbelievable’. 

The amber alert, which includes Cumbria and parts in the Dumfries-and Galloway area of Scotland warns of flooding homes and businesses and disruptions to travel.  

The Met Office warns that heavy and persistent rains are likely to cause flooding and disruption to transport.

Potentially lethal flooding could hit parts of Briton from 3pm today, weather experts warn, with an 'unbelievable' 250milimetres of rain of expected to fall within hours. Pictured: A van is driven through flood water in Surrey on October 21

Briton could be hit by potentially lethal flooding as soon as 3pm today, according to weather experts. With an ‘unbelievable 250mil rain expected to fall in hours, weather experts warn. Pictured: A van being driven through floodwater in Surrey on October 21st

“(There will likely be) floods and spray, which could lead to unsafe driving conditions and road closures. There are likely to be delays and cancellations of bus and train services.

The amber warning for Cumbria runs from 3pm today to midnight. The warning for south Scotland is in effect from 9pm today to 9am tomorrow. Both warnings will be followed by amber alerts on Thursday that will remain in effect until Friday morning.

They are also being used alongside yellow warnings about larger areas in Cumbria and the South of Scotland.

The yellow warnings are located in the city of Carlisle as well as the town of Dumfries and warn of a possible hazard to life, disruption to travel, and a’small possibility of flooding’. 

Yellow warnings are in place for most parts of Wales, as well as from Burnley to Lancaster to Carlisle.

According to the Met Office’s most recent forecast, there will be rain. This will affect southern Scotland, north England, and possibly North Wales. It is likely that this will lead to some flooding. 

The amber warning for Cumbria is in place from 3pm today until midnight. The warning for southern Scotland is in place from 9pm today until 9am tomorrow

The amber warning for Cumbria runs from 3pm today to midnight. The warning for southern Scotland will be in effect from 9pm today to 9am tomorrow

‘Mostly dry to north, and in the south and southeast. It’s very mild and windy. (Tonight, there will be) More rain, heavy-on-hills, affecting southern Scotland and northern England. It will be mostly dry to the south and north of here. Windy, mild, or very mild.

The forecast for Thursday is: “(There will be a) Band rain, heavy upon hills, sinking slowly southeast, to lie southwest England to lie northeast England by evening. Other flooding could occur in the west. It’s windy and very pleasant.