Following a drunken rampage, the husband of a pregnant wife was forced to quit her. He smashed glass windows and broke televisions.   

The British woman took to parenting forum Mumsnet to explain how her husband, who she has been with for seven years, returned home from a night out with friends extremely intoxicated and fell asleep, then woke shortly afterwards in a violent temper.

‘There was a glass in the sink which he tried to wash up. I told him to leave it and I’d do it, he should go back to bed,’ she wrote. ‘He launched the glass as hard as possible at the kitchen surface and it went everywhere. A piece narrowly missed my eye. He was so angry, seemingly for no reason.

‘He then pulled a picture off the wall in the spare bedroom and used it to smash up the TV. I was begging him to stop; there was glass everywhere again. The dog was so scared. So was I.’

The British woman took to parenting forum Mumsnet to explain how her husband, who she has been with for seven years, returned home from a night out with friends extremely intoxicated and fell asleep, then woke shortly afterwards in a violent temper. Stock image

Mumsnet, a British forum for parenting, was contacted by the woman to tell them how their husband, whom she had been married seven years ago, came home after a long night of drinking and fell asleep. She then woke up with a violent temper. Image from stock

The shaken woman asked for advice on what to do, saying she was 'confused, hurt and angry'

She was shaken and asked for help. 

She added: ‘I’m in shock. It’s nothing like him, he’s not violent. 

Mumsnet friends urged her leave because it might lead to domestic violence. 

One was posted: “Has this ever smashed anything before?” As it is quite an upswing from smashing TVs to nothing, this can’t be the first. 

“How many years have you been married? Sincerely, I wouldn’t leave. 

A second person noticed that Violet was “newly pregnant” and commented: “And so it is. You’re pregnant. It’s likely that you know domestic violence often begins in the victim’s first trimester. 

Fellow Mumsnet users urged her to leave the relationship, saying it could be the start of domestic violence. Some pointed out domestic violence often starts during pregnancy

Mumsnet members urged her not to stay in the relationship as it may have led to domestic violence. Many pointed out that domestic violence can often begin during pregnancy

“Over three quarters of domestic violence begins or becomes worse during pregnancy,” says one study. 15% of pregnant women experience violence during pregnancy. Women who are subject to domestic violence during pregnancy account for 40%-60%.

One third said that he was a man who loved his wife and children, but this doesn’t mean that he is a violent individual. He is violent. Is he a drink addict?

“If you’re not ready to call the cops or abandon him right away then it is important that you carefully observe his reactions when he wakes up and realizes what has happened. This may reduce the chance of it happening again. It’s not over if he minimizes the situation or takes responsibility.

A small number of people agreed that they won’t end the relationship for one single incident. But, he must be open to taking responsibility, go to counseling, and vow to never drink again.  

Others understood her desire to potentially stay but said he needed to take complete responsibility for what he has done and must commit to never drinking again

While others understood that she wanted to stay, he said he had to accept full responsibility and vow to stop drinking.

A few people asked him if he was taking drugs. But his wife, who is concerned about the matter, spoke to his friend and said that he had been drinking multiple shots but not drugs. He also stated that they had not been to any clubs. 

A second commenter said: “As it is so unusual, I would like to know what the reason was.”

‘If that were me, I would worry for my DH as much as I am. You should not let the situation go, but take photos. However, make sure you take pictures. You may want to get counseling if he continues drinking. You can take the dog to his mum, if he refuses to see how serious it is. Let her know. Although he cannot change the past, he can alter how he responds. Your safety and that of your child is paramount.

Later, the woman revealed that she left her husband and was unsure what to do. 

Some people questioned whether he had taken drugs or been spiked but the concerned wife spoke to one of his friends who said he had taken multiple shots but no drugs, and they hadn't been to a club

People questioned whether or not he’d taken any drugs. However, his wife contacted one of his close friends and he said that he took multiple shots but had never taken any drugs. He also stated that he hadn’t been to a party.

The woman wrote, “Thanks for your support.” I knew I would advise her to tell her friend that she should leave if they were in the exact same situation. This is difficult to do for yourself. Even if this is an occasional event. 

‘But [a previous poster]He is correct, I’d run and never look back if he did that with my baby.

She said, “He called me. He appeared really embarrassed and apologetic. He claims he doesn’t know a single thing and is completely numb. 

“He claimed he did not know the reason why his TV broke until I explained what had happened. He seemed genuinely shocked, and even remorseful. 

“But I still think I need time to myself so I asked him for some days off and he agreed. He said that he would never drink again.