Stop wasting your time! Macaque is stunned by a zoo visitor’s magical trick in hilarious footage

  • The primate appears to be enjoying a private show of magic from a visitor at Kyoto zoo 
  • After showing the red-faced macaque an appealing fruit, he makes the fruit disappear.
  • The animal seems to be in awe of the trick with its jaw relaxed and its eyes wide. 

This is the hilarious moment a macaque with red eyes in a Japanese Zoo was stunned by a magic trick.

Footage shows Kosei (a visitor to the zoo at Kyoto, Japan) using sleight of hand to make a piece o fruit disappear before the primate’s eyes. 

To add weight, he first shows his animal the fruit and teases him with the treat. 

The tourist points at the fruit and suddenly makes the monkey disappear.

The macaque looks completely astonished, its jaw open and its eyes wide.

Kosei said: ‘I fell in love with this monkey.

A tantalising piece of fruit is offered to the monkey

The red-faced macaque is mind blown when the fruit 'disappears'

A Japanese visitor showed a magic trick to a red-faced macaque in Kyoto Zoo. The visitor tamed it with a piece fruit and made it ‘disappear. 

“He was like a child, happy to see a magic trick. His reaction made me so happy.’

Macaques can also be seen at Japan’s Jigokudani Monkey Park in Yamanouchi.

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