His brother claims that a black widow may have coerced her husband into gazing in the garage of their family home.

Stewart Warrender claimed that Penny Jackson made Alan’s life miserable before he discovered her affair with David Jackson, a retired army officer husband. He then took his own life.

Today, she was found guilty of stabbing to death Mr Jackson, her fourth husband, at their home in February.

Penny admitted during the trial at Bristol Crown Court that she had ‘driven’ her husband to suicide by cheating.

Alan Warrender left the RAF to get a job in Saudi Arabia, to pay off his debts.

He returned to Grantham in Lincolnshire to discover that the wife he had been devoted to had had an affair. He also found out that his Rottweiler dog, David Jackson, had also gone missing.

The murder trial heard that Alan found the pair after returning from the Middle East in March 1993. The two men began fighting over Penny. The 43-year-old Alan died a few days later. 

Penny Jackson, 66, stabbed 78-year-old David Jackson (pictured together), a retired lieutenant colonel, three times in the kitchen of their family home

Penny Jackson, aged 66, stabbed David Jackson (pictured together), who was 78 years old, three times in the family’s kitchen. 

To the outside world the Jacksons seemed like a successful and content retired couple with so much money tucked away they went on several cruises a year and had a holiday home in France

The Jacksons looked like a happy and content retired couple. They went on cruises several times a year and owned a holiday home in France. 

Mr Warrender believes rather than just finding his brother unconscious in his car after he had gassed himself following a row, as she claimed to the jury, she may have actually persuaded him to do it.

He stated that she was’strangely optimistic’ at his brother’s funeral, and had been a controlling presence throughout their relationship which began less than a year after Beverley, Alan’s first wife, died.

He even said that he believed Penny to have convinced Alan to return the adopted son he ‘had always wanted’ to care after they had met.

Mr Warrender – who stepped in as best man at Penny and Alan’s wedding after the former one withdrew because he didn’t approve of his friend’s fiancée – said he had always ‘had suspicions’ about Alan’s suicide. 

MailOnline received this statement from him: “He took his own life after learning about her and David. It was clear that he was devastated and it broke him inside.

“But I never had any concerns regarding my brother’s logic, even when it was going through after his first wife Bev died from cancer.

“He could have lived a decent life without Penny, but Penny clearly didn’t love or care for him anymore.

‘Did Penny really discover him unconscious in his car following an argument? Or was she there when the gassed himself? Did she coerce him into doing it? I always believed that this was possible. 

Mr Warrender stated that his suspicions were first raised when Pennymurdered David. This was after she took a knife to her bed with the intention of killing herself and went for him.

Stewart Warrender said Penny (pictured) made his brother Alan's life a misery before he uncovered her affair with David Jackson in 1993 and took his life

Stewart Warrender claimed that Penny (pictured) made Alan’s life miserable before he discovered her affair with David Jackson in 1993. He then took his own life.

The Jacksons regularly enjoyed holidays abroad, and are pictured here during one of their getaways

The Jacksons regularly enjoyed holidays abroad, and are pictured here during one of their getaways

The Jacksons enjoyed frequent holidays abroad and are shown here during two of these getaways. 

He said, “There was something definitely off her behavior during Alan’s Funeral.

“I know that people grieve in different ways, but she seemed strangely positive for someone whose husband had just died.

“It wasn’t the case that Alan was ill for some while and his death had been expected. Although it was shocking and unexpected, she didn’t seem too upset. She displayed a clear lack of empathy that day.

“It’s the reason I’ve always had the niggling idea in my head regarding the death of Alan.

“And then to read about how she took the knife to bed and murdered David Jackson, which was originally her plan to end her life, it kinda almost confirmed my fears.

The Grantham Journal headlined the report of an inquest: “Man died after marital stress.”

It explained that the airman had just returned from a four-month stint in Saudi Arabia and his body was found in the Ford Granada.

Penny stated that her husband had returned from abroad to confront domestic problems. She also said that Penny had told him that the end was near for their marriage.

The coroner found that Mr Warrender had taken his own death while his mind was tangled. 

The Jacksons had a holiday home in France and over-wintered in Spain to escape the cold weather

To escape the cold, the Jacksons lived in a holiday home in France, and over-wintered on Spanish soil.  

A former neighbor, who remembered the case, said that he had alcohol in his system, and everyone was shocked that he managed to reverse the car into the small garage.

“He had been working abroad and there was a rumour that his wife had begun seeing someone from the Prince William barracks.

“I recall that he owned two Rottweiler dogs, which were his pride & joy. His wife put them to sleep while he was on long trips to the Middle East.

Beverley Alan was Alan’s first wife. The couple had two daughters together, Samantha and Katherine.

While she was being treated, the couple decided to adopt a 9-year-old boy. This was the son Alan had always wanted. 

Beverley passed away in 1987. Alan and Penny were married in the following year in South Wales. He was a chief tech officer with the RAF.

The boy was taken back into care early in the relationship. Mr Warrender believes this decision was made by Penny.

After Alan had been transferred from RAF Stanton Morley in Norfolk, the couple moved to Grantham. Isabelle was their daughter. 

A still taken from police bodycam footage showing the moment Penny Jackson was arrested by officers on February 13

A still taken from the police bodycam footage that shows Penny Jackson being arrested by officers on February 13, 2009.

Mr Warrander said: “I always had the impression Penny got whatever she wanted. It seemed to me that she was an alpha-female who pulled the strings.

Brendan, ‘Alan’s best friend and a very religious man, refused to be their best man. Penny was a major factor in this decision.

“In Beverley, Alan also met his soulmate, and she was everything Penny wasn’t. She was compassionate, a wife, mother, and had that nurturing caring side to her.

Bev and Alan adopted a nine-year old boy before she passed away. My brother was blessed with two wonderful daughters, but he always wanted a boy.

“He had a hard start in life. I think he could have been a challenge. But he was a really nice guy. He loved going out with me in my truck for the afternoon. When you are cooped up in a taxi for hours, you really get to know someone.

“But Bev died shortly after Penny met him, and he placed the boy back in care. Alan asked me about it, and I could see that it was a difficult and uncomfortable conversation.

“He didn’t want to answer the question, and inferred that it wasn’t his decision. I didn’t press him.

“I always believed that Penny was very empty inside. She was confident, bubbly and very social. She was very narcissistic and soulless.

David Jackson, whose wife Penny admitted manslaughter but denied the murder of her husband. Issue date: Monday October 18, 2021

David Jackson, whose spouse Penny admitted manslaughter, but denied the murder her husband. Issue date: Monday October 18, 2021

She did pilates at the gym, went on lavish shopping trips and loved to entertain guests at the seaside bungalow she shared with her 'quiet' husband David

She enjoyed pilates, shopping trips, and entertaining guests at her seaside bungalow with her quiet husband David. 

Penny said that she was determined for her relationship with David to work as it would ‘validate Alan’s passing’. She told the court that Alan wouldn’t have killed himself if she hadn’t cheated on him. 

David was a ten-year married man like Alan. Penny, a homewrecker, lured him away.

After leaving Sheila Taylor, he confided in her that was was scared of her, didn’t believe her and feared that she would ruin his career.

Not only that, but the jury was shocked when she threatened to ‘do Bobbit’ on him – a euphemism meaning to cut off his penis.

It was a reference in the United States to a notorious case where a woman chopped off her husband’s sleeping manhood.

Mrs Taylor said that he was scared and that he believed that she was capable of delivering the threat.

According to her, Penny loved making her fourth husband blush. She also revealed that she had a reputation for making people feel uncomfortable and baiting them.

Her teenage grandson, who was then her granddaughter, came to stay with her. She would sit naked and brush her hair with the bedroom door wide open, according to the court. 

Jackson was Jackson’s third marriage. His first, at 17 years old, was to Melvyn Porter. Their family says he has ‘no happy memory’ of their time together.

They had two children together, Victoria and Rebecca. Jackson later donated one kidney to Rebecca. However, the murder trial heard that they have been estranged and have not spoken to each other for years.

The home of Penny and David Jackson in Berrow, Somerset, as seen on February 13 with officers outside

The home of Penny and David Jackson in Berrow, Somerset, as seen on February 13 with officers outside

Penny pleaded guilty to manslaughter but denied murder after fatally stabbing her husband David Jackson, 78

Penny pleaded guilty for manslaughter, but denied murder, after fatally stabbing David Jackson.

After falling for Anthony Rothwell, Penny left Mr Porter and took care of their two children. 

They were married for 10 years but she described their relationship as a ‘loving friendship’ but told the court he ‘preferred relationships with chaps’. 

Her next two husbands, both serving in the services, were Alan Warrender (and David Jackson).

The Jacksons looked like a happy and content retired couple. They went on many cruises per year and had a holiday home at Bergerac, South West France.

After the property was sold, the couple spent winters in Spain as they ‘hated’ the cold weather.

Outgoing and vivacious, Penny loved going to the gym, splashing out on shopping trips and gardening at their £450,000 luxury bungalow in the village of Berrow, Somerset.

David was a single man with no interests or hobbies. He spent his days waiting for Penny to return from her many trips.

Penny stated that her husband loved and cherished her, but she tried to convince them that their marriage was not happy due to her husband’s violence and abuse.

The mother of three claimed she’d had enough and put an eight-inch fileting knife under her pillow, in the intention of killing herself on the night of February 13th, her 66th Birthday.

Instead, she stabbed him in the abdomen, and he begged for help, so she knifed him again.

Sketch of Penny Jackson at Bristol Crown Court, where she admitted manslaughter but denied murder

Sketch of Penny Jackson at Bristol Crown Court. She admitted manslaughter, but denied murder. 

People in the courtroom shivered at his screams heard during 999 calls, while Penny calmly stated: ‘I should’ve stabbed him more’. 

Penny was arrested in her Marks & Spencer pyjamas and continued confessing to police that she had killed her husband. 

Penny added the words “Self-defence” or “pre-meditated” to the top of the confession note she found at the scene.

The initial stabbing in the bedroom the couple’s smart bungalow was could have been an instinctive response.

The jury heard repeatedly a recording of the second stabbing in kitchen. It was deliberate and cold-blooded. It was murder.

Penny, a retired accountant who was wealthy, had the words “Property to David John Jackson” tattooed onto her right buttock. This was to tease and provoke husband.

She even had a little laugh in the witness box as she referred to the tattoo her husband of 24 year hated.

She will ink the name of her victim on her body as she begins her life sentence for murder.