Afghan refugee who “drugged, raped, and killed a 13-year old girl in Austria, before crossing the Channel into Britain under a false identity” tries legal technicalities in order to remain in UK court.

  • Rasuili Zurbaidullah (23) is being accused of murdering Leonie Walner (13). 
  • He is believed to have killed her in Austria, before crossing over into the UK a few weeks later. 
  • Today’s hearing at Westminster Court saw a lawyer trying to obtain extradition.

Today’s court heard that a Channel migrant, who raped and drugged a girl aged 13 years old before she killed her, tried to get a legal exemption to remain in the UK.  

23-year old Afghani Rasuili Zurbaidullah is charged with drugging and raping Leonie Walner, whose body was discovered rolled up on a Vienna carpet last June. 

Zubaidullah met Leonie in a nightlife district along the Danube Canal before she was taken to a flat alongside three people where she was given seven ecstasy pills, raped and strangled, an extradition hearing at Westminster Magistrates Court heard. 

Zubaidullah claimed asylum in Britain just weeks after being found dead.

After crossing the Channel successfully, he gave Kent authorities a fake identity on July 18, last year. The court heard.

His lawyer Ben Keith opposed his extradition today under Section 12A (Extradition Act 2003), arguing that Zubiadullah was not yet charged by the Austrian authorities. 

Leonie Walner's body was found rolled up in a carpet in the Austrian capital of Vienna last June

Leonie Walner’s body was found wrapped up in a blanket in Vienna’s capital. 

Rasuili Zubaidullah is accused of the drugging, rape and suffocation of 13-year-old schoolgirl Leonie Walner

Rasuili Zurbaidullah was accused of killing, torturing and drowning Leonie Walner, 13, a schoolgirl from Pakistan.

Zubaidullah lived in a hostel that was funded by the taxpayer, Whitechapel. This hostel is east London.

Officers from the National Extradition Unit arrested him on July 29.

Zubaidullah initially thought he was in Italy, before it was revealed that he had sneaked into the UK.

Today, he was wearing a blue, red, and white hoodie with a grey jumper and appeared in custody to attend a Westminster Magistrates Court full extradition hearing.

As he spoke in Farsi, one dock officer flanked him. He stood without mask as the case against himself was laid out.

Jonathan Swain, the prosecutor told court that this case was related to an Austrian warrant on 29 July. It was later certified by the National Crime Agency.

“Zubaidullah” is believed to be guilty of two offenses on the 25th and 26th June 2013 respectively. These offences are described as willful collaboration with three people.

He coerced and forced the victim and made her consent to having sexual relations by force.

Before having vaginal intercourse, he gave her seven pills of ecstasy.

It is believed that the victim died after being choked, grabbed, and then suffocated.

The second allegation concerns the fact that he was 14 and had sex on her.

Ben Keith, his lawyer objected to Zubiadullah’s extradition pursuant to Section 12A (Extradition Act 2003), claiming that the Austrian authorities hadn’t yet made a decision to indict him.

He stated that the issue was whether or not this case would be pursued and whether it would result in prosecution of this defendant.

“The court may request additional information or discharge the case.

“We claim that Austrian authorities attempted to interview the defendant. This is evidence that their failure not to progress this far does not mean the defendant isn’t in the country. It is because he is still under investigation.

“There are enough facts that it is clear no decision has yet been made regarding his charges.”

Michael Snow, District Judge of Austria deferred judgment until January 12 to allow his lawyer, who has been isolated by the pandemic to meet with Zubaidullah in person to discuss appeals and whether he should go back to Austria.

Concerns were raised about the lack of stricter controls on Afghan refugees entering the UK at a moment when crossings are at an all-time high.