Airbnb host became viral when a guest shared her insane list of rules and regulations. This included instructions for opening the shower curtain, and which glass to use. 

Tiffany Lee Ingalls, the guest who goes under the name @authentiffany_ online uses TikTok to share her experiences from an ‘over-the-top’ Airbnb. It quickly generated a lot of controversy on the internet.

Tiffany, who was originally from San Diego and didn’t know the exact location of Airbnb, arrived at the property to find an instruction booklet hanging on the doorknob.

This document contained rules such as no smoking and quiet time between 10 P.M. & 10 A.M. as well directions as to where and how to check-out.

An Airbnb host went viral after a guests shared her 'insane' list of rules - including instructions on how to open the shower curtain and information on which kind of glass to drink out of

An Airbnb host went viral after a guests shared her ‘insane’ list of rules – including instructions on how to open the shower curtain and information on which kind of glass to drink out of

Going viral: The guest, who is named Tiffany Lee Ingalls, shared her experience from the 'ridiculous' Airbnb online, and it quickly caused an uproar on the internet

Making it viral: Tiffany Lee Ingalls, the guest who shared her Airbnb experience online, caused a commotion on the internet.

Upon arriving, Tiffany - who is believed to be based in the U.S. but did not share the location of the Airbnb - was shocked to discover an instruction sheet hanging from the doorknob

Tiffany, who was believed to have been in the U.S. and did not reveal the address of Airbnb’s location upon her arrival, found an instruction booklet hanging at the doorknob.

But it didn't end there. When Tiffany entered the room, she realized there were even more commands that she had to follow

Inside, there was an entire binder filled with pages upon pages of requirements - including detailed sections on each room in the house and every item in that room

It was thorough: The binder contained pages and pages of information, including sections detailing each room.

The story didn’t end here. Tiffany discovered that Tiffany had more orders to follow when she got into the room.

The binder contained pages and pages of information, including sections for each room. This book was colored and handwritten. 

A few laminated signs were placed in each corner with reminders such as: “No open flames, please.” You must not use incense, candles or matches. Do you break something? Do you want to ruin something? Tell me something. If I don’t, I will reduce ratings on Airbnb.

Her TikTok story caused quite a stir and she shared it. In just days, the video went viral and received more than one million views. 

Tiffany started the video by saying that “My last Airbnb host had some controlling quirks.”

You will receive a detailed information guide detailing what you should do before you walk into the building.

Next is how much information you give in every possible way in every area of the room.

She said that her favorite information piece was the one where she took a photo of the remote control, and taught viewers how each button works.

There were also little, laminated signs hung in almost ever corner of the rooms, with reminders like: 'No open flames, no exceptions'

A few laminated signs were also hung around the room, in small, discreet places. They reminded you of important points like “No open flames, No exceptions.”

The Airbnb host also left a diagram of the remote control that she drew - with detailed instructions on how to use it and what each button does

A diagram of her remote control was also left by the Airbnb host. It included detailed instructions for how to use each button and details on what they do. 

The host also left a note with instructions on how to use the storage bins

The host also left a note with instructions on how to use the vent

Notes were also left by the host with directions on how to use storage bins (left) or vent (right).

“There is even a tip on how to use vents and storage bins.

Tiffany got a reprimand from the Airbnb host for using the wrong cup to drink water. 

The Airbnb host, who has yet to be identified, said that the glass Tiffany consumed was meant for her toothbrush and that a smaller one was next to it. She was to drink from the small glass. 

After she noticed that something was wrong, she told the Airbnb host that she would put labels on cups in order to avoid making another mistake.

Tiffany said, “So happy I could help so that nobody has to face this struggle again.”

In the next video, TikToker said: “Another great one was that you were not allowed to move your shower curtain left to right. It had to be left to right.” It’s a good thing I got to sleep here. 

Her viral video was re-posted and she shared more details about the Airbnb.

She said that although she booked it last minute, she read through reviews and found them all to be very positive.

It turns out, Tiffany was reprimanded by the Airbnb host when she used the 'wrong cup' to get some water

Tiffany, as it turned out was, was disciplined by her Airbnb host after she used the “wrong” cup to obtain water.

According to the Airbnb host, the glass the Tiffany drank from was actually meant to hold her toothbrush, and a smaller glass next to it was the one she was supposed to use for drinks

According to her Airbnb host, Tiffany was meant to have her toothbrush in the glass she drank from. She was to then use the smaller glass beside it for drinks.

There were also instructions on how to use the shower curtain. On the mirror, the Airbnb host reminded her guests to only move it from right to left

Instructions were provided on how to properly use the shower curtain. An Airbnb host reminded the guests not to move the shower curtain from the right to the left on the mirror.

She stated, “This was an extremely last-second booking, and I normally don’t make last-minute reservations like this. However, I love to review reviews to see how they are,”

“I read the initial reviews. It seemed good. People did mention that she is very detail-oriented, but that’s not my experience. I prefer a more laid-back approach so that doesn’t bother me. 

Tiffany said that the room was a guestroom in the house of the woman who stayed with her during the stay. 

“Not all Airbnbs rent out [an entire]”House, sometimes you rent out a bedroom in a shared area,” she said.

Personally, it’s a good idea to spend a night in someone else’s place when you’re visiting a new area. They know everything about the region and have the best tips.

“They will tell you their favourite restaurant or hiking spot. They can also tell me about all the other places tourists won’t visit and those that they love. These are the most beautiful places.

“Anyways,” she said, “This was a room in my house so that I could physically see her using the cup.”

Even though she was stressed by all her rules, she stated that the situation was funny to her and she wanted it to be shared with the rest of the world.

She said, “I was not so stressed that I felt I had to go or that it wasn’t possible for me to solve the problem,” she continued.

“I shifted in the situation because I realized that she is just this type of person. That works for me and it’s efficient.

Tiffany explained that she booked the Airbnb pretty last minute but did read some reviews beforehand, and that they all seemed pretty positive

Tiffany explained that she booked the Airbnb pretty last minute but did read some reviews beforehand, and that they all seemed pretty positive

And although she was 'stressed out' by all of her rules, she said she found the situation 'funny,' and wanted to share it with the world

She admitted that she felt stressed out by her rules but found it funny and she wanted to share the experience with others.

“My anxiety doesn’t mesh well with my life, but I was able to manage it. We are all different and people are what they are. It’s okay that we can’t work well together, but it’s not wrong for her to be that way. 

Many people quickly shared their opinions on the matter in the comments section. Some defended the Airbnb host, while others criticised her for breaking ‘over-the-top’ and imposing unreasonable rules.

“Why rent your house when you don’t need any living?” [in]Your home? Only one person was asked.

One more added, “I stopped using Airbnb” because many owners were too attached emotionally to their property.

Another person said, “I feel that this person clearly does not have the right qualifications to be a host,”

People quickly took to the comment section to discuss the ordeal, with some defending the Airbnb host and others slamming her 'over the top' and 'extreme' rules

The matter quickly became a topic of discussion on the comment section, where many defended the Airbnb host, while others condemned her for following ‘extreme and overt’ guidelines.

They didn’t ask for any texts, but they wanted to make sure everyone knew where everything was. A viewer stated, “I am here for it.” 

The instructions would be appreciated by a fifth person, according to another commenter. One person said, “I really appreciate it when they give us a book about how to operate the television or heating and cooling systems or kitchen appliances. But this is too extreme.” 

Another person said, “I prefer hotels,” I am not responsible to clean up after guests and have no other rules.

One person laughed and said, “Say that you have OCD but not say you have OCD.” 

Some viewers also called the host “neurotic” and a “control freak”, with one commenter writing, ‘It almost seems like this host has too many neurotic friends in their house.

‘Maybe let’s not lend out our space if we’re control freaks,’ another comment read.