Police in Idaho arrest ‘Cannibal,’ 39 after finding microwaved parts from a 70-year old victim. The murder suspect is accused of eating the body parts to ‘cure’ his brain.

  • A man from Idaho was last week charged with first-degree and cannibalism after authorities found his microwaved body parts.
  • James David Russell, 39 years old, claims that eating parts of the body ‘cured’ his brain. 
  • According to authorities, the victim was 70-year old David Flaget. He had “several run ins” with Russell before the murder on September 10. 
  • In a probable cause statement, Russell stated that he believed he could “heal himself” by removing portions from Flaget’s flesh in order to ‘cure’ his brain. 
  • The crime scene was searched by police and seized the glass microwave and glass bowl, as well as a knife and duffel bag.
  • Flaget’s wrists had been duct taped, which police believe was his restraint before the crime.  

Authorities in Idaho have charged a man with cannibalism for allegedly mutilating an elderly victim. He then microwaved the body parts and ate his remains before claiming that he was able to cure his brain.

An amended criminal complaint by Louis Marshall, Bonner County Prosecutor, dated Wednesday states that James David Russell, 39 killed and ate parts of David Flaget, 70, on September 10th.

In a probable cause statement, Russell stated that he believed he could “heal himself” by removing portions of Flaget’s flesh in order to ‘cure’ his brain. 

Bonner County Detective Phillip Stella stated to the Shoshone news press on Thursday that it is difficult for people to deal with deaths and carnage. 

“As far and I know, this is Idaho’s first case of cannibalism.”

Stella answered a question about their relationship and said they had many ‘run-ins’ before Flaget died in Clark Fork. It is located approximately 80 miles from the Canadian border.

James David Russell, 39, is accused of being the first person to be charged with cannibalism in the history of the state of Idaho

James David Russell, 39 is the accused. He was the first person in Idaho to be charged for cannibalism.

David Flaget, 70, who was allegedly killed by Russell on September 10 after several 'run-ins'

Russell, 70-year-old David Flaget was said to have killed him on September 10, after many ‘run-ins.

Russell’s trial was suspended in October when First District Magistrate Tara Harden declared him unfit to face trial for first-degree Murder. He ordered Russell to be admitted to the Idaho Security Medical Program. 

Court order seals the results of Oct. 5’s mental health assessment.

Russell will be appearing at the review hearing Dec. 28. 

Stella explained that Flaget was involved in conflict with Russell several times and shared the details with her family. 

“The Russells menace was well-known to the family.

The crime scene was searched by police and a glass microwave and a broken bowl were taken away. A knife and duffel bag also were taken.

After searching Russell’s home, authorities also discovered pieces of Flaget’s body, which included a “thermal artifact” a day following the crime. 

Thermal artifacts are when heat is used to heat a portion of the body and not the whole. 

An autopsy was performed by Dr. Veena Sin on September 13. It revealed that Russell had received tissue from Flaget.

According to authorities, Flaget’s remains may still not have been discovered.  

Stella stated to the News Press that there are many facets of this crime she will never learn. 

It wasn’t the most bloody crime scene but it was more psychological. “What the hell is happening here?” “Why am I picking up bits?”

‘It’s a walk down the dark path that we don’t see very often.’

Sheriff’s Deputies received a call on September 10 regarding a suspected murder at Lower Mosquito Creek Road. They said that Flaget was unresponsive, upside-down and in his truck’s passenger seat.

Flaget was found with his wrists duct taped together. Police believe he was being restrained prior to the murder. 

Russell fled the law enforcement initially and barricaded his self in the garage above the house he lived in. 

Russell was eventually cooperative and surrendered to the officer. He was then arrested. Authorities discovered, however that Russell didn’t understand his Miranda rights. They were read repeatedly to him by authorities.

Under Idaho law, ‘[A]Cannibalism can be defined as the willful ingestion of human flesh and blood.

In 1990, the law became effective.