The self-confessed “tiger parents” have shown how determined they are to push their children towards success, even if that means forcing their daughter’s crying down an uncontrollable waterslide. 

The Parental Guidance is hosted by Allison Langdon, mother-of-2, and Dr Justin Coulson. It asks parents with totally different parenting styles to face challenges together with their children. 

On Wednesday’s episode of The Challenge, family members were challenged to pick one ride from a variety of rides while at the same time visiting the theme park. 

Although everyone came to a unanimous conclusion, Debbie and Kevin, the ‘tiger parents”, were criticised for pushing their daughter out of her comfort zone. The 12-year old was left in tears after they made that decision.

The self-confessed 'tiger parents' (pictured) have revealed how hard they will push their children to succeed - even if it means forcing them down a terrifying waterslide

These self-confessed tiger parents (pictured below) reveal how much they want their children to succeed, even if this means forcing them into a terrible waterslide

Mimi, 12, (pictured) was given the power to choose what ride her family would enjoy at the theme park and chose 'Outback Bay', a swimming pool with artificial waves. But she was pushed to go on a terrifying waterslide ride instead - leaving her in tears

Mimi (12 years old) had the option to pick the ride she wanted for her family at the park. She chose Outback Bay, which is a pool filled with artificial waves. She was forced instead to ride a scary waterslide, which left her devastated.

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Mimi (12 years old) was allowed to pick the ride that her family would like at the park. She chose Outback Bay, which is a swimming area with artificial waves. 

The parents weren’t convinced and pointed her towards Funnel Web instead. This is a waterslide featuring multiple twists, turns and turns. 

Debbie, a strict parent herself confesses that she wanted Mimi to select a more appropriate choice. 

The suggestion made by her father caused her to burst into tears, despite the fact that she pointed out younger children were also enjoying the ride. 

Mimi was terrified and continued to sob as her family flew down a waterslide. Other parents were able to voice their dismay at Mimi’s outburst. 

Mimi's parents (pictured) were unconvinced by their daughter's choice and instead pointed her in the direction of 'Funnel Web', a waterslide with multiple twists and turns

Mimi’s parents (pictured above) were not convinced that Mimi made the right choice. Instead, they pointed Mimi in the direction ‘Funnel Web’ which is a waterslide featuring multiple twists.

Twelve-year-old Mimi burst into floods of tears at the suggestion of riding the Funnel Web waterslide (pictured)

Mimi, twelve years old (pictured), burst into tears when the idea of riding on the Funnel Web waterslide was suggested.

Mimi continued to sob loudly as her family (pictured) flew down the waterslide - with other parents on the show appearing shocked at her emotional outburst

Mimi (pictured) continued her loud sobs as her family (pictured ) flew down to the waterslide. Other parents were shocked by her emotional outburst.

'There was a strong reaction from the group to that one,' host Allison Langdon said (pictured, Mimi in tears on the ride)

Allison Langdon, host, said that there was an overwhelming reaction among the group. (Mimi is seen crying on the ride).

‘There was a strong reaction from the group to that one,’ Langdon says as Debbie whispers to her husband: ‘I didn’t realise she was like that all the way down’.

While she defended her decision to push her daughter along, Kevin said that Mimi should have gone with her first choice. 

Others, however, criticized the move and stated that Mimi had lost her freedom of choice for the family.

“Probably my unawareness stood out during that,” Daniel, a ‘free-range’ parent stated.  

“She understood that she wasn’t interested in it. At that point, I gave her the option. 

Mother Liadhan of ‘Nature,’ agreed with her daughter that it was better to give the choice to someone who is scared than push them out of their comfort zone. 

'Nature' mother Liadhan (pictured) told Kevin and Debbie the final choice should always be given to the person who is scared, instead of pushing them outside their comfort zone

Liadhan, the ‘Nature’ mother (pictured), advised Kevin and Debbie to give the choice to the person most scared.

In an individual interview Kevin and Debbie (pictured) admitted they were constantly revising and improving their controversial tiger parenting style

Debbie (pictured, Kevin) and Debbie (pictured), admitted that their controversial tiger parenting styles were continually being improved upon in an intimate interview

Other parents criticised the parents for pushing Mimi and said her freedom to choose for the family had been unfairly taken away from her

Others criticised Mimi’s parents and claimed that Mimi was being forced to make decisions for their family.

In an individual interview Kevin and Debbie admitted they were constantly revising and improving their controversial tiger parenting style.  

Debbie thought glumly, “We thought she’d be happy that it was done,” 

Another challenge was a photoshoot with family members. 

Rachel Thaiday and Sam Thaiday were the helicopter parents. At first, they struggled with their daughters who ran screaming at the photographer. 

Deb, a single mother in ‘Homeschooling’ was forced to convince her son Fletcher that he could participate because ‘he hit an wall’ and wouldn’t pose with five of his siblings. 

Surprisingly, ‘discipline’ parents Rob and Sioux also struggled with the challenge as their son Fletcher whacked his brother across the back in a fit of rage. 

Surprisingly, 'discipline' parents Rob and Sioux (pictured) also struggled with the challenge as their son Fletcher whacked his brother across the back in a fit of rage

Surprisingly Rob and Sioux, the ‘disciplined’ parents (pictured), also had to deal with this challenge when their son Fletcher whipped his brother across the back.

The couple separated the boys and asked them to apologise to one another (pictured)

They separated the boys, and they asked for an apology from one another.

Sioux said that she wanted her children to apologize even though they weren’t meant to. 

‘I want to say something kind of provocative,’ Dr Justin Coulson interrupted. 

“Forcing children not to apologize is teaching them to lie.” 

According to the expert, parents who allow their children to “figure it all out for themselves” would be more resilient and confident than those who force them to apologize. 

Couples on the back row were asked for their choice of two families that would enter the finale of the Crowded House to face more challenges. 

While the parents of the “free-range” children were acknowledged for being relaxed with their kids, the parents of the “helicopter”, were recognized for having a great relationship with their daughters.  

'Helicopter parents' Rachel and her husband, NRL great Sam Thaiday, (pictured) initially struggled to control their two girls in the family photoshoot challenge

Rachel (pictured with her husband Sam Thaiday), a helicopter parents, struggled initially to control their girls during the family photoshoot.

'Discipline mum' Sioux (pictured) said she liked her boys to say sorry even if they didn't mean it

Sioux, a ‘discipline mom’ (pictured), said that she likes her boys to be sorry, even when they don’t mean it.

Deb, a single mum was praised as the poster mum for homeschooling and the discipline parents for their preparation for the real world. 

Again, there were mixed reactions from the group to Debbie and Kevin as ‘tiger parents’. 

Many people said that they are impressed by their commitment to their children. Others said that they weren’t sure if Mimi was having any fun. 

For the last ‘Crowded Home’ challenge, Penny and Daniel were selected as ‘free range parents’ and Debbie and Kevin as ‘tiger parents. 

To determine which parenting style is better, they will compete with Miriam’s and Andrew’s strict parents and Tony’s routine parents Brett and Tony.

Each couple will have to look after all children at the house during Sunday’s final episode. It is sure to bring out some challenging results.