Our Yorkshire Farm star Amanda Owen led fans to believe all is well in her marriage during an appearance at a one woman stage show – despite earlier admitting she had hit a ‘rocky patch’ with husband Clive.

The star of a farming reality TV show and best-selling author gave the impression that her husband was still with her as she spoke about her idyllic life at a remote sheepfarm.

After settling in on a seat at the Worcester theatre, she informed the audience that Clive had just called to ask what was for tea.

To laughter from her mostly elderly audience, she said: “I told him pasta.” 

The remark was made at Owen’s show titled “Adventures of The Yorkshire Shepherdess” and was made just hours after Owen and her husband released a joint statement confirming that their 21 year marriage was in serious trouble.

Our Yorkshire Farm star Amanda Owen led fans to believe all is well in her marriage during an appearance at a one woman stage show – despite admitting she had hit a ‘rocky patch’ with husband Clive.

The couple, who appear in a Channel 5 series on life at Ravenseat Farm in Swaledale, admitted that they were going through a “rocky patch” and said they’d never say their marriage was perfect after being revealed by locals that they had been living apart for months.

After intense speculation, the couple released a joint statement yesterday. They stated that they had hoped to show the truth of farm life through the books and TV. However, just like any marriage, there are stresses and strains as well as all the complexities of raising nine children and running a farm.

“We’re a normal couple and we’ve never said that our marriage was perfect. The media’s constant intrusion into our lives has made it more difficult for us to get through this rough patch. We ask for privacy from the media as we go through this.

During her two-hour talk about her farm life, Mrs Owen didn’t mention the problems she had with her husband.

More than 150 people had paid £17.50 to hear the 47-year-old reveal details about everyday farming life and coping with nine children.

Huntingdon Hall in Worcester was a blank canvas for questions. Many theatregoers were disappointed to not be able to get signed copies of her best-selling book at the end of the show.

The theatre sold copies of the book ‘Adventures of a Shepherdess. All copies had been pre-signed and signed by the author.

Mrs Owen didn’t comment as she left Scarborough Theatre with her next scheduled appearance at Scarborough on the weekend.

The farming reality show star and best selling author (pictured above with Cline and eight of their nine children) gave the impression she and her husband were still together as she talked about her 'idyllic life' on a remote sheep farm

Cline, their eight children and best selling author are pictured above with the farming reality star and star of the show. She talks about her idyllic life at a remote sheepfarm and how she feels like she is still with her husband.

Within minutes of taking her seat on stage at a theatre in Worcester she told the audience that 'Clive has just been on the phone asking what is for tea'. Above: Amanda with children (left to right) Miles, Edith, Cementine, Annas and Sydney

She told the audience, within minutes of taking her place on the stage at a Worcester theatre, that Clive had just called asking for tea. Above: Amanda (left to right), Miles, Edith and Cementine with Sydney.

Fans of Owens expressed sadness at the news about the couple’s marriage crisis.

‘I love the TV show and it is so sad. Anne Layton said that all couples experience problems. She hoped for the children’s sake that they could resolve any issues.

Another woman who booked to see the show for her birthday said that she would be devastated if Amanda or Clive separated. They won’t. Their bond and their interaction with their children are truly touching.

Ravenseat Farm is one of the most remote sheep farms within the UK. Locals claim that the couple has been living apart for months.

MailOnline was told by Neighbors that Mrs Owen had been ‘in the spotlight’ because of her Channel 5 program leading the split.

A Year in the Life of the Yorkshire Shepherdess is one of Mrs Owen's books

Mrs Owen’s book A Year in the Yorkshire Shepherdess’ Life is one of her books

She talked about her appearances on BBC’s The One Show, and Radio 2’s The Jeremy Vine Show.

She described how she and the children were taken to a Mayfair penthouse in London for a TV appearance.

Her husband, 61 years old, was mentioned many times, including when he had the unfortunate task of saving Julia Bradbury from being rescued by TV presenter while filming for her show.

Peg Lancaster, however, was more interested in her nine children and her farm animals during the conversation.

Mrs Owen will be on tour throughout November with appearances at Blackpool, Newcastle, and Milton Keynes.

Mrs Owen and her husband are the parents of Raven, 20, Reuben and Miles, 17, Edith and Miles, 15, and Edith and Edith, 12. 

They first appeared on TV in The Dales, an ITV series that aired in 2011, but It was in 2018 when they launched Our Yorkshire Farm.

Before marrying Mrs Owen, Mr Owen was married 13 years. He has two daughters from a previous marriage.

Mrs Owen spoke out to the Sunday Times about her love for her husband after having nine children. 

She replied, “Oh my God. What kind question is that? Yes. He does, I believe. I know this, in fact.