Man’s best FRIENDS! Labrador runs off to find help, while the golden retriever stays behind with his owner, 71. The latter was injured in a double rescue attempt in the Lake District.

  • Golden retriever and black Labrador hailed as ‘amazing’ dogs after intervention 
  • The owner collapsed while walking in Braithwaite How Keswick and the pair leapt into action
  • One ran and barked at the nearby walker, while the other lay beside it, 71   
  • The Keswick Mountain Rescue team is quick to praise the extraordinary pets 

Two ‘amazing dogs’ proved that they were man’s best friend when they came together to rescue their owner, who had fallen while walking in the Lake District.

Unidentified 71-year old man was walking his Labrador and golden retriever on Braithwaite How near Keswick when he experienced an ‘apparent seizure.    

His loyal pets, however, jumped into action and joined forces to raise the alarm in an extraordinary rescue attempt. 

Eyewitnesses reported that the Labrador, a black Labrador, rushed to a nearby walker, barking at her and gesturing for her to follow him back to its owner.

His golden retriever, who was lying beside him, was discovered by the woman, who dialed 911 for help.

The Keswick mountain rescue team thanked the ‘amazing pets’ and passers-by for their potentially lifesaving intervention.

The man's loyal pets, a golden retriever and black Labrador, (pictured above) sprang into action as they worked together to raise the alarm in an extraordinary double rescue attempt on Braithwaite How, near Keswick on Saturday

The man’s faithful pets, a Labrador and golden retriever, rose to action when they joined forces to rescue Braithwaite How, just outside Keswick, on Saturday.

Keswick mountain rescue team hailed the 'amazing' pets and the passer-by for their potentially life-saving intervention after the 71-year-old man collapsed

After the death of a 71-year-old man, Keswick Mountain Rescue Team praised the ‘amazing” pets and passers-by for their potentially lifesaving intervention

Keswick Mountain Rescue spokeswoman said that the dog ran after the walker barking to get attention. She found the other dog lying beside the unconscious man.

“She dialed 999 to get assistance. The man was conscious again by the time that the team arrived. After an assessment by a team doctor, he was able walk down the hill to an ambulance.

“Many thanks for the passing walker, and the amazing dogs.

The man was then taken into hospital for further examinations. 

The rescue involved twelve members of Keswick MRT. It took about an hour after rescuers arrived at 11.30am. 

Dian Ross, his wife thanked passersby and stressed that it was the amazing dogs’ who had performed such remarkable actions after the rescue.  

Social media users resonated with the 'heart warming' tale and were also quick to heap praise on the faithful and 'fantastic' pets

Social media users reacted to the story and heaped praise on the faithful and fanciful pets.

Social media users were quick to praise the faithful and ‘fantastic” pets.    

@kelrows wrote on Instagram: “Amazing this story. Bravo to all and to the dogs.

@Baumelizabeth added: “Wow! Wonderful dogs and so heartwarming. Bravo to all.