This horrifying footage shows a young boy jumping repeatedly across the 22-storey roof of a building in China.

Two children were seen playing near the edge unfenced rooftops high-rise buildings in Xianning province, Hubei.

The footage was captured on October 24 and shows one of the boys leaping repeatedly across the gap between the buildings. 

According to reports, property staff safely rescued the two children. 

The 96 second clip starts with a view of ground showing the height of high-rise buildings, before zooming in to the two young boys on top of the platforms.

One of the young boys, wearing a purple top and dark trousers, can be seen walking up and descending the ledge before jumping over the gap between two platforms.

He lands on his opposite side, where another smaller boy, wearing an orange top and black pants, is waiting.

The boy in orange walks to the edge of platform and looks down at the gap the other boy just jumped across before turning around. 

Two youngsters were seen playing near the edge of the unfenced rooftops of high-rise buildings in Xianning, Hubei province, with one of the boys repeatedly jumping from one building to the other

Two young boys were seen playing near the edge unfenced rooftops of high rise buildings in Xianning (Hubei province), with one of them jumping repeatedly from one building to another.

The boy in purple is seen jumping over the large gap on three occasions during the 96-second clip

During the 96-second clip, the boy in purple can be seen jumping over the gap three times

The two boys were seen playing on top of the 22-storey buildings before one of them repeatedly jumped from one building to the other, without any safety precautions

The boys were seen jumping from one building to another on the 22-storey buildings.

One of the young boys, dressed in a purple top and black trousers, is seen walking up and down the ledge before leaping from one side to the other, over the gap between the two platforms

One of the young boys is dressed in a purple top with black trousers and seen walking up and down a ledge before jumping from one side to another, crossing the gap between the two platforms.

The boy in purple then jumps to his feet, jogs to the edge of the platform and pauses briefly before jumping to the other platform.

He lands, then he turns around and jumps back over the massive drop to rejoin the boy in orange sitting on the left-hand platform.

The clip zooms back out and shows the dramatic drop from top to bottom. There is no fencing to stop either of them falling. 

Mr. Yin, who filmed this video, said he felt weak at his knees as he watched two children get so close to danger.

He claimed he immediately called the property department, who were shocked, to go and fetch the two young boys.

After being alerted of the two boys on the roof, property staff said they brought them down safely and 'reprimanded' them

After being alerted about the two boys perched on the roof, property staff stated that they brought them down safely and’reprimanded” them

According to reports, a lock on the door accessing the roof had been damaged. Property staff said the lock has since been replaced

According to reports, the lock that opens the roof’s door had been damaged. According to property staff, the lock has been replaced

According to the South China Morning Post they were safely brought down.  

The newspaper stated that the rooftop was not accessible to residents of the buildings. Staff reported that they discovered a broken lock on the door to the roof.

The lock has been replaced and both boys have been’reprimanded,’ unnamed staff members were quoted saying.

Four children were captured last year playing on the triangle roof on a 32-storey residential building, south-eastern China.

The footage showed two children trying to slide down the surface, while the other held onto lightning rods to maintain balance.

According to local government they had climbed up onto the roof of the high-rise block via an emergency fire exit.

The event was said to have been unhurt for the four children, who were aged approximately ten years.

The heart-stopping footage shows two of the kids trying to slide down from the covering

Officials did not specify the building’s height but estimated it to be nearly 100 metres (328 feet)

On Saturday, four children were captured on camera playing on the triangle-roof of a 32-storey residential structure in Zunyi (Guizhou province of south east China).