Amazon delivery driver is lazy and lobs fragile packages at customer’s porch like frisbees.

  • Two fragile packages are being hurled by an Amazon delivery driver.
  • Glass containers contained in the parcel could have been broken by the impact 
  • An angry buyer complains about the ‘disrespectful and inhumane’ treatment he received
  • The footage was taken at the Ramsey, Minnesota home of the customer. 

This is the shocking moment that an Amazon delivery driver was caught on camera hurling two packages onto the porch of a customer.

A Ramsey, Minnesota doorbell camera captured footage of a delivery driver throwing his cargo off the side of the road to save a few seconds on October 6. 

The video was uploaded by the recipient of the parcels. He said that the packages flew past the driveway and landed on the hard cement surface just in front of the porch.

“The packages contained multiple vitamins in glass. 

“Thankfully, nothing broke, but a toy puzzle that we bought for our baby was broken.

According to the recipient, Amazon did nothing when they contacted them about the incident, leaving them feeling’really disappointed’. 

The driver slows down and gets in his white van to get out of the shot. It doesn’t seem like he is in any hurry. 

MailOnline has reached out to Amazon to request comment. 

One of the two packages can be seen in mid-air, having been thrown from the roadside onto the porch outside a home in Ramsey, Minnesota on October 6

The package, containing glass-packed vitamins and a puzzle for a baby, rests on the border between the garden lawn and the porch concrete

The package, which contains glass-packed vitamins as well as a puzzle for a child, rests on the boundary between the porch concrete and the garden lawn.

The incident contrasts with one captured in Tulsa Oklahoma last week.

After seeing a note on the doormat stating that ‘please hide your packages from your husband’, an Amazon driver went above the call of duty and hidden a package in bushes outside the house.

 The video has since gone viral, receiving more than 1.7 million likes and thousands of positive comments.

An Amazon delivery driver has been praised for her efforts after footage showing her hiding a package in bushes at a customers request went viral. The video comes from a home in Tulsa, Oklahoma

After footage of her hiding a package under bushes to fulfill a customer’s request, an Amazon delivery driver was praised for her efforts. The video comes from a home in Tulsa, Oklahoma

 The driver, believed to be Leeza Hall, thanked people for the support on TikTok, writing: ‘Y’all are so sweet thank you!!! Yes, I’m still quite new. I started this job at end June.

Cherry, the Homeowner, responded: “You gave us a good giggle and you’re amazing! Let me know if you’re going on my route again!