It is not all calm. The reality is that Christmas can be chaotic for animal lovers. From cats getting caught in the tree to dogs ripping apart presents, to the chaos of having to spend time with four-legged family members.

  • Americans are sharing their Christmas memories with pet owners. 
  • The Christmas tree is a feast for cats and dogs, with the dog ripping apart presents. 
  • A poor feline got caught up in the sparkling garlands of a tree and was captured within a flash 

When they don’t cause havoc in their owners homes, pets can make Christmas magical. 

Around the globe, frazzled pet owners have shared their experiences with pets that are very active and don’t care about wrapping presents or keeping them safe until Christmas Day. 

Bored Panda shared this snap of a black cat strutting around a tree after it was taken down. 

Another picture shows a sheepish-looking dog who has ripped their owner’s gifts to shreds throughout the living room. 

Our animal-lovers also shared photos of their geckos, hamsters, and Alpacas dressed in Santa hats or festive costumes.  

People have shared hilarious pictures of their pets wreaking havoc on their festive celebrations. In New York, a dog ripped their Christmas present to shreds, spreading it all over their owner's living-room

Many people have posted hilarious photos showing their dogs wrecking Christmas parties. New York City dog, who ripped apart Christmas presents and spread them all across their owners’ living rooms, was hilarious. 

Feeling fessssstive? A pet lover shared a picture of their snake wearing a little Santa hat ahead of the holidays

Are you feeling fesssssstive An animal lover posted a photo of his snake with a Santa hat in preparation for the holiday season 

Ah, to be a service dog in hospital going around a ward in a Volkswagen toy car decorated with garlands, wearing sunglasses and a candy canes hat

Oh, the joy of being a service animal in hospital.

A poor small cat was caught tangled in their owner's Christmas tree's garlands. He kept his cool, though

Poor little cat got caught in the Christmas tree garlands of their owner. He didn’t lose his cool.

This black cat brazenly strutted away from their owners Christmas tree after taking it down, pictured

The black cat strutted proudly away from its owners’ Christmas tree after it was taken down. 

All hell broke loose when dog Juno tried to get a bite of cat Alvin at this California-based couple's house

Juno the dog tried to grab Alvin, the cat of this couple in California. All hell broke out. 

Who is the real messiah around here? This cat evicted the baby Jesus from the manger at the local church

Is there a real messiah in this area? This cat drove the infant Jesus out of the manger in the local church. 

It's not only cats who have a personal vendetta against Christmas trees, as this naughty dog proved

This naughty cat proved that cats don’t have an exclusive vendetta against Christmas trees. 

In California, a cat who wanted to help his owner decorate realised halfway through his climb up the ladder that he was scared of heights

California cat, who was trying to decorate his home with his owner’s help realized halfway up his climb that he was afraid of heights.

One Northwestern University student just wanted a nice picture of her cats by the tree but the two felines started fighting

Northwestern University student, just wanting a photo of her cats at the tree. The two felines got into a fight and the cat owner was forced to remove the picture.

In North Carolina, this black dog got a little bit carried away while opening presents on Christmas Day

This North Carolina black dog was a bit too excited to open Christmas presents. 

All this couple from Vegas wanted was a nice family picture at Christmas, but their cat was not camera ready

This couple in Vegas was looking for a Christmas family photo, but the cat wasn’t camera-ready 

Bah humbug! The Spanish owners of his cat may have been feeling festive, but we're not so sure about the feline

Bwah humbug! His Spanish owner may have felt festive but not the cat. 

You're not fooling anyone! This naughty dog was rumbled playing hide and seek in the Christmas tree

They won’t believe you! The Christmas tree was full of naughty dogs, and this one was playing hide-and-seek in it. 

A furry cunning plan! These cats banded together to try to take down the Christmas tree

This furry plan is clever! The cats joined forces to remove the Christmas tree 

A tiny rabbit who thought no one was watching was caught munching on a branch from the Christmas tree

One tiny rabbit thought that no one was looking when he was seen munching on a Christmas tree branch.