Now eco mob scales THE HOME OFFICE. Animal rights protestors climb the government building in London where Defra also resides, demanding a switch from plant-based diets ahead COP26

Animal rights activists climbed the Defra & Home Office buildings in London today to demand ‘government assistance for a plant-based foods system’ at Cop26.

Animal Rebellion activists climbed the Marsham Street structure in Westminster, which houses both of these departments, at 6am this morning.

The group, which is affiliated with Extinction rebellion, organized the protest in advance of the United Nations climate summit in Glasgow, which starts this Sunday.

Animal Rebellion was established in July 2019 and stated that it would continue to act until the Government “defunds meat, subsidises a transition to plant-based foods”.

Police, firefighters and paramedics were all at the scene, and the protesters – who were all wearing climbing equipment – hoped to drop a banner over the entrance. 

The activists from Animal Rebellion scaled the building on Marsham Street in London today

Animal Rebellion activists scaled Marsham Street in London today

The protest on the building, which houses the Home Office and Defra, began at 6am today

Protests against the building, which houses the Home Office, and Defra, began today at 6am

Sky News reporter was present at the scene and they told him: “Ahead Of Cop26, We are calling for – no, demanding – that the world wakes up and switches to a completely plant-based diet.”

A Scotland Yard spokesperson said that police were called at 6.09am to investigate reports that several protesters had climbed a Marsham Street building.

“Officers are on the scene with London Fire Brigade. At this point, there have not been any arrests. Twitter said that the force was ‘engaging in dialogue with protestors’.

An Animal Rebellion spokesperson tweeted: ‘Animal Rebellion protestors had scaled Defra demanding government support for a food system that is plant-based at Cop26.

Animal Rebellion, which was founded in July 2019, said it would continue to take action until the Government 'defunds meat and subsidises a plant-based transition'

Animal Rebellion was established in July 2019 and stated that it would continue to act until the Government “defunds meat and subsidies a plant-based transition”.

“The protestors stated that they would take action until the government stops funding meat and subsidies a plant-based transition.

‘Meat, dairy and other animal products are the main producers of greenhouse gasses and are responsible for 90% of Amazon deforestation.

“World leaders cannot talk of meeting the Paris climate targets or securing global net Zero without addressing the fact that our food system has been destroying our planet.

According to the spokesman, “We’ll be updating you as the day unfolds.” Stay tuned… #COP26 #EnoughCopOuts#PlantBasedFuture.

Insulate Britain activists once again caused chaos in London yesterday as they brought traffic traffic to a standstill on Bishopsgate near Liverpool Street station

Yesterday, Insulate Britain activists caused chaos in London when they brought traffic to a halt on Bishopsgate near Liverpool Street station.

It comes after Insulate Britain activists were effectively removed from all major roads in England yesterday due to a landmark High Court decision.

The eco-zealots, also linked to XR, brought parts of London to a standstill once again yesterday – several of them superglueing their hands, feet or faces to roads.

Judges approved an injunction prohibiting protests on 4,300 miles motorways and major A roads, also known under the Strategic Road Network.

It is possible to be fined unlimited or even sent to jail for contempt of court. Yesterday’s blockades – the first in ten days by the group – triggered more fury from Londoners.